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Re: Nord Grand Speaker & Interface connection

Postby maxpiano » 21 Nov 2020, 19:47

sphelan wrote:Ok. So I do need some more gear :lol:
A Y cable and I'm done.
Thanks guys!

Yes and in case you also want to listen to the Audio Interface/Mac output on your Nord Speakers you need another Y cable (this time with 1/8' stereo and 2x 1/4' mono) to connect the Audio Interface outputs to the Nord Grand "Monitor IN" minijack ;-)
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Re: Nord Grand Speaker & Interface connection


Re: Nord Grand Speaker & Interface connection

Postby Galvalume » 25 Nov 2020, 23:03

Which Audio Interface are you using?
Last week I hooked up my Nord Grand to MOTU M4 line inputs (3 and 4) with TS-TS 1/4" cable, the signal can only fill up to 1/3 range of the signal meter on the front panel when I turned the output of my Nord Grand to MAX.
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Re: Nord Grand Speaker & Interface connection

Postby FZiegler » 25 Nov 2020, 23:38

There are different levels defined for audio signals. In German TV and Broadcasting studios, full scale deflection is at 6 dbU (clipping: 13 dbU). Whereas the Motu M4 line-in can deal with up to 18 dbU without clipping. Which would - in my eyes as a non-pro - say: Everything is fine with a Nord Grand audio level that goes up to ~ 1/3 of the Motu MAX peak level, even if it won't scratch the max level of your Motu line-in or the clipping limit. But this is not the end:

The US full scale deflection for broadcasting studios would be even way higher: 13 dbU (clipping: 22 dbU). BUT: the US level for audio engineering and PA is 4 dbU - which is what counts for us and most of our gear. Which means: Don't turn your Grand up to full if you don't know for sure that it will be OK.
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