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Wish you were here synth sound

Postby Jasonpank » 20 Oct 2020, 14:15

Hi all,

I am trying to recreate the warm brass sound from Wish You Were Here. I am new to the Nord and I am just not getting the warmth I am after.

Has anyone already programmed this sound and willing to share?

Thank you,

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Wish you were here synth sound


Re: Wish you were here synth sound

Postby alex78 » 20 Oct 2020, 20:42 In this post our friend is sharing some lovely moog-ish samples, maybe you will find one that can do the job.
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Re: Wish you were here synth sound

Postby Tasten-Bert » 21 Oct 2020, 15:46

Hello Jason

and a warm welcome to nord and this wonderful forum. As far as Wish you were here is concerned I play this tune in my rockband with a synth sound from here: ... memorymoog
in particular the MMM Horns with Attack set to 224 ms and Release to 545 ms.
Furthermore I add a bit of chorus1 in the effects section and use the eq as follows:
- bass + 11.0
- freq 668
- gain - 3.0
- treble + 5.7
No reverb.
I hope this helps. Kind regards from Germany - and stay healthy everybody!
Moog Brass sample for Wish you were here
873811EC-876F-42C3-9D68-EF015C3050DA.jpeg (3.08 MiB) Viewed 529 times
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