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monotron Synth sounds help?

Postby titanium » 21 Feb 2012, 05:40

This guy claimed he made these sounds on a monotron. ... re=related
any idea on creating some of these sounds? you only need to pick one. :o :shock: :shifty: :wtf: :mrgreen:
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monotron Synth sounds help?


Re: monotron Synth sounds help?

Postby bdodds » 21 Feb 2012, 07:43

I believe it - they should be pretty easy to get the sound of, but really most of the charm and timbre to the sounds are the inaccuracy and natural vibrato of a ribbon controller.. jeez i might buy one of those little guys now, that's pretty sweet..

edit: 50 bucks? holy crap i've got two hands, i might as well get two of them..
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