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Nord Lead 3 Sticking keys

Postby Ericb » 04 Aug 2020, 10:14

I’ve been working on getting my Nord Lead 3 back into tip-top condition. I opened and cleaned out everything as best I could, but—unlike my Nord Modular—it doesn’t seem easily possible to remove the individual keys from the keybed. I cleaned between them as much as I could, but the grease where they are braced underneath has gotten a bit sticky over time. I have a few questions that hopefully someone can answer.

1. Is there some trick to actually removing these keys? They clip into a bottom section and I don’t see any way of getting them out.

2. How, and with what grease—do I degrease/regrease these keys? I tried searching for keyboard lubricant but there doesn’t seem to be any definitive answer—even from Clavia themselves.

3. If regreasing isn’t going to be possible, does anyone know where I can get ahold of a replacement keybed for a Lead 3?

I’m hoping to keep this keyboard going, but the Korean climate has not been good to it. Some of the external parts are noticeably aging even though it is kept covered in a clean environment. It is pretty usable since I cleaned it, except for the sticky keys so I want to tackle that issue first. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I do plan to email Clavia directly but I thought I’d ask here as well as people here seem quite knowledgeable.
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Nord Lead 3 Sticking keys


Re: Nord Lead 3 Sticking keys

Postby Mr_-G- » 04 Aug 2020, 12:46

I think for plastic "silicone grease" is what it is used because it does not attack the plastic and it is non-conductive.
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Re: Nord Lead 3 Sticking keys

Postby pablomastodon » 22 Sep 2020, 05:37

complete replacement keybeds are available from Nord. If you are in South Korea, contact the South Korean distributor of Nord products to order this part (their info can be found on the Nord webpage).

the individual keys are easily removable, but it will be helpful to remove the entire keybed assembly first, then remove the springs. You should see a rectangular hollow near the head of the key. There is a latching mechanism inside there. A slight pry from a flat blade screwdriver will release the latch and the key will pop right off. This slight addition to the arrangement you found on your Nord Modular is due to the fact that the NL3 has AT, so Fatar added a little extra protection.

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