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Steve Knight Organ Sound

Postby horowizard » 15 Sep 2020, 10:07

Greetings All,

Can anybody here shed some light as to the settings for the Organ sounds that Steve Knight got with Mountain?
I'm actually doing Theme For An Imaginary Western and Nantucket Sleighride and I'm too lazy to figure it out for myself!
I know he's using an RMI for the Electric Piano, so that's no problem but the Organ is hard for me to judge, since all the sounds on the Nord B3 engine sound so great. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Steve Knight Organ Sound


Re: Steve Knight Organ Sound

Postby LeftyBass68 » 15 Sep 2020, 17:59

All 8's. Maybe not? One thing in common with Vanilla Fudge,Steppenwolf,Mountain? They played so loud the only way a keys player could hear.
Was a thankless job backing up a wall of guitar cabs and 'guitar' Leslies! I'm going with all 8's! On 'Theme' ,the recording sounds like 888800000,doing that live though?
Wasn't going to happen....all 8's! Monitors? They were later, once we were all deaf.Imagine sharing the one effect that makes you unique with a guitarist!
2020? Backing up a loo loud guitar band is still happening? My buddy Marty managed those guys for a while.
Yes,even in 1970 guitar 'gods' fought it out for 'world domination'! The posing continues unabated.
You know you are doing great(UK) when all the punters try to emulate you.North Americans tried hard to be like their UK counterparts.
Any list of great guitarists without Lenny Breau is totally bogus!Period.
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