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Nord lead 4r - specific midi settings for every performance

Postby SamBooko » 05 Sep 2020, 16:36

Hi everybody,
I'm new in the forum but I've been playing the 2x since ages as the only instrument on stage, now switching to the lead 4r.
I have a problem with midi settings.
My set up is an axiom 61 splitted in 2, midi channel 1 on the left (slot AB) and midi channel 2 on the right (slot CD), the output routing is A in a bass amp and C in a guitar amp.

I need to save some performances in which the slot D responds to midi channel 2 and some other performances in which it responds to channel 1.
I used to do that with the nord lead 2xr, is it possible to do it in the nord 4r or do I must go to the general midi settings every time?

I do it so that at the beginning of a song I play with my left hand the zone on channel 1 and it goes into the bass amp and then I turn up the volume on slot D in which there is the same bass sound but it goes
into the guitar amp so that it doubles, it opens it crunches and I'm still playing with just my left hand.

It is more difficult to explain it than doing it but it seems that the midi settings on the lead 4r are just general and they can't be saved differently for every performance.
Is there a way to do it so that I don't have to change the general settings every time I start a new song?

thank you!

btw, why the hell do my moog expression pedal doesn't function on the lead4? do I really need to buy just the ones that are written in the manual?
thank you again
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Nord lead 4r - specific midi settings for every performance


Re: Nord lead 4r - specific midi settings for every performa

Postby Muziksculp » 09 Sep 2020, 00:10

The NL4 Performances do not save the Part's Channel Assignment.

Once you have the midi channel set for each part it stays set that way, the only way to change it is to go manually into the MIDI menu and change the midi channel for each part.
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