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NLA1 - Footloose Synth sound?

Postby Marvintheandroid » 23 May 2020, 12:49

Trying to create to synth sound from the song Footloose by Kenny Loggins. My approach so far is using the Performance mode to stack Square Wave and then using the LFO to modulate the Pulse width on 3 slots and adding a Sawtooth Wave in the last slot for a bit of Buzz a suggestion made by someone on a Korg Forum. Still doesn’t sound quite right.
Just wondered if anyone has and better suggestions. I did see someone in this forum referring to a video of a live performance where the keyboard player was using an organ to produce the sound. I’ve watch the You Tube video but it’s outdoors and sounds like someone recorded it with their phone so you can’t hear it clearly over the wind noise. The organ in the video is a Roland VK8 but the keyboard player seems to be playing the Korg board below it.
I may try having a go with one of the Organ waves but still feel as if Im stabbing in the dark with this.
Thanks for any suggestion which are great fully received.

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NLA1 - Footloose Synth sound?


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