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Re: Looking for an amp for nord electro 6hp

Postby monsterjazzlicks » 25 Mar 2020, 16:43

NolaNord504 wrote:Thanks for clarifying this, I have the Cube CM-30 (cube monitor), it has a small 6" coaxial speaker, 3 stereo inputs, and a stereo link feature. It sounds surprisingly good and gets quite loud with a solid low end. That being said, I'm not sure how well the small speaker would hold up if I really pushed it on a gig.

If you are covering sounds such Brass and Strings etc then personally I don't find it at all suitable. I would carry my DXR 10 Yamaha's instead.
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Re: Looking for an amp for nord electro 6hp


Re: Looking for an amp for nord electro 6hp

Postby maestrosteve » 25 Mar 2020, 20:59

Rusty Mike wrote:Not sure if anyone noticed, but the OP has posted exactly once.

I think we've been trolled.

I'm thankful to the people who answered my first post, without considering me a troll.
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Re: Looking for an amp for nord electro 6hp

Postby Rusty Mike » 26 Mar 2020, 02:50

It’s not that at all. It’s great that people seek out answers on this forum. And even better when they become an active part of the conversation.

The observation is that the OP posted the question and has not interacted after that single post.
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Re: Looking for an amp for nord electro 6hp

Postby Arjan P » 26 Mar 2020, 02:58

But calling someone a troll after only one week I think is a bit steep. There could be so many reasons someone is unable to get back..
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Re: Looking for an amp for nord electro 6hp

Postby AndyG1955 » 28 Mar 2020, 13:36

Just before the health crisis closed venues the last gig I did had a full QSC system. The monitors were QSC 10.2 and I made a point of checking them out. I found them clear and powerful, ridiculously so if required. The front of house had K.12 s on a pole on top of powered QSC bass units. I didn't like the sound as much - very loud but not quite as responsive to my Electro5 HP. If you were starting from scratch with no amplification I think you could be happy with K10.2 they are musical and loud if required! I still have 4 EV SX300 s and actually love their sound for Vocal PA or Keyboard, they are very musical! Then of course you will need a power amp and mixer. From what I understand the inputs of the QSCs have EQ settings, so if you only use two keyboards that would be enough for backline IE NO MIXER. Please don't be tempted to buy a cheaper 15inch cab, normally top frequencies of the speaker are not high enough and the horn does not go low enough so the upper mids I always find lacking. A pro sound engineer friend of mine rates QSC amps as musical and reliable, with less failure rates than the Crowns he was using, so it might present a good case for QSC. I still love the EVSX300 s and obviously still own them, so I will probably be buying a QSC power amp. Good luck with your choice. Interestingly enough I keep a Roland Cube (guitar version with no HF unit) for rehearsals in the house. A bass player who uses Mark Bass could not believe how good it was with the right EQ for low volume rehearsal. So I re -EQ'd it for piano and it was surprisingly good- on paper it shouldn't really work well at all, but Roland might tune the 10" speaker to sound OK for digital modelling and IPOD playback so it seems quite full range. I have used it in very small venues which are upstairs and get compliments about the sound - I mainly use the Rhodes and White Grand. So good luck buying the wrong gear is such a disappointment, all the guys on the Nord forum try to give genuine advice
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