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Re: Your Lifetime Of Keyboards

Postby spradders » 02 Dec 2019, 16:10

Roland E15 *(x2)
Yamaha B5cr organ
English straight strung upright
Technics KN(?) digital piano
Roland RD300s
Rhodes Mk1 73
Roland RD700
Hammond XM1 & XMC1 module / drawbars
Roland VK7
Rhodes Mk1 73
Yamaha C110 upright*
Rhodes Mk1 88
Nord Stage 2 88
Rhodes Mk1 73*
Nord Stage 2ex compact (73)*
Vintage reed organ*
Rhodes Mk1 73*

*=what I still own. Had quite a history of Rhodes trading...!
Also, some drums (acoustic and electric), trumpet, bass, guitar, chromatic harps, amps etc etc

But - I'm VERY jealous of @analogika's collection... anyone want to trade their Wurli 200a for a Rhodes Mk1 ?? Also looking for DX7.
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Re: Your Lifetime Of Keyboards


Re: Your Lifetime Of Keyboards

Postby Ritchie333 » 02 Dec 2019, 19:25

How long have you got?

The first "keyboard" I played was a Waldner upright piano that my parents inherited from my grandfather after he died in 1978, and is what I learned to play piano on. I've long been a Hammond player above all else and the Nord Electro was the first keyboard I felt comfortable leaving the "real things" at home. Things are slightly complicated as I haven't played keys in every band I've been in - in others I've been the guitarist or bass player; though when I've played another instrument I'm surprised how often the keys player is using a Nord! I believe the following is correct:

1988 - Yamaha PSS-680 (first keyboard)
1990 - Roland D5 (first gigging keyboard, also first use of multi-track demoing using an Atari ST sequencer - threw out around 2007)
1994 - Hammond L100 (never gigged, just sat in the lounge while I worked out how to play it)
1997 - Hammond M100 split + Sharma Leslie cabinet (retaining the Roland D5 for piano sounds)
1998 - Wurlitzer EP200A (replacing Roland D5), Crumar Organizer (spare organ when I didn't have enough friends to help cart the Hammond to gigs)
2002 - Nord Electro (the Hammond and Wurlitzer were immediately retired and after some years of deliberation I sold them in 2005)
2006 - Alesis Nanosynth (bought cheaply on eBay after getting asked "whaddya mean you can't play a string sound" on the Electro too many times)
2007 - M Audio ProKeys 88 (to play piano and organ at the same time)

.... which brings me onto my current rig:

2011 - Nord Stage 2
2012 - Fatar Studiologic SL 990 (replacing the ProKeys which I sold in 2018)
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Re: Your Lifetime Of Keyboards

Postby Quai34 » 08 Dec 2019, 05:49

Well, way less buy and sold than you:
Hammond L100 + Leslie 147
Cruman Multiman S string machine
Yamaha CS15
Roland SH 101 + MC202
All sold to get D50 and Yamaha Tx802, still have them
Piano Korg C3500

All sold, not the D50 and TX802
Stage 2
All listed in the signature...

So, as a conclusion, I keep instead of letting it go... When my wife challenges me with all my stuff I told her she's lucky I'm "conservative", I keep my stuff when I'm "attached to it"...
Stage 2/C2/NL2X+TC Pedals, 2XMatrix, EMU P2K, TX802, DSI P8/Tetra+H9, P12+TC HoF, D50+PG1000, XV5080,AX keytar, Streichfett, Drumbrute.Ibanez SR1200 & 2605 basses, Artstar AS153,G&L L2000,Legacy HSS,Asat Blueboys,Asat Deluxe Savanna.genelec 8040A.
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Re: Your Lifetime Of Keyboards

Postby ApolloSynths » 08 Jan 2020, 20:42

Bolded are the ones I currently have.

Arturia MicroBrute
Behringer Model D
Casio CTR-something
Casio CZ-3000
Casio PT-10
Casio PT-10
Casio PT-10 (I really did have 3)
Korg M1
Korg MicroKorg
Korg Monologue
Nord Electro 2 61
Nord Electro 5D 61
Nord Lead 2X

Roland Fantom-Xa
Yamaha DX7
Yamaha PSR-6
Yamaha PSR-something (2000s 'student' keyboard)

Damn I miss that Casio CZ. I'm still on the lookout for one or maybe they'll have a new one for NAMM???
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Re: Your Lifetime Of Keyboards

Postby Normski » 20 Mar 2020, 17:20

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Re: Your Lifetime Of Keyboards

Postby Akorder » 05 Apr 2020, 14:54

Rippen upright piano
Yamaha YC-20 combo organ
Korg X5
Roland RS-5
Novation X-Station
Nord Electro 2
Nord Electro 6D

A short list of rather affordable instruments. There are years in between without a keyboard, playing the guitar. Thanks to Nord I'm now a "new-born keyboardist".
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Re: Your Lifetime Of Keyboards

Postby wkrbee » 01 Jun 2020, 02:06

Not as big as some:
Howard Combo Organ
Farfisa Combo Compact Deluxe
Fender Contempo Organ
Fender Rhodes Stage 73
ARP Pro Soloist
Casio 202
Hammond M3
ARP 2600
ARP Omni
Oberheim OB-X
Oberheim OB-8
Korg MS-20
Roland JX-3P
Casio VL-tone
Yamaha DX-7
Rhodes 660
Roland A-90
Nord E2
Nord C1
Estey reed organ
Weltmeister Claviset
Unknown brand 1887 full size reed organ
Hammond A-100 with 251 Leslie
Roland U-220, JV-880, JV 2080 fully loaded
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Re: Your Lifetime Of Keyboards

Postby DavidSydney » 10 Jun 2020, 05:11

OK, I'm playing. *=still owned

My 'original' rig (1973-76ish)
Farfisa Professional organ
Elka electronic piano
Yamaha SK-2 synth

Yamaha CP-30 electronic piano
Yamaha PF-15 electronic piano (later added MIDI to this)
Kawai CX-5 upright piano
Hammond H100 organ
B3 module (can't remember the name!)
Alesis piano module
Roland VK7
Leslie 760 x 2
Leslie 925
Nord Electro
Fender Rhodes Mark 1 Stage 73
Yamaha CP-70 #1
Yamaha CP-70 #2*
Yamaha CP-60M*
Yamaha CP-70 #3*
Nord Stage 76*
Nord Electro 5*
Kawai No. 500 grand piano*
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