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Re: How much milage do you get out of the sample synth?

Postby Kfals » 09 Sep 2019, 17:14

The synth section is not at all useful if you need pitch bend or modulation. I have the electro 5 and its disappointing in that regard. I bought a King Korg to double stack for this use. That was my fault not doing the research before making the purchase.
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Re: How much milage do you get out of the sample synth?


Re: How much milage do you get out of the sample synth?

Postby Sunlight2 » 11 Sep 2019, 00:11

I find it very useful, especially the choir and strings samples (which are great for Mr Blue Sky!) Also the 'Prophet Poly' is one of the best pad/filler sounds I've ever used. The attack/release and velocity filters give some control.

I tried a MODX8 as my bottom/piano board for a while (with a Hammond module placed to the right hand side) and found the CFX to have a muddy quality which I couldn't fix live. Then when I heard the White Grand I had to go back to Nord. I later rebought the MODX as a top board since it does 'the rest' really well.

I also find the layering algorithms on the sample engine work so much better on the Nord - the strings, for example, seem to blend better.
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Re: How much milage do you get out of the sample synth?

Postby ACCORDIONMAN » 13 Sep 2019, 11:12

I just want to chip in again, as I have the Nord Electro 5 on my desk right now. Practicing for some upcoming gigs!

On the original question, I'd say I get A LOT of mileage from the sample synth. I use just this one single 61 note Nord, for all of my gigs. This includes function bands, where I have to cover Brass / Strings / Synth Solos. 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention', as they say!

(If anyone wants any tips form me on this, just give me a shout). Happy gigging everyone X
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