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How to sync a Nord Lead 2x as a slave device ?

Postby betameta » 04 Jul 2019, 17:29

Hi everyone,

I tried differents forums, watched videos and yes, I even opened the manuel (from pages 66 to 77), but I just can't figure out how to sync the LF0 1 and LF0 2 (Arpeggio) from my Nord Lead 2x with my others devices.

All I want is to send a midi clock to my Nord Lead. I would like to be able to it from Ableton and from some hardware device, let's say a TR-08 (the one from the Roland Boutique serie). For this topic I'll stick with the TR-08.

- So I plugged my MIDI cable: TR-08 OUT > Nord IN.
- On the Nord: MIDI channel is set (SHIFT + MIDI CH) to 4 on the slot D (does the slot matters ?)
- ...then I tried different settings but none of them worked...

There is something with "Local ON/OFF" I also tried (SHIFT + LOCAL), but when "Local" is "Off" both the knobs and the keyboard don't react anymore.

I'm lost, many people seem to have the same issue. This is killing my workflow and I'm slowly getting frustrated, please enlight me :(

Thanks !
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How to sync a Nord Lead 2x as a slave device ?


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