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Nord Lead 4 Continuous and Impulse Morphs

Postby sebber » 15 Jun 2019, 13:04

Hi all,

longtime Nord user here and having fun with the brilliant Nord Lead 4 . I've got a couple of questions concerning the morphs:

1) Many of the impulse morphs are really stunning. When I want to analyze what's going on, how can I read out the values of a an Impulse Morph? The LEDs show me which parameters have changed, but when I hold "Copy/Morph Lock" and turn the knob of the parameter the display will show the value of the original patch, not that of the morphed patch. Is there any way I can read the changed parameters out?

2) I've got the same question with the continuous morphs.

3) One answer to question No. 1 would be to copy the whole program including the Impulse Morph to another slot and then start comparing. Needless to say this is cumbersome. More worrying though is the fact that sometimes the copied programs do not sound exactly like the original morphed programs. Has anybody else encountered that? Are there any parameters that do not get copied?

4) Finally, is there a way to copy the settings of a continuous morph to another program?

5) Last question: I can copy the settings of a continuous morph, like the mod wheel morph. At least the display shows "CPY". However, I haven't found where I could copy it to?
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Nord Lead 4 Continuous and Impulse Morphs


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