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alternative Half Moon switch for Nord C2D

Postby michaelpeets » 06 Jun 2019, 20:50

The Hammond/Leslie CU-1 half moon switch, at a third the cost of a Nord half moon switch, works perfectly with the Nord C2D. Attaching the CU-1 to the Nord is a little tricky, though. The holes under the Nord line up laterally with the thumb screws on the CU-1, but the holes in the Nord are slightly too far away from the front edge of the keyboard’s lower manual. However, I turned the spacer that came with the CU-1 upside down and attached it to the Nord with the thumb screws. This leaves a small gap where you slide in the CU-1 just before final tightening of the thumb screws. The CU-1, then, is secure, and at just the right height at key level. After configuring the C2D’s Rotary Control Type to Half Moon, the CU-1 works perfectly. You can get the CU-1 online from BB Organ.
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alternative Half Moon switch for Nord C2D


Re: alternative Half Moon switch for Nord C2D

Postby LeftyBass68 » 09 Jun 2019, 00:45

I take mine off every move.Velcro keeps this original Leslie halfmoon attached firmly enough for my needs.
Same halfmoon also operates my Neo Ventilator.All in for 50 bucks and if it fails? Get another 3-way Fender pickup selector switch......
also operates the 'real deal',can use it on the 147,122,142,145, get the picture.

Somehow the C2D built in Leslie sim or the Neo Vent just don't quite 'get there' A/B'd with the real deal.
Thank you Nord for including a speaker level 1/4" output though!
I did get a good chuckle out of the HL722 hanging off the 11 pin outlet though.
Man that 'Rotosonic' sure rocked.....NOT.Will reconfigure the thing into a traditional 760 type me thinks......
you certainly won't find me shelling out for a 3330 or 971 though.
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