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Re: Nord Wave - used price?

Postby spookyman » 02 May 2019, 16:32

I bought mine for 700$ there is 4 years ago, mint conditions, even the small plastic film was stil on the screen...The thing is, here in Switzerland, you don't see so much Nord Wave to sell. So the price can be very variable.
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Re: Nord Wave - used price?


Re: Nord Wave - used price?

Postby e8ndave » 07 May 2019, 16:48

I picked mine up for about $1400 a couple years back and sold it last year for about the same. I see them around this area going for $1400-1500 pretty steadily and they don't last long. If they end up in a "used" type place they have them marked at $1800-1900 but they never move.

Personally I would agree with getting something newer and moving on. I get really nervous about having a one-off piece of gear that I couldn't replace in a reasonable amount of time. With my Stage and other gear if I absolutely had to find something it wouldn't be a big deal to replace.
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Re: Nord Wave - used price?

Postby AdamStage2 » 01 Jun 2019, 14:14

The Wave is a desirable instrument,Those who own them will tell you there is something very Unique about it.

I would never part with mine,even if Nord made a Wave 2,some may view its memory capacity as minuscule compared to the RAM fitted to more recent samplers/romplers,but it has a certain quirky appeal that none of the other Nord keyboards have(except perhaps the NL3) and they seem to retain there value quite well.

They do crop up for sale from time to time secondhand but they seem to have a very firm price bracket,I would have no problem purchasing another at the prices they are if I ever had to replace mine,other than stepping up to the Prophet X price range as an alternative what other instrument gives you the same unique S+S capabilities.

I think the Nord Wave will become one of those future Classics in an Odd way even if it's Digital.
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