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Vox Continental

Postby Alexiskeys91 » 20 Apr 2018, 16:15

Hey!I know that there is already a post about the new Vox Continental but i want newer reviews and experiences about this keyboard!I have to say that i prefered better the older Nord Electros which where more simplier without these LED screens etc and i think that new VOX reminds me the older Nords.Also i don't like at all that Nord forces you to buy Nord with physical drawbars nowadays if you really want to play organ.(I liked the LED drawbars better).So do you think that the new Vox is just a copy of Nords or it is a good alternative solution?
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Vox Continental


Re: Vox Continental

Postby JayDee » 06 May 2018, 05:34

Didn't have much time to demo in a noisy music store environment. Seems like it would be a good gigging instrument. I prefer my Electro 5D but the Vox seems aimed squarely at it and some folks will probably prefer the Vox. Maybe the Electro 6 is where you should be headed although the HP model is the only one offered with LED drawbars
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Re: Vox Continental

Postby Coler » 08 Apr 2019, 00:35

I have a Vox Continental. Bought for gigging (original blues, roots, americana)

What I love/like:

- So simple & intuitive to use.
- the sounds are all good to great to my ears. Pianos, EPs, Organs are all really nice.
- the light weight.
- the effects are decent. The valve drive is great.
- very versatile board.

I don't like:

- the action for playing pianos (so I bought an Electro 6 HP).
- the leslie sim (which I thought was fine until I tried a Vent 2 and now it's ruined for me.

I don't care about splits but if you did you would hate the lack of them.

Forgot to add, the drawbars are very good. The response is smooth and you dont have to "push/pull" virtually; you can just touch where you want them to be. And of course they are always visually accurate of where they are set too. I can see why they would take getting used to if you are used to something else but I really like them.

Edit: something I don't like compared to my Electro 6 HP is the lack of a seamless transition between sounds. I love how this is done by my Electro.
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