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Re: Electro 6D 73 versus Yamaha CP73

Postby Andym » 05 Mar 2019, 11:03

I have never owned a NORD before. Mostly Yamaha but I want to explore a bit. I am pretty much a piano player (Currently using a Yamaha stage CP4). But playing out on gigs the CP4 can be a bit cumbersome. I also want kinda balance so I can use some organ/synths sounds layered with my piano .So I was thinking of the Yamaha MODX8 which has hammer action weigted keys and a nice synth section....
I checked out the NORD electro 6D HP which is hammer action weighted keys as well....
Has anyone played the Electro 6HP..... how does the action feel? Also how good are pad sounds on the Nord?
Anyone can comment?
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Re: Electro 6D 73 versus Yamaha CP73


Re: Electro 6D 73 versus Yamaha CP73

Postby Woodyeyes » 08 Mar 2019, 02:03

I’ve just traded in my Yamaha CP50 for a nord stage 3 hp76. I’ve had the cp50 for 9 years but my creaking back needed a lighter keyboard. I nearly went for the cp73 but despite the larger price opted for the nord due to its lighter weight and the fact there is a very active and helpful forum here with loads of downloadable stuff. (As opposed to the promise of such).
Having played my new toy lots over the last couple of weeks, I’m loving it. The weighted action is similar to the Yamaha, though I doubt anything will quite match the feel or (piano sound) of the cp300. This nord is going to give me years of gigging fun without a bad back.
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Re: Electro 6D 73 versus Yamaha CP73

Postby Rob Millis » 14 Mar 2019, 23:58

I recently sold my Korg Sv-1 73 and was all set to shift to a CP73, but I actually ended up buying a used Piano 2 73HP. So that was that... :shock:
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Re: Electro 6D 73 versus Yamaha CP73

Postby Stian72 » 23 Mar 2019, 09:03

New user in this forum :D
Been playin the cp 73 for a couple of days. The pianos and Eps are ok. But you have to use some eq to get them through in a band setting. Organs are terrible. Strings are so so. The key action of the 73 is ok, but if you come from a keyboard with graded hammer action, the keys are a little short (I have a Korg Kronos 73). Nice and easy to use. I think I could have bought the cp 73 if it had been posible to store eq settings with each user program.
The reason for my to buy this kind of instrument is the weight. I am tierd of carryng the Kronos to gigs. So I have ordered the Nord Electro 6 73 HP instead of the cp 73. Havent tried it yet so very exited!
Looking forward to be a member of the Nord family :D
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Re: Electro 6D 73 versus Yamaha CP73

Postby analogika » 23 Mar 2019, 13:04


If you’re cool with the CP’s interface concept, you’ll be fine with the Nord — it’s almost directly lifted from there, with a couple of changes, some hidden options, and a couple of head-scratchers.

The single-button piano filters are perfect for cutting through the mix within five seconds.
I recommend switching the internal Leslie to the close-mic’ed setting and giving the bass rotor a little more weight (I have it at 60/40), but with that, the organ sounds great.

It basically comes down to whether you like the action or not.

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