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Re: Random Question about Roland Fa06

Postby harmonizer » 14 Mar 2019, 01:29

anotherscott wrote:Check the video a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE9t4XCp5P8

If you're new to the FA Studio Sets, the whole video is worth watching, but he shows the transpose function at about 6 minutes in. He demonstrates using octave shifts, but the same screen also has coarse and fine tuning controls for each part.

From about 1:20-1:55, the video shows the start of the process of creating a Studio Set in the User Bank of Studio Sets.
From about 1:55-3:14, you can skip this (the video shows adding some additional sounds to this Studio Set).
From 3:14-4:30, the video shows saving your customized Studio Set and giving it a name.
At this point, you will have a customized Studio Set, but it will not yet have the characteristics you want.

From 6:10-6:19 the video shows how to get into Part View, and the Pitch menu for Part View.
The column "Coarse" allows you to change the pitch for that part, by the specified number of half steps.
The video does not show changing any values under "Coarse", but I think you should be able to figure it out.
You will need to Save the Studio Set.

Also I would suggest you change the Studio Set to not be "Live Mode", because it seems like you want to just use one part.

If you look at all the columns in the Part View, you can see many other things you can control,
including octave shifts, turning a part off and on, and muting parts.
If you are concerned about polyphony, I would turn off any part you are not using it, as opposed to muting it.
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Re: Random Question about Roland Fa06



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