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Re: How long to wait for a C2D successor?

Postby LeftyBass68 » 12 Oct 2018, 23:28

Is it unreasonable to expect manufacturers to include some of the 'standard tweaks' we do to our beloved Hammond A100's etc.?
This B2 has no problem addressing the volume drop on perc normal,It's a TrekII and will cook my V21 if I'm not careful.
They have the 'string pluck bass' down,at Nord well enough (thanks TrekII)....
How tough would it be to add software to bypass the perc normal volume drop? Double clutch the soft tab maybe?
None of the clone makers have this on the menu yet(?) many of us have R1 bypassed,or at least 'switchable'.
I want my full volume drawbars WITH perc normal thanks.This is where the Hammond still blows the C2D away IMO.
Same for the spinny boxes,the Ventilator is at best 'tolerable',I never use the Nord sim,too many real Leslies around here.

This is my single pet peeve of clones.None of them have this that I know of,although maybe Viscount has addressed this 'custom feature'?
Knowing these guys,they'll add it to the next clone for sure,in the meanwhile they could add this feature to a C2D not too much trouble methinks?

As far as adding other sounds to a clone,let's get them to improve the Hammond chorus and perc/norm volume drop before we start stuffing a NS3C into one.
For now at least,thrilled to have both on stage.
C2D won't be replacing the studio A100 any time soon.Nor will the Stage 3 Compact replace the YAMAHA C7 for that matter.
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Re: How long to wait for a C2D successor?



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