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Re: Keyboard feel

Postby MonkeyDonkey » 12 Sep 2018, 20:15

eibinger wrote:I tested all three kinds of Nord-Keyboard-actions and I decided to buy a 5d/73. As a member of a cover-band, I am not only using piano-sounds. So I found, that the sw-version is the best solution for me. the "hp-version" is a little bit problematic for organ-sounds, but possible.
a little bit strange is, that my Hammond sk1/73 uses the same fatar keys and the feeling is much (much, much) better. I think, they use other springs!
But buying a Nord, my recommendation is: buy a sw-Nord and not a hp.

What eibinger said x2.
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Re: Keyboard feel


Re: Keyboard feel

Postby Schorsch » 12 Sep 2018, 23:13

Regards Schorsch (formerly know as Hervshahn ;-) )

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Re: Keyboard feel

Postby PScooter63 » 13 Sep 2018, 00:44

Based on the OP's specific situation, I must say... x4. :thumbup:

I believe keyboard action has mostly to do with what you're used to, and whether it's personally worth it to adjust and even re-learn your existing habits. It's only one element of a well-designed instrument. Sample quality, velocity curves, and so on, are arguably greater factors in a musically predictable, satisfying experience.
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Re: Keyboard feel

Postby AllanH » 13 Sep 2018, 01:26

I'm also a traditionally trained acoustic pianist... played all varieties of uprights and grands over the past 50 years. I joined a 16 piece big band 12 months ago and started looking for a suitable keyboard along with a gutsy amplifier that could easily be transported from home to gigs/rehearsals.This forum gave me great insight into the nord range. I found a store with a demo NP 3 and also had a play on a NE 5 ( with the HP or SW keys... can't really remember which). As an acoustic pianist I preferred the action of the NP3.

I purchased the NP3 /88 and paired it with a Center Point Spacestation V.3... totally loved both... except for one thing... the weight of the NP 3 .. at 18 kg it was still lighter than many other boards.. but, still required great effort to manage it up and down 15 steep stairs to get to our practice venue. ( paired with the Nord-wheeled softcase ).

So... with the introduction of the NE 6 to the market I again researched this forum and the official nord website. I decided to order the NE6 D with SW 73 keys despite not having a chance to test it in any music stores.

Received it about 2 weeks ago. At 9.2 kg this board is so much better for me to carry around and I love that ! The lighter springy action really isn't an issue for me... takes me little time to adjust to the feel of the keys. And I love the Organ features ! still learning how to get the best out of this section/engine.... small steps.
Now I have both NP3 and NE 6D ... feeling like a kid in two lolly ( candy) shops !

My NP 3 will probably now be used for solo piano gigs... however in the band situation it will be the NE 6D !!

Cheers from Australia,
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Re: Keyboard feel

Postby baekgaard » 13 Sep 2018, 20:11

Just a quick addendum to what @AllanH said: I have both a NE3 and a NE6, also with SW keys. I find the NE6 quite playable for piano, and better suited than the NE3. Don't know about the NE4 and NE5; I've not played those too much.

Of course the NP or the NS HA88 range is better for piano playing, but the newer NE series SW keys are not bad at all. I also sometimes pick my NE6 for smaller rehearsals etc when I want to avoid the weight.
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Re: Keyboard feel

Postby danrv » 15 Sep 2018, 11:23

baekgaard wrote:the newer NE series SW keys are not bad at all.

I played an Electro 6D 61 in my local store today and thought the action was quite nice for piano. Quieter and slicker than the 5D 61.
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