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Demo Nord Lead A1 vs Korg Kross 2

Postby Puukka » 03 Aug 2018, 07:43

Side by side trial A1 and Kross. Which one is first, which second?
I´ve also tested the 24dB filter using about 60% resonance

I can´t hear any major difference, even one is PCM and the other "Analog Modeling", that means, they should be able to sound same when using the traditional waveforms.
I did the same with Roland Gaia, DSI Mopho x4 and Minilogue.
Same result, no audible major difference except Minilogue, where the filter actually swallowed low end when adding resonance.

For me A1 beats many synths, also analog, because especially of the many additional waveforms, the mighty FX section, the four part multitimbrality and it´s 24 voices.
That´s why I prefer it over Prologue, DSI Prophets and even Moogs.
I still miss such a side by side comparison with a Moog, but I don´t expect big differences anymore. Moog´s analog ladder filter might be specific, but copying the simple circuit is no magic.
I´ve recently published some of my favorite Korg Kross patches and I can´t imagine, someone who could identify it as "non analog" :silent:

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Demo Nord Lead A1 vs Korg Kross 2


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