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Re: Nord c2/c2d X Keyb Duo X Crumar Mojo help me!

Postby Juan Rossi » 26 Mar 2018, 22:11

Hi, everybody. In 2015 received my new Mojo and nowadays, just 2 weeks ago, decided - after studying indoors enoughly - to show it in 2 recitals along my band. People got astonished at it sounded!! I was astonished as well, having this marvel played through 4 P.A. Yamaha class D - 1100W!! Leslie bouncing the stage and pedals in subwoofers sounded marvelously stupendous, almost unbelievable!
Well, have come more to external problems that with internal Mojo ones, which were:
1) Hammond XPK-200L, with just 20 notes, has been a not so adequate pedalboard, because of distances among pedals, greater than in a standard 25-note;
2) In my old Celeron Acer laptop has been difficult to find a good sounding ASIO of Roland 48KHz-24bit UA4-fx, with a Native Colossus formidable plugin, happily arriving to a 35 ms position, without clicks, noise or exagerated latency;
3) Position of organ bench height and distance to volume pedal and my chair height have been critical, not allowing precise pedalboard movements at all;
4) My 2 chinese P.A. 80W just didn't add profound basses nor flat Hammond sounds on them;
5) In my newly renewed speakers of old JBL Control 1 Mojo sounded specially realistic, in spite of speakers getting worse because of pedals, not possibly allowing me to use them in practice.
Well, that's all, folks. As everybody, I'm aware it's a special Core Duo computer here and always feel fear to Mojo possibly not functioning anyday!
Juan Rossi
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Re: Nord c2/c2d X Keyb Duo X Crumar Mojo help me!


Re: Nord c2/c2d X Keyb Duo X Crumar Mojo help me!

Postby Macsaint777 » 29 Mar 2018, 17:29

I had a Hammond XK-5, and when it started having problems, I traded it for the Nord in a heartbeat. Since I use a Leslie sim pedal with anything organ related, I was using the Neo Vent 2 with the Hammond XK-5. I usually do the same with the Nord, but actually, I CAN get by with the Leslie sim in the Nord, it is fantastically good. I can't say the same for the sim in the Hammond XK-5. Overall sound is better for me on the Nord, even with all the bells and whistles of the XK-5.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Ben Allen
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Re: Nord c2/c2d X Keyb Duo X Crumar Mojo help me!

Postby Farfisameister » 20 May 2018, 20:13

The choice between a Crumar Mojo and a Nord C2D is very subjective. I have a Nord C2 (updated to C2D sound engine) and a Crumar Mojo. The following are just my opinions. The Crumar Mojo is less expensive than a new C2D. The Mojo offers a more realistic action, perhaps superior tonewheel simulation, and perhaps superior percussion/chorus. The Mojo offers 22 different tonewheel sets (so you're getting 22 different organs) that are easily accessible using a monitor and mouse plugged into the back of the organ.
The Leslie simulation is good but I play the Mojo using a real Leslie 3300 and don't use the simulator unless I'm using headphones. So, with my chopped Hammond C3 I can't plug in headphones let alone have a working Leslie in the phones which is one of the real joys of the C2 and the Mojo. To my ears, the Mojo sim sounds more warbly (like it's going to make you seasick) under the phones than the Nord sim. Both are lacking on Leslie fast IMHO when played thru external amplification unless it's a real Leslie.
I have a Nord C2 so perhaps the action is different from the C2D. My C2 is quite stiff and springy not at all like a real Hammond- more like an electric piano IMHO. But, I am used to it and have gigged for years with it. The Nord C2 IMHO is better built and 100% reliable. I have found that when I go into the shift mode on the Mojo it can do some crazy stuff so I have stopped using it to change parameters. I simply use the Hammond side of the instrument cause if I need electric piano or any thing else my Nord Stage 2 EX is far superior for those sounds and also 100% reliable. For me, the C2 is easier to carry and fit under my arm. The Mojo is slightly heavier and wider.
In short they are both really cool and have their own personalities. Really love them both but the Mojo will be less expensive than a new C2D. Just remember it may not be the reliable tank that the C2 is when you start using the edit functions.
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Re: Nord c2/c2d X Keyb Duo X Crumar Mojo help me!

Postby Quai34 » 13 Jun 2018, 05:01

I don't have a Mojo but I have a C2 (With the C2d upgrade of course) and I really like it, I know it could b considered outdated compared to other clones but I'm sold on using a Vent 2 that will be less expensive and easier to get closer to a real Hammond than to buy a new clone....I have the Ocean Beach drawbars though and then, I have best of both world...
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Re: Nord c2/c2d X Keyb Duo X Crumar Mojo help me!

Postby Farfisameister » 16 Jun 2018, 15:58

I think you can't go wrong with the Vent. I love the C2 even though I have a Mojo too. Another thing, Nord provided an 11 pin output on the C2 (and the C1 before it) so, if you do have the opportunity to use something like a Leslie 3300, you can control speed from the organ itself versus a footswitch. I use a 3300 with the Nord and with the Mojo. It's Hammond heaven with both. It should be mentioned that Crumar did not provide an 11 pin output on the Mojo so you have to go out 1/4" or fool with the internal parameters. I simply go out 1/4" into the 3300 and disable the rotary sim on the organ just as I do with the Nord. For me, the button drawbars were never an issue, just something less to break off. And, some people prefer the layout and design of the C2 over the C2D. I love using the Hammond programs in the C2 plus the 3 preset buttons on top of the drawbuttons. This is different than the C2D and truly convenient. IMO the C2 is not outdated and the proof is in the sound, playability, and reliability. Enjoy your great rig!
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Re: Nord c2/c2d X Keyb Duo X Crumar Mojo help me!

Postby Lindsay » 17 Jun 2018, 09:00

Thanks everyone... Extending this convo a little further, anyone used the GSi DMC-122 with the Gemini module installed?
My research suggests its potentially more versatile than the Mojo or even the Mojo 61 plus lower manual.
We had been looking at a C2D for our Church. As one of the main "organists" felt the C2D inappropriate as a pipe organ for hymns and preferred a very costly refit/conversion of our old Johannus into a Hauptwerk console I started looking further. As I see no value in the refit. I had specifically proposed the C2D as an alternative as it will be infrequently used for this purpose (hymns, and some incidental music, perhaps only a couple of times per month).
That said she praised the C2D for its versatility and range of sounds and said we should have one. (I think she somehow thought the C2D was more like the other Nord products that run and organ ++, and that the C2D was a dual manual version of those).
That set me thinking and amongst other things, this thread sent me to Crumar and thence to GSi (same company, different branding etc). The Mojo, and especially the Mojo 61, are more the things she thought the C2D to be.
The GSi DMC-122 is arguably the better controller keyboard for Hauptwerk installed on a PC.
The frustration with all the Crumar/GSi Gemini Pipe organs is that they are emulations of a single manual Baroque unit, without bass pedal functionality. So Hauptwerk, or a sample set in operating in Kontakt (which I like the look of) ... pel-organ/ would be more necessary in this instance.
On the DMC-122 with Gemini, you can at least run the pipe organ on both manuals and select different stops, but it is the same selection of stops.
Interested in any comments.
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