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Re: Keys submixer suggestions

Postby sdmkeys » 19 Apr 2018, 14:52

I recently purchased a Behringer X32 Rack for rehearsing, recording & gigging.

Some might think it's a Behringer (and not Presonus/Mackie/Soundcraft, etc.) and quality is crap. Try it before you knock it.

It actually has 16 input channels + 6 Aux Ins + 6 Aux Outs + 6 XLR Outs.

All inputs/output routing can be saved as "scenes". With a simple dial selection, I easily reconfigure my rig.

It also has a built-in display so I don't need to carry a laptop, etc. to make configuration changes when on the road.

I currently use it for:

- recording in Logic Pro
- as a USB audio device with Soft synths (Mainstage)
- as a sub-mixer when gigging/rehearsing with the band (supports multiple output configuration for: FOH, IEM, click track, etc.)

Sounds great & super versatile with a small footprint (3U).

This little beast has become the center of my rig.

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Re: Keys submixer suggestions


Re: Keys submixer suggestions

Postby CountFosco » 19 Apr 2018, 15:05

Wow, that is a beast. I like the lil tape deck graphic.
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Re: Keys submixer suggestions

Postby Marvintheandroid » 20 Apr 2018, 00:59

Quai34 wrote:Ok, I tried the berhinger 1602 at first but I was never able to get rid of a buzz and hum....This thing is not very well grounded or I don't know but whatever I did I always had this noise/hum....That's why I went to the Tascam...Ok, not the same price for sure, so, maybe it was my set up but to be honest, I had to return it...

I don’t seem to have any great problems with him or noise. I have mine 1602 in a 2U rack case with a Roland XR synth. Because the 1602 is not full length I have manufactured my own patch panel for the rear of the rack case which has tr jack sockets with leads and plugs into the original back panel of the RX1602. Also extends the power input socket. Works well for me.

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Re: Keys submixer suggestions

Postby Quai34 » 20 Apr 2018, 07:48

Well, maybe I had a faulty unit but when I returned it, the store told me that it was not the same quality as with some other Board....Amyway, try it and if you are happy with it, great, it's cheap for sure....
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