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Re: "Bambino Upright" used for 1980's Pop tunes

Postby kbrkr » 10 Apr 2018, 13:56

Very Nice Alex. I enjoyed the video very much! Thanks for Sharing!

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Re: "Bambino Upright" used for 1980's Pop tunes


Re: "Bambino Upright" used for 1980's Pop tunes

Postby Quai34 » 14 Apr 2018, 06:40

AlexNagel wrote:
patrickno6 wrote:Very tasteful playing and effective combination of these two pianos. Well done! I especially like your arrangement of the last song ("With Or Without You").

To be honest I didn't think one minute about the song before playing it, so calling it an "arrangement" is very flattering ;-) But it worked out nicely in terms of dynamics etc. - not always the case... And I'm also really pleased that someone actually did listen to this end section of this 9 minute video, considering the short attention span of most people these days ;-)

Thanks for listening! Alex

I agree, when I decide to hear/watch/read something I always go to the end, whatever it takes which is not for sure what usually a lot of people do nowadays. Even in museum, I read all the stuff close to a piece of Art....And as your video/playing is one of them, we should all go to listen to it....Just kidding but yes, really nice playing and nice video....Your explanation about the extra features of Cubase you use will definitely get me to upgrade from artist to full cubase when I will be comfortable with it (just got a computer, old IMac 2013 one week ago, didn't have the time to set it up yet, maybe on my to do list for this week end...)
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Re: "Bambino Upright" used for 1980's Pop tunes

Postby AlexNagel » 05 May 2018, 14:54

Thank you all for your comments! The 80s are over, now heading for newer stuff: Here's some contemporary Pop tunes I recorded, enjoy!
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