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Re: The gigs are back!

Postby analogika » 04 Jun 2020, 11:01

bartley99 wrote:You first. Keep us posted on your status. Good luck.

Me? I'm never gigging again until Nord fixes the shitty organ tone and lack of functions on my Stage3. And, the clav samples are tired.


(I would have naïvely tried to gig as much as possible to finance a replacement for the obviously mismatched piece of gear I’m stuck with. I bow before your ingenious solution to the problem.)
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Re: The gigs are back!


Re: The gigs are back!

Postby stageCustom » 08 Jun 2020, 22:38

Thanks for the update.

cphollis wrote:(...) Now, there's a barrier surrounding the space. You have to get a (free) ticket for the limited number of tables. Masks are required to enter, but may be removed once seated. They now have servers that come to your table vs. queueing. Dancing is discouraged, but not prohibited (?).
However, immediately outside the perimeter there was a vastly larger crowd, with lawn chairs, coolers and doing what they pleased, all bunched up against the perimeter.

Sounds to be save for the band AND unsafe for the audience. We had a couple of incidents during the last 2-3 weeks here in Germany, where small crowds lead to new infections:
  • several baptist church events
  • several "it's more than time to re-unite in our restaurant" disasters
  • a flat with about 600 inhabitants related to a religious event.

New York City made similar experiences, don't need to tell you.

In short: bring together enough people and one infectious one, and thing become worse again. The city with the flat is close to a lockdown again; schools are already closed there again for 2 weeks, out of the blue. As a side effect, one HRM-manager attended said restaurant events ... and took the whole management team of a shipyard into quarantine as a result.

So, especially in the USA, I think people, like audiences, shouldn't take the situation light-hearted. I'd wish, gig-organizers and everyone else act even better for the sake of all of us.

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