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Right hand issues

Postby iamdave » 25 Mar 2017, 00:06

So I started as a guitarist where 90% of the work is done left handed. I began keys in the mid 80's and have gotten much more serious the past decade. I don't walk around a ton with my left hand on keys so my right-hand does more of the work.

Here's the issue: I work on computers most all day doing photshop, e-mails, orders etc. and the all day typing and mouse clicking (mainly) can give some hand cramps and just wear out the hands. The bummer is I get home and want to pound on the keys and I'm getting worried about possible physical issues and damage. I have switched over to a big track ball mouse that has helped and I also switch off to my mac notebook to vary things up but my hand and wrist feels tight often.

Any thoughts on this from other keyboardists who also do a lot of pounding on computer keys and mouses all day long?
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Right hand issues


Re: Right hand issues

Postby MvanD » 25 Mar 2017, 00:43

It's all technique and physical ergonomics.
If all day typing and mouse clicking gives you hand cramps, that means the working conditions at your workplace are not ok.
Try to keep knee and back angles at 90 degrees. Both in working and piano playing.
Try to keep your wrists straight and your hands as if they were holding a tennis ball.

Did you ever take piano lessons? If not, maybe you should. A good piano teacher will teach these things from the first lesson.
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Re: Right hand issues

Postby Ledbetter » 25 Mar 2017, 06:05

The advice above is good. Also, try trackballing with your left hand.
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Re: Right hand issues

Postby Lee Batchelor » 07 May 2017, 14:25

Dave, I had a similar issue with both wrists. During the day, I was a carpenter - at night a keyboardist. My forearms were well toned, however I lacked flexibility in my wrists. A good piano teacher would provide ideas, however, I went to a sports injury chiropractor. He performed active release therapy, and gave me exercises to do at home and before a gig. Worked wonders!
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