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nord In The Non-Trade Press

Postby allstops » 08 Mar 2021, 22:50

NS3 mentioned in the March 6 Wall Street Journal. Very positive comments from R&B singer Andra Day complete with NS3 88 color photo w/nord stand!
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nord In The Non-Trade Press


Re: nord In The Non-Trade Press

Postby FZiegler » 09 Mar 2021, 02:13

Unfortunately, only product placement with almost no content. But the photo is nice, indeed.
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Re: nord In The Non-Trade Press

Postby Spider » 09 Mar 2021, 10:49

Can that... thing even be called a journal article? I wouldn't even call it an interview, it's just a collection of random advertising! The average instagram post by the lowliest influencer has more content... of course Nord will have paid a lot for this and it's always good to have your name on a supposedly "prestigious" journal, but it's really sad to see the WSJ publish such garbage.
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Re: nord In The Non-Trade Press

Postby ajstan » 09 Mar 2021, 15:54

It's a regular feature section on the website where celebrities are interviewed about the tech and electronics they use. I'm not saying that a payment was required from the manufacturers or distributors of the products mentioned, but I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. Fun little distraction. Not everything has to be serious.
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Re: nord In The Non-Trade Press

Postby JayDee » 09 Mar 2021, 17:37

"My Nord Stage 3 keyboard is absolutely essential. It’s insane that I don’t actually know how to play piano, but it’s so intuitive—it has so many sounds that inspire me or create a mood—that I’m able to mess around and find what I’m looking for. It takes me longer, because I don’t have the technique, but I’m able to fumble around until I get what I’m hearing in my head. I’ve started taking lessons, though. My piano instructor learned from Mike Garson, from David Bowie’s band, so I’m about to be bad. I’m about to be the coldest on the keys." - Andra Day

The WSJ says no advertising money was received from any of the products mentioned. Be that as it may, Andra Day is hot right now due to an uncanny portrayal, and singing of Billie Holiday in a currently popular movie. I can't see where Nord has to hang their head in shame....

"The Wall Street Journal is not compensated by retailers listed in its articles as outlets for products. Listed retailers frequently are not the sole retailer" quote from WSJ at bottom of article

***Good thing I just didn't see a "Leaf Filer" ad pop up in the General Nord forum....our forum.....Oh wait....I did
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