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Re: Comments & Feedback & Forum Wish List

Postby White Beach » 12 Mar 2017, 11:23

It's me again, Martin (White Beach), I just put my question here, maybe someone can help me already.
Like I said I have a Stage 2 EX, it's about splitting the keyboard. My problem is: How do I work with it when I want 2 Synth sounds, so Synth on Lwr and another Synth on Mid or Higher keyboard? Thank you much.
White Beach
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Re: Comments & Feedback & Forum Wish List


Re: Comments & Feedback & Forum Wish List

Postby Mr_-G- » 12 Mar 2017, 14:08

Welcome, please go the to the approrpiate forum, e.g. nord-stage-forum-f3/
and click on New Topic to start a new thread.

Before doing that, however search this site thoroughly, because most often questions have been asked before and answers are already available.
Asking repeated questions often do not trigger new replies.

Posting questions in another unrelated thread (like in this one) is not encouraged either and most likely they won't be answered and could be deleted by the moderators. Your question above, is explained in the manual dealing with spits and using 2 different slots. You use both slots A and B (press one, leave it pressed and press the other one), then chosing one or another slot, chose the keyboard split points and zones as desired.
As mentioned, this is Chapter 3, The Slots, then Create a Split, in the NS2 manual, not sure about the NS2EX.

Please be aware that this message and the two previous ones will be set to delete after you read them because they do not belong here.
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Re: Comments & Feedback & Forum Wish List

Postby kristinlomholt7 » 13 Sep 2021, 13:26

Hi administrator!
I keep posting about my need to find out what Nord piano to get. And my questions are being taken off right away. Could you please tell me why?
If I can't get my questions answered here, where can I?
Best wishes Kristin
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Re: Comments & Feedback & Forum Wish List

Postby Berretje » 13 Sep 2021, 13:34

Hi Kristin,

Posts are normally not taken off, except if you are crossposting into several sections with the same question. I left 1 post present in the general nord forum/section.
The reason for not crossposting is that you will get discussions in all of the posts and maybe answers that are already answered in other (same) posts.

With regards,
Gr Bart

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Re: Comments & Feedback & Forum Wish List

Postby Tasten-Bert » 13 Sep 2021, 14:38

Kristin, it‘s in the interest of all of us having one subject only posted and answered once. Otherwise there‘ll be confusion, doublettes and whatsoever. And if you have a look at your one remaining post you‘ll see answers already.
Cheers from Germany
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