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Re: Nord Wave discontinued!

Postby Hththt » 23 Apr 2017, 13:18

rising from the dead this topic, sorry but,

can the poster or someone else who can, explain this in more detail.
How could i use the NW morph engine to get close to drawbar variants while playing organ samples (in my case rather vox, farfisa etc)?

KnobTanaka wrote:Hi! I'm a Nord Wave User.

I think the Nord Wave is a great work and I feel unhappy with the discontinued of this model.
Nord Lead 4 doesn't load nord sample library which I appriciate it.

As I am a live performer, I think the NW has two practical disadvantage for me.
The first one is that 49-keys are rather short scale for live performance with both hands.
The second one is NW has two timber of different sounds, but no split function.

To overcome above demerits, I use NW conbined with MIDI keyboard (I always connect with Korg X50) which has 61 keys.
I have carried out two sound split on MIDI keyboard by sending different MIDI channels.
I also can change the bank and program number by MIDI controller as a preset program that are able to store to user's memory.

In addition, I've achived the drawbar effect of Hammond sound by the morph function of NW.

That conbination provides me a great possibility on performance for me, although it is a quite heavy work to bring two keybords on my way to the rehearsal studio by train.
To consider the portability, I do not need keys on NW any more.

So, after the phased out a fad of Nord Lead 4, I hope they will release Nord Wave EX or 2 which has kind of rack module, maybe named Nord Wave EX/2 Rack.

Thank you.
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Re: Nord Wave discontinued!


Re: Nord Wave discontinued!

Postby Hththt » 23 Apr 2017, 13:44


someone knows of any way to combine 2 sample voices on the NW
afaik the 1st OSC is not able to use any user WAVs

if i want to use lets say a double OSC of a minimoog Sine and Saw wave, knowing the Editor won't accept more than 1 sample per key, is there any other way than resampling to stack sounds?

if the NW would let me use 2 sample slots that would be so killer
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Re: Nord Wave discontinued!

Postby KnobTanaka » 25 Apr 2017, 16:25

It's me who posted it four years ago :-)

At first, we have to be based on common understanding that Nord Wave doesn't aim for true organ sound, namely, doesn't have specific sound engine as well as its characteristic interface.
However, I posted that comment because I wanted to stress NW's great potential.

You can pick up some organ sound at OSC1 from WAVE library and adjust for Hammond B3 like sound (e.c. basic Fund, Sub, and Sub3). Then, for OSC2, you can develop and upload full-bar B3 sound to your Sample library.
If you change the mixing ratio between OSC1 and OSC2 by assigned morph function, you can get draw-bar like effect.
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