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Nord Wave 1 + Stereo and Mono guitar effects

Postby Murtjcdm23 » 17 May 2021, 23:00

I have been using a number of stereo (in and out) guitar effects which I plug directly into the Wave’s outputs. The chain starts with an EHX Platform Compressor, then an EHX Overlord, a Boss Dd500 then a Strymon Timeline, a Pigtronix Looper and finishes with a Strymon Big Sky. This has generally worked well allowing me to make lush soundscapes. The only real issue has been the disproportionately high levels of hiss from the Pigtronix.

However, there are a number of other pedals I’ve recently acquired including a Red Panda Particle and a Montreal Assembly Count To Five both of which are mono in and mono out. I’ve also bought a Hologram Microcosm which is mono in and stereo out.

I want to work out how to cull a few items (maybe use them through a patchbay or Ableton’s External Effecfs devices) and combine a bunch of the other devices some of which are stereo and others mono. Has anyone any suggestions how best to do this? Would ABY switches be one way of doing it? Am I correct in thinking that the Wave 1 is true stereo not dual mono? I initially thought of starting the chain with a single output from the Particle then the CT5 and then the mono input into the Microcosm. The stereo outputs from that ham go into the Strymons although I can’t figure where to place the compressor.

Or, should I make two racks, one stereo one mono and a separate one for the Pigtronix and use the them in my patchbay? I’ve been going round in circles with this for days and would really like the other people’s thoughts.
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Nord Wave 1 + Stereo and Mono guitar effects


Re: Nord Wave 1 + Stereo and Mono guitar effects

Postby tsss27 » 21 May 2021, 03:05

The wave's samples have the potential to be stereo. If you don't care about this you could run the whole chain in mono and add a stereo modulation effect or something like Strymon Deco to bring back some width. As for me, I like stereo, so I have resorted to only buy pedals that are stereo in and out. The new version of the Particle is stereo, but the others aren't. I guess you could create a workable solution with an aux send on a mixer...

How do you like the Overlord? I've been looking for a stereo distortion box for keys, and this seems to be pretty tweakable. It just needs to be able to create guitar-like leads, and also be able to add subtle grit to electric pianos etc.
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