Nord User Sample Collection

Nord User Sample Collection

Update: 05 November 2019 (now 1303 samples or 3591.7 MB. Note this is a BETA version.)

Collection of Nord User Samples (*.nsmp files) for the Nord Wave, Nord Electro 3, and Nord Stage 2 uploaded to this forum over the last two years, including a short MP3 preview (where available). Check the original topic in order to find details!

Since I created this page semi-automatically, please let me know if there is a typo, wrong credits or other problem. If you have any questions, critique, appreciation, or remarks on this site or the patches featured here, feel free to reply to the corresponding topics!

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Note that some of the samples have been created for the Nord Stage 2 and include a .ns2p file for the settings of the Piano, Organ, Synth, and Effects Section. Those files are usually within the same post.

#N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
Patch # Name Creator Preview Patch Size Topic

80Sdrums.nsmp23.4 MBlink
1302Labs Shimmertimgosden

Labs Shimmer.nsmp34.7 MBlink

Highhopes.nsmp22.6 MBlink
Bagpipe1.nsmp1.5 MBlink
1299Yellow Submarinekoloman
Yellow Submarine.nsmp0.7 MBlink
1298Nylon Dreampad 2rudiratlos
Nylon Dreampad 2.nsmp2.4 MBlink
Newbrasswnordtpat.nsmp2.9 MBlink
Brasssax.nsmp6.2 MBlink

Brassalesis.nsmp3.6 MBlink

Maximumjuno.nsmp1.0 MBlink
1293Xf Eg Dx PianoSchorsch
Xf Eg Dx Piano.nsmp12.8 MBlink
1292Xf Rocky BrassSchorsch
Xf Rocky Brass.nsmp4.1 MBlink
1291Xf Power Section BrassSchorsch

Xf Power Section Brass.nsmp4.3 MBlink
1290Xf PolystackSchorsch

Xf Polystack.nsmp4.5 MBlink
1289Xf Hybrid SectionSchorsch

Xf Hybrid Section.nsmp3.0 MBlink
1288Xf Dance BrassSchorsch

Xf Dance Brass.nsmp5.1 MBlink
1287Xf Bread And Butter 3Schorsch

Xf Bread And Butter 3.nsmp4.6 MBlink
1286Xf Bread And Butter 2Schorsch

Xf Bread And Butter 2.nsmp2.4 MBlink
1285Xf Bread And Butter 1Schorsch

Xf Bread And Butter 1.nsmp2.6 MBlink
1284Xf Big BrassSchorsch

Xf Big Brass.nsmp2.5 MBlink
1283Mr Crowleyalex78

Mr Crowley.nsmp5.8 MBlink
1282Dx Syn-OrchIvan Jochner
Dx Syn-Orch.nsmp1.5 MBlink
1281Tomorrow Never Knowshorowizard
Tomorrow Never Knows.nsmp3.4 MBlink
1280Piano Bright Roland Super Naturalpmcapf

Piano Bright Roland Super Natural.nsmp5.9 MBlink
1279S90 Brass01-40Casey

S90 Brass01-40.nsmp2.5 MBlink
1278S90 LushstringCasey

S90 Lushstring.nsmp4.3 MBlink
1277Gem Wizard Harpsichrdthommes

Gem Wizard Harpsichrd.nsmp1.7 MBlink
1276Gem Wizard Flutethommes

Gem Wizard Flute.nsmp0.9 MBlink
1275Gibson G101 White Tabsthommes

Gibson G101 White Tabs.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1274Gibson G101 All Tabsthommes

Gibson G101 All Tabs.nsmp0.2 MBlink
1273Lowrey Tg Vibraharpthommes

Lowrey Tg Vibraharp.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1272Kimball Flutethommes

Kimball Flute.nsmp0.5 MBlink
1271Kimball Clarinetthommes

Kimball Clarinet.nsmp0.5 MBlink
1270Kimball Accordionthommes

Kimball Accordion.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1269Elka Panther Stringsthommes

Elka Panther Strings.nsmp0.1 MBlink
1268Elka Panther Flutethommes

Elka Panther Flute.nsmp0.0 MBlink
1267Elka Panther All Tabsthommes

Elka Panther All Tabs.nsmp0.1 MBlink
1266Elka Panther 16"4"thommes

Elka Panther 16"4".nsmp0.0 MBlink
1265Yamaha Pss-170 Whisperthommes

Yamaha Pss-170 Whisper.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1264Yamaha Pss-170 Reed Organthommes

Yamaha Pss-170 Reed Organ.nsmp0.2 MBlink
1263Yamaha Pss-170 Pipe Organthommes

Yamaha Pss-170 Pipe Organ.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1262Yamaha Pss-170 Pianothommes

Yamaha Pss-170 Piano.nsmp0.8 MBlink
1261Yamaha Pss-170 Electric Organthommes

Yamaha Pss-170 Electric Organ.nsmp0.5 MBlink
1260Yamaha Pss-170 Clarinetthommes

Yamaha Pss-170 Clarinet.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1259Yamaha Pss-170 Brass Ensemblethommes

Yamaha Pss-170 Brass Ensemble.nsmp0.5 MBlink
1258Yamaha Pss-170 Baby Dollthommes

Yamaha Pss-170 Baby Doll.nsmp0.8 MBlink
1257Ps-55 Pipe Organthommes

Ps-55 Pipe Organ.nsmp0.0 MBlink
1256Ps-55 Music Boxthommes

Ps-55 Music Box.nsmp0.7 MBlink
1255Ps-55 Jazz Organthommes

Ps-55 Jazz Organ.nsmp0.1 MBlink
1254Ps-55 Hawaiian Guitarthommes

Ps-55 Hawaiian Guitar.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1253Ps-55 Cosmicthommes

Ps-55 Cosmic.nsmp1.2 MBlink
1252Casio Mt-45 Pipe Organthommes

Casio Mt-45 Pipe Organ.nsmp0.0 MBlink
1251Casio Mt-45 Pianothommes

Casio Mt-45 Piano.nsmp0.0 MBlink
1250Casio Mt-11 Pipe Organthommes

Casio Mt-11 Pipe Organ.nsmp0.2 MBlink
1249Casio Mt-11 Pianothommes

Casio Mt-11 Piano.nsmp0.3 MBlink
1248Casio Mt-11 Clarinetthommes
Casio Mt-11 Clarinet.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1247Casio Mt-11 Accordionthommes
Casio Mt-11 Accordion.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1246Everywhere PadACCORDIONMAN
Everywhere Pad.nsmp1.0 MBlink
1245Vox Continentalconnorjosef
Vox Continental.nsmp4.2 MBlink
1244Farfisa Compactconnorjosef
Farfisa Compact.nsmp5.1 MBlink
1243Hammond M3connorjosef

Hammond M3.nsmp4.0 MBlink
1242Hammond C3connorjosef

Hammond C3.nsmp2.9 MBlink
1241Hammond B3connorjosef

Hammond B3.nsmp3.4 MBlink
1240Lucie`S OrganIvan Jochner
Lucie`S Organ.nsmp3.4 MBlink
Lucylowrey.nsmp4.9 MBlink

Narcotic.nsmp2.4 MBlink
1237Cs80 Preset 5 And StringsErictheViking
Cs80 Preset 5 And Strings.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1236Cs80 Preset 5ErictheViking
Cs80 Preset 5.nsmp0.2 MBlink

Manitmirrorbells.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1234Mixed Stringskbrkr
Mixed Strings.nsmp2.1 MBlink
1233Locked Out Of HeavenIvan Jochner
Locked Out Of Heaven.nsmp3.7 MBlink
1232Tony Banks 02o002kis

Tony Banks 02.nsmp0.8 MBlink
1231Tony Banks 01o002kis

Tony Banks 01.nsmp0.3 MBlink
1230Synergy 02o002kis

Synergy 02.nsmp0.9 MBlink
1229Synergy 01o002kis

Synergy 01.nsmp1.4 MBlink
1228Korg Ms20 04o002kis

Korg Ms20 04.nsmp0.2 MBlink
1227Korg Ms20 01o002kis

Korg Ms20 01.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1226Korg Ms20 02o002kis

Korg Ms20 02.nsmp0.3 MBlink
1225Korg Ms20 03o002kis

Korg Ms20 03.nsmp0.7 MBlink
1224Korg Ms20 04o002kis

Korg Ms20 04.nsmp0.2 MBlink
1223Korg Ms20 05o002kis

Korg Ms20 05.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1222Korg Karma 01o002kis

Korg Karma 01.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1221Korg Karma 02o002kis

Korg Karma 02.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1220Motif Strings 01o002kis

Motif Strings 01.nsmp0.3 MBlink
1219Motif Strings 02o002kis

Motif Strings 02.nsmp0.5 MBlink
1218Motif Strings 03o002kis

Motif Strings 03.nsmp0.5 MBlink
1217Korg Mini700 02o002kis

Korg Mini700 02.nsmp0.1 MBlink
1216Korg Mini700 01o002kis

Korg Mini700 01.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1215Motif Strings 04o002kis

Motif Strings 04.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1214Mks BrassIvan Jochner

Mks Brass.nsmp3.7 MBlink
1213English Horn Legato VibratoCaptainMurphy
English Horn Legato Vibrato.nsmp10.9 MBlink
1212Everything In Its Right PlaceCaptainMurphy
Everything In Its Right Place.nsmp8.1 MBlink
99Luftballons2.nsmp4.5 MBlink
1210Jump Around SaxJMStage2

Jump Around Sax.nsmp0.2 MBlink
1209Ac DcIvan Jochner
Ac Dc.nsmp12.4 MBlink
1208Juno ChamberMikedots
Juno Chamber.nsmp1.1 MBlink
Full Str Hi.nsmp7.4 MBlink
1206We Will Rock YouIvan Jochner
We Will Rock You.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1205Tina Allmariczer
Tina All.nsmp3.2 MBlink
1204Dreams Bassdmingay
Dreams Bass.nsmp0.2 MBlink
1203Shape Of Youdmingay

Shape Of You.nsmp2.4 MBlink
1202Sweet Dreamdmingay

Sweet Dream.nsmp1.4 MBlink
1201Lets Dancedmingay

Lets Dance.nsmp2.7 MBlink
1200Sex On Fire - Guitardmingay

Sex On Fire - Guitar.nsmp0.7 MBlink
Radiogagabass.nsmp0.7 MBlink
Kurzroads.nsmp1.1 MBlink

Darksideofthemoon.nsmp0.4 MBlink

Shineonyoucrazydiamond.nsmp0.7 MBlink
1195You Get What You Givekbrkr

You Get What You Give.nsmp0.1 MBlink
1194Yamaha Moxf8 Accordiontwofarmers
Yamaha Moxf8 Accordion.nsmp1.9 MBlink
1193Ballad Layer Epevandrolino

Ballad Layer Ep.nsmp4.1 MBlink
1192Ballad Layer Epevandrolino

Ballad Layer Ep.nsmp4.1 MBlink
Stratocaster.nsmp0.1 MBlink

Trumpet.nsmp1.2 MBlink

Trumpet.nsmp1.2 MBlink
Midi-Out.nsmp1.7 MBlink
1187Bad Romance Fallskbrkr
Bad Romance Falls.nsmp1.6 MBlink
1186Shape Of YouCelinokeys
Shape Of You.nsmp0.4 MBlink
1185Glad You CameCelinokeys
Glad You Came.nsmp3.7 MBlink

Trance.nsmp2.5 MBlink
1183Sweeter String MotifACCORDIONMAN

Sweeter String Motif.nsmp0.9 MBlink
1182Retro Brass Synth Motif V2ACCORDIONMAN

Retro Brass Synth Motif V2.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1181Trance Chord MotifACCORDIONMAN

Trance Chord Motif.nsmp0.7 MBlink
1180Bruno Bright Strings MotifACCORDIONMAN
Bruno Bright Strings Motif.nsmp1.7 MBlink
1179String Function MotifACCORDIONMAN
String Function Motif.nsmp1.4 MBlink
1178Shape Of Youpablomastodon

Shape Of You.nsmp4.2 MBlink
Dontyou3.nsmp5.6 MBlink
1176Bullet TimeBatdork
Bullet Time.nsmp16.0 MBlink
1175Octave Saw Pad (-12)rudiratlos
Octave Saw Pad (-12).nsmp2.6 MBlink
1174Dreampad Roland Newrudiratlos
Dreampad Roland New.nsmp2.8 MBlink
1173Octave Saw Pad Newrudiratlos
Octave Saw Pad New.nsmp2.6 MBlink
1172Voice Take 6evandrolino

Voice Take 6.nsmp1.5 MBlink
1171Voice Take 6evandrolino

Voice Take 6.nsmp1.5 MBlink
1170Mrk Rhodes Corley20

Mrk Rhodes .nsmp9.9 MBlink
Bde.nsmp4.3 MBlink
1168String Layer Quartettrudiratlos
String Layer Quartett.nsmp2.4 MBlink
1167Nl2X Super Synth Brass Ph V2evandrolino

Nl2X Super Synth Brass Ph V2.nsmp1.1 MBlink
1166Nl2X Glass Brass Ph V2evandrolino

Nl2X Glass Brass Ph V2.nsmp0.8 MBlink
1165Xv Poly Brassevandrolino
Xv Poly Brass.nsmp1.9 MBlink
1164I Just Cant GetLeo Castro
I Just Cant Get.nsmp0.0 MBlink
1163Big In JapanLeo Castro

Big In Japan.nsmp0.1 MBlink
1162Warmpad1 Cl Stereo 2.0Leo Castro

Warmpad1 Cl Stereo 2.0.nsmp0.9 MBlink
Whobabaoriley32W.nsmp0.1 MBlink
1160Continuous Padevandrolino
Continuous Pad.nsmp1.8 MBlink
Whobabaorileyfgw.nsmp0.6 MBlink
Thunder.nsmp0.3 MBlink
1157Jazz Drum Loopsevandrolino

Jazz Drum Loops.nsmp2.7 MBlink

Loops.nsmp3.7 MBlink

Sitar.nsmp2.0 MBlink

Shakuhachi.nsmp3.3 MBlink
1153Tin Whistleevandrolino

Tin Whistle.nsmp3.6 MBlink

Bagpipe.nsmp2.6 MBlink

Sitar.nsmp2.0 MBlink
1150Tin Whistleevandrolino

Tin Whistle.nsmp3.6 MBlink

Harmonium.nsmp3.5 MBlink

Shakuhachi.nsmp3.3 MBlink
1147Salamander Grand V9NordBoy
Salamander Grand V9.nsmp11.1 MBlink
1146Salamander Grand V14NordBoy

Salamander Grand V14.nsmp10.9 MBlink
1145Rhodes Mk2 PhNordBoy
Rhodes Mk2 Ph.nsmp4.4 MBlink
1144Rhodes Mk1NordBoy
Rhodes Mk1.nsmp3.4 MBlink
1143Hohner GuitaretNordPH
Hohner Guitaret.nsmp1.7 MBlink
1142Roland Hitsmididiot
Roland Hits.nsmp3.2 MBlink

-----Wind-----.nsmp0.0 MBlink

-----Synth-----.nsmp0.0 MBlink

-----Strings-----.nsmp0.0 MBlink

-----Perc-----.nsmp0.0 MBlink

-----Other-----.nsmp0.0 MBlink

-----Organ-----.nsmp0.0 MBlink

-----Choir-----.nsmp0.0 MBlink

-----Bass-----.nsmp0.0 MBlink
1133Lose Yourself To Dance Drums Guitar Vocodernanou6835
Lose Yourself To Dance Drums Guitar Vocoder.nsmp6.8 MBlink
1132Stereophonic MotifGrahamV
Stereophonic Motif.nsmp0.3 MBlink
1131Warmpad1 Cl Stereo 2.0WannitBBBad
Warmpad1 Cl Stereo 2.0.nsmp0.9 MBlink
1130Vox Light My (Slo)Steph Lo

Vox Light My (Slo).nsmp0.7 MBlink
1129Synthpad2 Cl Stereo 2.0WannitBBBad
Synthpad2 Cl Stereo 2.0.nsmp1.6 MBlink
1128Synthpad1 Cl Stereo 2.0WannitBBBad
Synthpad1 Cl Stereo 2.0.nsmp1.3 MBlink
1127Horns Mmm Br 2.0WannitBBBad
Horns Mmm Br 2.0.nsmp1.9 MBlink
1126Sfz BrassLeo Castro
Sfz Brass.nsmp1.1 MBlink
Bass1Low1.nsmp0.2 MBlink
1124Dx7Iic Finetines Br Mono 2.0c6oc5

Dx7Iic Finetines Br Mono 2.0.nsmp1.9 MBlink
1123Organflute2 Lite Dvv4koloman
Organflute2 Lite Dvv4.nsmp0.9 MBlink
Miniorgel4Fuss.nsmp2.1 MBlink
1121Solina Viola LongAfghanza

Solina Viola Long.nsmp1.8 MBlink
1120Solina Violin LongAfghanza
Solina Violin Long.nsmp2.3 MBlink
1119Drum MachineNordPH

Drum Machine.nsmp0.1 MBlink
Creeking.nsmp0.5 MBlink
Creeking.nsmp0.5 MBlink
Bagpipe.nsmp2.6 MBlink
1115Rhodes Mechanicalevandrolino

Rhodes Mechanical.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1114Ocean DockJMStage2

Ocean Dock.nsmp0.8 MBlink
1113Celestial Pad Aw Stereo 3.0Corley20
Celestial Pad Aw Stereo 3.0.nsmp4.3 MBlink
1112Andys Analog PadCorley20
Andys Analog Pad.nsmp6.9 MBlink
1111Free Ride WindChilitopper

Free Ride Wind.nsmp0.8 MBlink

Fineese.nsmp0.8 MBlink
1109Ok Choralejazzman83

Ok Chorale.nsmp5.8 MBlink
1108Disto1 BrKlangwerk
Disto1 Br.nsmp0.3 MBlink
Taintlovbeep.nsmp0.0 MBlink
1106V Lead 2Slangid
V Lead 2.nsmp3.9 MBlink
Fiddle.nsmp3.5 MBlink
1104Orchtrumpets Ste Khv4marvjk
Orchtrumpets Ste Khv4.nsmp2.8 MBlink
1103Sy85 089 Slapbass Newroberth909

Sy85 089 Slapbass New.nsmp0.1 MBlink
1102Sy85 128 Pad2roberth909

Sy85 128 Pad2.nsmp0.8 MBlink
1101Sy85 008 Clavi1 Newroberth909

Sy85 008 Clavi1 New.nsmp0.1 MBlink
1100Dreams Bassdmingay
Dreams Bass.nsmp0.2 MBlink
1099Water FallpluckCorley20
Water Fallpluck.nsmp2.5 MBlink
1098Clocks Padigorpianista
Clocks Pad.nsmp5.4 MBlink
1097Yamaha Dx Eplatinvibekeyz

Yamaha Dx Ep.nsmp4.3 MBlink
1096Violin Clavinovalatinvibekeyz

Violin Clavinova.nsmp11.4 MBlink
1095Steel Dlatinvibekeyz

Steel D.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1094Orchestra Hitlatinvibekeyz

Orchestra Hit.nsmp1.4 MBlink
1093Octave Piano Yamaha Clavinovalatinvibekeyz

Octave Piano Yamaha Clavinova.nsmp4.5 MBlink
1092Dx Ep And Strings Clavinovalatinvibekeyz

Dx Ep And Strings Clavinova.nsmp8.5 MBlink
1091Lush Padigorpianista
Lush Pad.nsmp6.1 MBlink
1090Uillean PipeMARDELNORTE
Uillean Pipe.nsmp11.6 MBlink
1089Brass Illigorpianista
Brass Ill.nsmp4.2 MBlink
1088Heavens Padigorpianista
Heavens Pad.nsmp7.2 MBlink
1087Xf Brass Selectionrasmusholt

Xf Brass Selection.nsmp3.8 MBlink
1086Xf Hybrid Brass Selectionrasmusholt

Xf Hybrid Brass Selection.nsmp3.0 MBlink

Bagpibe.nsmp3.7 MBlink
1084Poly Synth Falligorpianista
Poly Synth Fall.nsmp4.1 MBlink
1083Rev2 Sweep Dreams Improvedigorpianista
Rev2 Sweep Dreams Improved.nsmp10.0 MBlink
1082Rev2 Sweep Dreams Improvedigorpianista
Rev2 Sweep Dreams Improved.nsmp10.0 MBlink
1081Rev2 Layered Padigorpianista

Rev2 Layered Pad.nsmp6.6 MBlink
1080Rev2 Pwm Padigorpianista

Rev2 Pwm Pad.nsmp6.4 MBlink
1079Rev2 Synth Padigorpianista

Rev2 Synth Pad.nsmp6.1 MBlink
1078Super Organ Ste PhNordPH

Super Organ Ste Ph.nsmp3.5 MBlink
1077Super Strings Ste PhNordPH

Super Strings Ste Ph.nsmp4.9 MBlink
1076Super Bright Ste 2 PhNordPH

Super Bright Ste 2 Ph.nsmp4.6 MBlink
1075Super Bright Ste PhNordPH

Super Bright Ste Ph.nsmp4.2 MBlink
1074Super Square 2 Ste PhNordPH

Super Square 2 Ste Ph.nsmp3.9 MBlink
1073Super Square Ste PhNordPH

Super Square Ste Ph.nsmp4.3 MBlink
1072Super Saw 2 Ste PhNordPH

Super Saw 2 Ste Ph.nsmp3.9 MBlink
1071Super Saw Ste PhNordPH

Super Saw Ste Ph.nsmp4.2 MBlink
1070Back To The 60S Juno Stage Corley20
Back To The 60S Juno Stage .nsmp7.7 MBlink
1069Shine On You Crazy Diamond Padouzo2k
Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pad.nsmp0.6 MBlink
1068Shimmer Pad 1ruggero
Shimmer Pad 1.nsmp3.7 MBlink
Pigs-Intro.nsmp2.8 MBlink
1066Tff Ewtrtwmarpat64

Tff Ewtrtw.nsmp1.2 MBlink
1065M1 Pianocookie

M1 Piano.nsmp0.6 MBlink
Earthlead.nsmp3.2 MBlink

Walkoflife.nsmp7.9 MBlink
1062Wol Bass Organimwalker

Wol Bass Organ.nsmp1.2 MBlink
1061Stereophonic MotifACCORDIONMAN

Stereophonic Motif.nsmp0.3 MBlink
1060Saxo TenorLeo Castro
Saxo Tenor.nsmp1.9 MBlink
1059BandoneonLeo Castro
Bandoneon.nsmp3.2 MBlink
Arnostrings.nsmp2.3 MBlink
1057Casio Sfzsimonbeck

Casio Sfz.nsmp3.2 MBlink
1056Yamaha An1X WarmpolyThomas H

Yamaha An1X Warmpoly.nsmp0.7 MBlink
1055Yamaha An1X SilenceThomas H
Yamaha An1X Silence.nsmp1.4 MBlink
1054Yamaha An1X EarthThomas H
Yamaha An1X Earth.nsmp1.1 MBlink
1053Korg Poly 61 Sound 35Thomas H
Korg Poly 61 Sound 35.nsmp0.8 MBlink
1052Korg Karma FluteThomas H
Korg Karma Flute.nsmp2.1 MBlink
1051Korg Karma KarmabellsThomas H
Korg Karma Karmabells.nsmp2.1 MBlink
1050Armonconcert StringsThomas H
Armonconcert Strings.nsmp1.2 MBlink
Arnostrings.nsmp2.3 MBlink
Shoutbells.nsmp0.5 MBlink
Shout.nsmp3.8 MBlink

Leuchtturm.nsmp0.5 MBlink
1045Motif Synth Brass AlACCORDIONMAN
Motif Synth Brass Al.nsmp1.3 MBlink

Tho-Fullstrsus.nsmp3.0 MBlink

Tho-Fullstrstc.nsmp1.3 MBlink

Tho-Fullstrpiz.nsmp1.5 MBlink

Tho-Fullstrmrc.nsmp3.0 MBlink

Tho-Bigorchsus.nsmp3.3 MBlink

Tho-Bigorchstc.nsmp1.3 MBlink

Tho-Bigorchpiz.nsmp1.5 MBlink
1037Whistle MotifACCORDIONMAN

Whistle Motif.nsmp0.2 MBlink
1036Korg M1 Organ 2Steph Lo

Korg M1 Organ 2.nsmp0.3 MBlink
1035Crystal Rhodes Jd-800evandrolino

Crystal Rhodes Jd-800.nsmp6.2 MBlink
1034D-50 Stack Roland Xp80evandrolino

D-50 Stack Roland Xp80.nsmp2.6 MBlink
1033Hit Orchestraevandrolino

Hit Orchestra.nsmp0.3 MBlink
1032Fantasia Xp80evandrolino

Fantasia Xp80.nsmp2.1 MBlink
1031Ice Rainevandrolino

Ice Rain.nsmp1.6 MBlink

Goblin.nsmp3.1 MBlink
1029Dark Voxevandrolino

Dark Vox.nsmp2.4 MBlink

Longing.nsmp3.5 MBlink
1027Feedback Voxevandrolino
Feedback Vox.nsmp3.6 MBlink
1026Sands Of Timeevandrolino
Sands Of Time.nsmp2.3 MBlink
1025Violin Integra 7vicio1

Violin Integra 7.nsmp4.0 MBlink
1024Strings Omnivicio1

Strings Omni.nsmp2.3 MBlink
1023Sezioni Tpvicio1

Sezioni Tp.nsmp2.2 MBlink
1022Semi Finale Moxvicio1

Semi Finale Mox.nsmp2.8 MBlink
1021Mix Fiativicio1

Mix Fiati.nsmp2.3 MBlink
1020Guitar Omnivicio1

Guitar Omni.nsmp0.9 MBlink
1019Bells Roland Xp-80evandrolino
Bells Roland Xp-80.nsmp3.6 MBlink
1018Mks-20+Jd800 2evandrolino
Mks-20+Jd800 2.nsmp6.9 MBlink
1017Dyno Pianoevandrolino

Dyno Piano.nsmp5.8 MBlink
1016Session Hornsevandrolino

Session Horns.nsmp4.2 MBlink
1015Symphonic Series Strings Liteevandrolino

Symphonic Series Strings Lite.nsmp6.9 MBlink
1014Cinematic Strings 2 Liteevandrolino

Cinematic Strings 2 Lite.nsmp5.8 MBlink
1013Scandalli Masterevandrolino

Scandalli Master.nsmp4.7 MBlink
1012Musette Acordeonevandrolino

Musette Acordeon.nsmp4.9 MBlink
1011Acordeon Violinevandrolino

Acordeon Violin.nsmp6.9 MBlink
1010Acordeon Ilya Efimovevandrolino
Acordeon Ilya Efimov.nsmp7.6 MBlink
1009Tx802 Moxvicio1
Tx802 Mox.nsmp1.7 MBlink
1008Tines + Stringsvicio1

Tines + Strings.nsmp1.9 MBlink
1007String Orchvicio1

String Orch.nsmp2.3 MBlink

Omnistrings.nsmp2.3 MBlink
1005Intensity Omnivicio1

Intensity Omni.nsmp4.1 MBlink
1004Glorius Guitarvicio1

Glorius Guitar.nsmp2.1 MBlink
1003Big Watches Moxvicio1

Big Watches Mox.nsmp3.3 MBlink
1002Fiati Integra Dovicio1

Fiati Integra Do.nsmp4.1 MBlink
1001Brass Acvicio1

Brass Ac.nsmp2.4 MBlink
1000Gelosia Tpvicio1

Gelosia Tp.nsmp2.1 MBlink
999Virus Polyvicio1

Virus Poly.nsmp2.4 MBlink

Chiris.nsmp2.2 MBlink
997Chiff Padvicio1

Chiff Pad.nsmp1.6 MBlink
996Beauty Omnivicio1

Beauty Omni.nsmp2.6 MBlink
995Bad Ass Brass Omnivicio1

Bad Ass Brass Omni.nsmp2.6 MBlink
994Archimede Brassvicio1

Archimede Brass.nsmp3.8 MBlink
993Airy Pad Omnivicio1
Airy Pad Omni.nsmp2.5 MBlink
992Function Brass MotifACCORDIONMAN
Function Brass Motif.nsmp1.7 MBlink
991Function Brass MotifACCORDIONMAN
Function Brass Motif.nsmp1.7 MBlink
990Fx Vir1mr-rhodes

Fx Vir1.nsmp0.7 MBlink

Engel1.nsmp2.9 MBlink
988Cp 80 Padrudiratlos
Cp 80 Pad.nsmp2.0 MBlink
Narcotic.nsmp2.5 MBlink
986Peter Gunn Theme Elppvhmusic

Peter Gunn Theme Elp.nsmp2.3 MBlink
985Oh Yeah - Yellopvhmusic

Oh Yeah - Yello.nsmp1.3 MBlink
984Can I Kick Itpvhmusic

Can I Kick It.nsmp5.9 MBlink
983T99 Anasthasiapvhmusic

T99 Anasthasia.nsmp1.2 MBlink
982Voci Coldplayapresaca
Voci Coldplay.nsmp0.7 MBlink
981Nl3 Basic Pad Ste Ph V2apresaca
Nl3 Basic Pad Ste Ph V2.nsmp1.9 MBlink

Coldplay.nsmp0.7 MBlink

Thebest.nsmp1.8 MBlink
Dancinginthedark.nsmp4.0 MBlink
Superfreak.nsmp0.7 MBlink
976Piano 16&Quot; Korg M1nanou6835
Piano 16&Quot; Korg M1.nsmp2.0 MBlink
Fingersnap.nsmp0.0 MBlink
Upright.nsmp0.5 MBlink
973Mellotron 3Violins+Brassesmkii Wots - 3 St Int - 8 Secs X Note (B)JapeFil
Mellotron 3Violins+Brassesmkii Wots - 3 St Int - 8 Secs X Note (B).nsmp8.6 MBlink
972Mellotron 3Violins+2Brasses Wots - 3 St Int - 8 Secs X NoteJapeFil
Mellotron 3Violins+2Brasses Wots - 3 St Int - 8 Secs X Note.nsmp7.9 MBlink
971Piano Rouge Evenanou6835

Piano Rouge Eve.nsmp0.5 MBlink
970Null Samplesveltefox

Null Sample.nsmp0.0 MBlink
969Sfz BrassLeo Castro
Sfz Brass.nsmp1.1 MBlink
Stratocaster.nsmp0.1 MBlink
967Sess Spic Stac ArtEumel
Sess Spic Stac Art.nsmp0.9 MBlink
966S90Es - Hardensstring - Wave 371Eumel
S90Es - Hardensstring - Wave 371.nsmp2.1 MBlink
965Uptown FunkNadroj

Uptown Funk.nsmp11.9 MBlink
964Time Of My LifeNadroj
Time Of My Life.nsmp6.2 MBlink
963I Wanna Dance With SomebodyNadroj
I Wanna Dance With Somebody.nsmp16.4 MBlink
962Sax Softrudiratlos

Sax Soft.nsmp1.0 MBlink
961Sax Layer Monorudiratlos

Sax Layer Mono.nsmp0.9 MBlink
960Sax Layerrudiratlos

Sax Layer.nsmp1.7 MBlink
Shapeofyou.nsmp0.0 MBlink
958Lowrey In The Sky With Tamburadavidpaarlberg
Lowrey In The Sky With Tambura.nsmp2.8 MBlink
957Strawberry Orchestradavidpaarlberg
Strawberry Orchestra.nsmp5.0 MBlink
956P5 Saga Synth Br Mono 2.0missoundscape

P5 Saga Synth Br Mono 2.0.nsmp1.7 MBlink
955Mm Synth Violin Br Mono 2.0missoundscape

Mm Synth Violin Br Mono 2.0.nsmp4.1 MBlink
954A1 The Prophet Nla1 Stereo 2.0missoundscape

A1 The Prophet Nla1 Stereo 2.0.nsmp1.9 MBlink
953P5 Muted Synth Br Mono 2.0missoundscape

P5 Muted Synth Br Mono 2.0.nsmp0.1 MBlink
952Pad 4 - Synth Brassmissoundscape

Pad 4 - Synth Brass.nsmp5.8 MBlink
951P5 Lead Unison Br Mono 2.0missoundscape

P5 Lead Unison Br Mono 2.0.nsmp1.3 MBlink
950Studiostr Leg Vib Kh Ste 2.0missoundscape

Studiostr Leg Vib Kh Ste 2.0.nsmp4.3 MBlink
949Strings Ensemble Korg Ste 2.0missoundscape
Strings Ensemble Korg Ste 2.0.nsmp3.6 MBlink
Sweepbasspad.nsmp1.6 MBlink
947Rich Padigorpianista
Rich Pad.nsmp9.7 MBlink

Poly800Funkbass.nsmp1.6 MBlink

Poly800Bass.nsmp2.6 MBlink
944Piano Pad S6 Str Resigorpianista

Piano Pad S6 Str Res.nsmp10.0 MBlink
943Piano Pad S6 Soft igorpianista
Piano Pad S6 Soft .nsmp8.7 MBlink
942Piano Pad S6 igorpianista
Piano Pad S6 .nsmp9.9 MBlink
Motif Jump.nsmp1.1 MBlink
Gx1.nsmp1.6 MBlink
939G2X Stage Key Ste Clv4Klangwerk
G2X Stage Key Ste Clv4.nsmp1.0 MBlink
938G2X Klangpad Ste Ph V2Klangwerk

G2X Klangpad Ste Ph V2.nsmp1.8 MBlink
937Powersynths Hit Stack BrKlangwerk

Powersynths Hit Stack Br.nsmp1.8 MBlink
936Nl3 Protech Ste Ph V2Klangwerk
Nl3 Protech Ste Ph V2.nsmp1.6 MBlink
935Nl3 Syntax 1 Ste Ph V2Klangwerk
Nl3 Syntax 1 Ste Ph V2.nsmp2.1 MBlink
934P5 Superleadunison BrKlangwerk
P5 Superleadunison Br.nsmp2.2 MBlink
93370"S Mellow Epnord4dog
70"S Mellow Ep.nsmp1.8 MBlink
932Model Organ Powersynths Br 2.0SingerNick
Model Organ Powersynths Br 2.0.nsmp1.6 MBlink
931Sweepish Pad-Leadnord4dog
Sweepish Pad-Lead.nsmp3.0 MBlink

Gospelly.nsmp1.4 MBlink
929Jazzy Joey B3Alainmayson
Jazzy Joey B3.nsmp1.8 MBlink
Ewtrtw.nsmp0.0 MBlink

Gong.nsmp0.7 MBlink
926M1 Choirlatinvibekeyz

M1 Choir.nsmp1.4 MBlink
Intheairtonight.nsmp1.1 MBlink
924Sampler Metais Motiflatinvibekeyz

Sampler Metais Motif.nsmp3.8 MBlink
923S90Es Supernaturallatinvibekeyz

S90Es Supernatural.nsmp6.0 MBlink
922S90Es + Mks20 Ep2 Blatinvibekeyz

S90Es + Mks20 Ep2 B.nsmp3.2 MBlink
921S70Xs Natural S6 (1)latinvibekeyz

S70Xs Natural S6 (1).nsmp13.6 MBlink
920Rd700 Srx12 Ep W Fmlatinvibekeyz

Rd700 Srx12 Ep W Fm.nsmp2.7 MBlink
919Rd Ep W Fm+Mks Apeplatinvibekeyz

Rd Ep W Fm+Mks Apep.nsmp2.8 MBlink
918Motifxf Nordlatinvibekeyz

Motifxf Nord.nsmp3.3 MBlink
917Mks P3 Dx7 B-2latinvibekeyz

Mks P3 Dx7 B-2.nsmp3.7 MBlink
916K25 01W Mkslatinvibekeyz

K25 01W Mks.nsmp3.7 MBlink
915K25 Dyno Mks Apeplatinvibekeyz

K25 Dyno Mks Apep.nsmp3.7 MBlink
914Horn Sectionlatinvibekeyz

Horn Section.nsmp2.8 MBlink
913Jump Pad Polysixlatinvibekeyz

Jump Pad Polysix.nsmp2.7 MBlink
912Hollow Pad Polysixlatinvibekeyz

Hollow Pad Polysix.nsmp4.9 MBlink
911Galaxy Dxlatinvibekeyz

Galaxy Dx.nsmp1.1 MBlink
910Galaxy Dxlatinvibekeyz

Galaxy Dx.nsmp1.1 MBlink
909Galaxy Dx (1)latinvibekeyz

Galaxy Dx (1).nsmp2.7 MBlink
908E Piano 2 87 Choruslatinvibekeyz

E Piano 2 87 Chorus.nsmp3.6 MBlink
907Dyno Piano Nordlatinvibekeyz

Dyno Piano Nord.nsmp11.4 MBlink
906D50 Staccato Heaven (1)latinvibekeyz

D50 Staccato Heaven (1).nsmp2.8 MBlink
90580S Pad Polysixlatinvibekeyz

80S Pad Polysix.nsmp2.5 MBlink
904Vallenato Accordionlatinvibekeyz

Vallenato Accordion.nsmp1.3 MBlink
Lastchristmasnw.nsmp3.4 MBlink
Wonderfulchristmastime.nsmp2.5 MBlink
901Crumar Violinlatinvibekeyz

Crumar Violin.nsmp3.5 MBlink
900Crumar E. Pianolatinvibekeyz

Crumar E. Piano.nsmp1.0 MBlink
899M1 Pianolatinvibekeyz

M1 Piano.nsmp3.0 MBlink
898Rock Organ D50latinvibekeyz

Rock Organ D50.nsmp1.7 MBlink

Dx7Bells.nsmp2.1 MBlink
Stiritup.nsmp2.4 MBlink
Heartbeat-Conception.nsmp0.0 MBlink
Blindedmoog.nsmp0.7 MBlink

Witchdoctor.nsmp0.4 MBlink
892K1 AhhsBennySeven
K1 Ahhs.nsmp0.5 MBlink
891Soprano Saxazwel

Soprano Sax.nsmp3.6 MBlink
89024K MagicArti99

24K Magic.nsmp0.3 MBlink
Rebelyell.nsmp4.6 MBlink
888Epiano 4 Mkvrudiratlos
Epiano 4 Mkv.nsmp1.6 MBlink
887In The Air Tonightrudiratlos

In The Air Tonight.nsmp2.7 MBlink

Gigolo.nsmp2.3 MBlink
885Fields Of Goldrudiratlos

Fields Of Gold.nsmp3.0 MBlink

Chamberwood.nsmp2.2 MBlink
883Warm Cello Vib.rudiratlos

Warm Cello Vib..nsmp2.5 MBlink
882Strings Bass Layerrudiratlos

Strings Bass Layer.nsmp2.8 MBlink

Arco.nsmp2.2 MBlink
880Agitato Stringsrudiratlos

Agitato Strings.nsmp2.2 MBlink
879Dreampad (Roland)rudiratlos
Dreampad (Roland).nsmp2.5 MBlink
878Lay Down rudiratlos

Lay Down .nsmp2.1 MBlink
877Fat Prophet 5 Rolandrudiratlos

Fat Prophet 5 Roland.nsmp3.4 MBlink
876Prophet 5 Rolandrudiratlos
Prophet 5 Roland.nsmp3.2 MBlink
875Vox SoulkitJohannes

Vox Soulkit.nsmp0.7 MBlink
874Vox LightmyJohannes
Vox Lightmy.nsmp0.7 MBlink
873Vox WhentheJohannes
Vox Whenthe.nsmp0.9 MBlink
872Strings Tapemr-rhodes

Strings Tape.nsmp3.1 MBlink
871Bell Springmr-rhodes

Bell Spring.nsmp1.3 MBlink
Tiwifl.nsmp4.2 MBlink
869Brass + Better Baritoneazwel
Brass + Better Baritone.nsmp3.4 MBlink
868N"Oubliez Jamaisrudiratlos
N"Oubliez Jamais.nsmp2.5 MBlink
867Brass + Baritoneazwel

Brass + Baritone.nsmp3.3 MBlink
866French Hornazwel

French Horn.nsmp1.8 MBlink
865Up Town Funky Nord Presetsmr-rhodes

Up Town Funky Nord Presets.nsmp4.7 MBlink

Mutedtrumpsmall.nsmp2.3 MBlink

Mutedtrumpmed.nsmp2.8 MBlink

Mutedtrumpbig.nsmp4.3 MBlink

Tenor.nsmp2.3 MBlink

Clarinet.nsmp2.1 MBlink

Clarinet.nsmp2.9 MBlink

Clarinet.nsmp3.5 MBlink

Trump2Unlooped.nsmp1.3 MBlink

Trump2.nsmp1.3 MBlink
Vibes.nsmp1.2 MBlink

Zither.nsmp3.1 MBlink

Trumpct.nsmp0.9 MBlink
852Oud Turkishcapatillo
Oud Turkish.nsmp0.7 MBlink

Spanish-Guitar-New-2016-06-15.nsmp0.0 MBlink

Spanish-Guitar-Korg.nsmp2.3 MBlink
Africasample.nsmp0.9 MBlink
847Grandpiano Yac7 Ste Clv4ericL

Grandpiano Yac7 Ste Clv4.nsmp2.8 MBlink
Superclav.nsmp0.5 MBlink
845Spanish Guitar-Korg.Ns2Pbjfenton
Spanish Guitar-Korg.Ns2Pb.nsmp1.6 MBlink
844Funky LoopsLeo Castro

Funky Loops.nsmp3.0 MBlink
843Intro Wallrudiratlos
Intro Wall.nsmp2.1 MBlink
Whycantthisbelove.nsmp8.0 MBlink
Livinonaprayer.nsmp6.6 MBlink
840Jordantron GuitarraMARDELNORTE
Jordantron Guitarra.nsmp7.6 MBlink
839Korg Trinity Supernighttinesjasspopband
Korg Trinity Supernighttines.nsmp1.4 MBlink
838Roland Ep7 Jvjasspopband

Roland Ep7 Jv.nsmp0.6 MBlink
837Bigagiga Do7 Akaijasspopband

Bigagiga Do7 Akai.nsmp1.2 MBlink
Aintnobody.nsmp0.4 MBlink
835Soft Analogrudiratlos
Soft Analog.nsmp1.3 MBlink
834Octave Saw Padrudiratlos
Octave Saw Pad.nsmp2.8 MBlink
Bagpipe1.nsmp1.5 MBlink
832Final Countdownrudiratlos
Final Countdown.nsmp3.8 MBlink
831Strings Bassrudiratlos
Strings Bass.nsmp2.6 MBlink
830Jethro Fluterudiratlos
Jethro Flute.nsmp1.1 MBlink

Hereigoagain.nsmp6.1 MBlink

Stiritup.nsmp2.4 MBlink

Boysofsummer.nsmp4.5 MBlink

Skandal.nsmp1.4 MBlink

Dancinginthedark.nsmp4.0 MBlink

Summer69.nsmp6.1 MBlink
823Omni Guitar MiguelMARDELNORTE

Omni Guitar Miguel.nsmp5.7 MBlink
Heyya.nsmp0.0 MBlink
821Chameleon BassArti99
Chameleon Bass.nsmp0.3 MBlink
820Uptown Funk Mojmmarcin_w112

Uptown Funk Moj.nsmp2.1 MBlink
819Locked Out 2Cris_Stu

Locked Out 2.nsmp0.6 MBlink
818Brunomars Locked OutCris_Stu

Brunomars Locked Out.nsmp0.9 MBlink
Coyote.nsmp0.5 MBlink
816Beautifull StringsJrsilver
Beautifull Strings.nsmp18.0 MBlink

Aqkit.nsmp1.4 MBlink
814Perc Organrudiratlos
Perc Organ.nsmp1.6 MBlink
813Choir Mixed Soft Sr Ste 2.0Cris_Stu
Choir Mixed Soft Sr Ste 2.0.nsmp2.4 MBlink
812Mm Synth Violin Br Mono 2.0nordboard

Mm Synth Violin Br Mono 2.0.nsmp4.1 MBlink
811Brasssect Dbl F Cl Ste 2.0nordboard

Brasssect Dbl F Cl Ste 2.0.nsmp3.7 MBlink
810Brasssect Pop 2 Br Ste 2.0nordboard

Brasssect Pop 2 Br Ste 2.0.nsmp3.0 MBlink
809Mm Synth Violin Br Mono 2.0nordboard

Mm Synth Violin Br Mono 2.0.nsmp4.1 MBlink
808Synthpad1 Cl Stereo 2.0nordboard

Synthpad1 Cl Stereo 2.0.nsmp1.3 MBlink
807Synthpad2 Cl Stereo 2.0nordboard

Synthpad2 Cl Stereo 2.0.nsmp1.6 MBlink
806Crumar Performer Str1 Br Mono 2.0nordboard

Crumar Performer Str1 Br Mono 2.0.nsmp1.5 MBlink
805Mm Synth Violin Br Mono 2.0nordboard

Mm Synth Violin Br Mono 2.0.nsmp4.1 MBlink
804Choir Mixed Soft Sr Ste 2.0Cris_Stu
Choir Mixed Soft Sr Ste 2.0.nsmp2.4 MBlink
803Eii FairvoicePush-Pull
Eii Fairvoice.nsmp0.1 MBlink
802Eii BigbreathPush-Pull
Eii Bigbreath.nsmp0.6 MBlink
801Eii ShakuhachiPush-Pull

Eii Shakuhachi.nsmp0.2 MBlink
800Eii VoicesPush-Pull

Eii Voices.nsmp0.8 MBlink
799Eii Voices2Push-Pull

Eii Voices2.nsmp0.5 MBlink
798Bird PipePush-Pull

Bird Pipe.nsmp0.1 MBlink
797Streichfett 8Push-Pull

Streichfett 8.nsmp4.2 MBlink
796Streichfett 8+4Push-Pull

Streichfett 8+4.nsmp4.4 MBlink

Ppg31.nsmp2.0 MBlink
Ppg32.nsmp3.3 MBlink
793Black Or White Solo Synthmmarcin_w112
Black Or White Solo Synth.nsmp0.1 MBlink
792Locked - Podejsciemmarcin_w112
Locked - Podejscie.nsmp0.7 MBlink
791Ow Bassmididiot
Ow Bass.nsmp0.8 MBlink
790Bad Sign Bassmididiot
Bad Sign Bass.nsmp1.8 MBlink
Tyrostuba.nsmp1.1 MBlink
788Spooky Vibeszilentman
Spooky Vibes.nsmp5.7 MBlink
Rhodesinside.nsmp0.5 MBlink
786Perc ReleaseericL
Perc Release.nsmp0.6 MBlink
785Blues In Fpvhmusic
Blues In F.nsmp1.6 MBlink
Drumandfx.nsmp4.0 MBlink
783Rhodes Mk-80csongorista
Rhodes Mk-80.nsmp1.6 MBlink
782Reverse PianoProskie

Reverse Piano.nsmp1.5 MBlink
Treasure.nsmp2.3 MBlink
780P5 Saw Unison BrAndreasBek
P5 Saw Unison Br.nsmp1.9 MBlink
779Tubeway BrAndreasBek

Tubeway Br.nsmp3.7 MBlink
778Jp4 Zipper BrAndreasBek

Jp4 Zipper Br.nsmp4.6 MBlink
777Jp4 Brass BrAndreasBek

Jp4 Brass Br.nsmp0.6 MBlink
776Mr.-G- TriplechorusoctMr_-G-
Mr.-G- Triplechorusoct.nsmp1.3 MBlink
775Mr.-G- TriplechorusMr_-G-
Mr.-G- Triplechorus.nsmp1.1 MBlink

Enigmaflute.nsmp0.2 MBlink
773Vr09 Saxmaxxcki69
Vr09 Saxmaxx.nsmp2.0 MBlink
Sax.nsmp1.8 MBlink
771Lean Onwarse22

Lean On.nsmp0.0 MBlink
770Synth VoxFlavio
Synth Vox.nsmp1.1 MBlink
Sinsolo.nsmp1.4 MBlink
768Africa Splitrudiratlos
Africa Split.nsmp2.1 MBlink
767Orchtrumpets Ste Khv4alpi1972
Orchtrumpets Ste Khv4.nsmp2.8 MBlink
766Trombone Ste Stv4alpi1972
Trombone Ste Stv4.nsmp2.2 MBlink
765Cimbalomhardma1 Ste Psv4alpi1972
Cimbalomhardma1 Ste Psv4.nsmp2.5 MBlink
764Orchstrings Marc Litevib Ste Khv4alpi1972
Orchstrings Marc Litevib Ste Khv4.nsmp4.3 MBlink
763Stringquartet Srv4alpi1972

Stringquartet Srv4.nsmp3.7 MBlink
Synstrings.nsmp1.6 MBlink
Exhale.nsmp3.1 MBlink
Shofarblowsnn.nsmp0.3 MBlink
759Dance Sawsjkbm1982
Dance Saws.nsmp8.6 MBlink

Shofar.nsmp9.5 MBlink

Shofar.nsmp9.5 MBlink
756Lean Onmtrombetta
Lean On.nsmp0.0 MBlink
755Piano Octavadomsonora

Piano Octavado.nsmp2.6 MBlink
754Pad 1 - Obscure Sensation Klangwerk

Pad 1 - Obscure Sensation .nsmp5.5 MBlink

Bass1Low1.nsmp0.2 MBlink
752Pad 4 - Synth BrassKlangwerk

Pad 4 - Synth Brass.nsmp5.8 MBlink
751Orchstrings Marc Highvib Ste Khv4Klangwerk

Orchstrings Marc Highvib Ste Khv4.nsmp4.2 MBlink
750Too CloseTomtom1983

Too Close.nsmp1.0 MBlink

Drumandfx.nsmp4.0 MBlink
748Eminence Frontapresaca

Eminence Front.nsmp2.0 MBlink
747707 Kalimbapablomastodon
707 Kalimba.nsmp0.1 MBlink
746707 Logdrumpablomastodon
707 Logdrum.nsmp0.2 MBlink
745707 Meatyflutepablomastodon
707 Meatyflute.nsmp0.4 MBlink
744707 Steeldrumpablomastodon
707 Steeldrum.nsmp0.2 MBlink
743707 Jazzorganpablomastodon
707 Jazzorgan.nsmp0.2 MBlink
742707 Fhornpablomastodon
707 Fhorn.nsmp0.2 MBlink
741707 Dubbasspablomastodon
707 Dubbass.nsmp0.2 MBlink
740707 Clavpablomastodon
707 Clav.nsmp0.2 MBlink
739707 Bubblerpablomastodon
707 Bubbler.nsmp0.3 MBlink
738Uptown Funkeptupala
Uptown Funk.nsmp0.1 MBlink
737Strings Sol8 Rogerio Aoraomcz

Strings Sol8 Rogerio Ao.nsmp7.1 MBlink
736Strings Voice Rogerio Aoraomcz

Strings Voice Rogerio Ao.nsmp4.1 MBlink
735Hit Roland Rogerio Aoraomcz

Hit Roland Rogerio Ao.nsmp0.7 MBlink
734Atmosphere Pad Rogerio Aoraomcz
Atmosphere Pad Rogerio Ao.nsmp8.8 MBlink
733Korg Dyno Piano Rogerio Aoraomcz
Korg Dyno Piano Rogerio Ao.nsmp7.5 MBlink
732Summer In The CityLeo Castro

Summer In The City.nsmp0.7 MBlink
Ownerlonelyheart.nsmp1.1 MBlink
730Bariton Saxcapatillo
Bariton Sax.nsmp0.1 MBlink
729Pat G300Eumel
Pat G300.nsmp0.9 MBlink
Muteclav1.nsmp0.2 MBlink
727Xp80 Pianodanrv
Xp80 Piano.nsmp5.6 MBlink
726Xp80 Pianodanrv
Xp80 Piano.nsmp5.6 MBlink
725Rough N ReadyEumel
Rough N Ready.nsmp3.8 MBlink
724P5 Lead Unison BrEumel

P5 Lead Unison Br.nsmp1.5 MBlink

M12Gargl.nsmp0.8 MBlink
722French Horn St Mono 2.0Eumel

French Horn St Mono 2.0.nsmp0.7 MBlink
Bagpipe1.nsmp1.5 MBlink
720Get LuckyRosales

Get Lucky.nsmp0.4 MBlink
719Get Lucky RobotRosales

Get Lucky Robot.nsmp2.1 MBlink

Sinsolo.nsmp1.4 MBlink
717Ch Boysgirls Artkoloman

Ch Boysgirls Art.nsmp1.7 MBlink
716Ch Fem%26Malekoloman

Ch Fem%26Male.nsmp2.0 MBlink
715Ch Gosp Oo Artkoloman

Ch Gosp Oo Art.nsmp2.1 MBlink
714Ch Greg Artkoloman

Ch Greg Art.nsmp1.6 MBlink

Voices.nsmp1.8 MBlink
712Strings Falls SplitLeo Castro
Strings Falls Split.nsmp1.0 MBlink

Clavinettte.nsmp1.4 MBlink
710Bass And RideAlainmayson

Bass And Ride.nsmp3.6 MBlink
709Synthpad2 Ste Clv4SingerNick
Synthpad2 Ste Clv4.nsmp1.6 MBlink
Vogue.nsmp0.9 MBlink
707Guitar Fretsneolithic
Guitar Frets.nsmp0.6 MBlink
Drumtraks.nsmp0.2 MBlink
M1Pianox.nsmp0.8 MBlink
Basscym.nsmp0.9 MBlink
703Rhythm Is A DancerPODGESAX
Rhythm Is A Dancer.nsmp0.1 MBlink
702Ewf Lets GrooveArti99
Ewf Lets Groove.nsmp0.4 MBlink
701Michael Jackson - Beat ItDarren
Michael Jackson - Beat It.nsmp0.3 MBlink
700Michael Jackson - Beat ItDarren

Michael Jackson - Beat It.nsmp0.3 MBlink
699Igy Arpapresaca
Igy Arp.nsmp1.0 MBlink
698Take On MeLeo Castro
Take On Me.nsmp1.8 MBlink
697Sono Ancora In Coma IntroVcardie

Sono Ancora In Coma Intro.nsmp0.3 MBlink
696Mr.-G- SupertriangleMr_-G-
Mr.-G- Supertriangle.nsmp0.1 MBlink
695Nm Maneaterneolithic

Nm Maneater.nsmp0.9 MBlink

Brothersinarms.nsmp13.5 MBlink
693Spradders Piano 3Leo Castro
Spradders Piano 3.nsmp2.8 MBlink
Zbomb.nsmp2.8 MBlink
691Blue Mini Bassmididiot
Blue Mini Bass.nsmp0.6 MBlink
690Pad Gf2mididiot

Pad Gf2.nsmp1.2 MBlink
689Pad Goodmididiot

Pad Good.nsmp1.9 MBlink
688Spradders Piano 2Leo Castro

Spradders Piano 2.nsmp2.8 MBlink
687New Pianospradders
New Piano.nsmp9.2 MBlink
686The SnowCeyhan

The Snow.nsmp2.3 MBlink
685Infectedsquares FedericosolazzoCeyhan

Infectedsquares Federicosolazzo.nsmp1.3 MBlink
684Seq SynbassCeyhan

Seq Synbass.nsmp0.4 MBlink
683Pizzi BrCeyhan

Pizzi Br.nsmp0.1 MBlink
682Dual Fltr PadCeyhan

Dual Fltr Pad.nsmp3.3 MBlink
681Sweet S&HCeyhan

Sweet S&H.nsmp3.5 MBlink
680Xp10-Full Organ 01Thiagogsa

Xp10-Full Organ 01.nsmp0.3 MBlink
679Infectedsquares FedericosolazzoFedericosolazzo

Infectedsquares Federicosolazzo.nsmp1.3 MBlink
678Dx7 Crystal RhdSC Sounds

Dx7 Crystal Rhd.nsmp2.5 MBlink
Upright.nsmp0.5 MBlink
676Muted Trumpetmididiot
Muted Trumpet.nsmp1.5 MBlink
675Applause & Laughtermididiot
Applause & Laughter.nsmp5.6 MBlink
674Slap Bassmididiot
Slap Bass.nsmp0.4 MBlink
673Brainsalad Modularmididiot
Brainsalad Modular.nsmp2.2 MBlink
Wannabsax.nsmp2.1 MBlink
671Steel Drumsmididiot
Steel Drums.nsmp0.6 MBlink
670Jump Synthneolithic
Jump Synth.nsmp3.6 MBlink
669Nm Jumpneolithic
Nm Jump.nsmp3.6 MBlink
668Hohner Pianet T (Jaapb)jaapb
Hohner Pianet T (Jaapb).nsmp5.9 MBlink
Kurzroads.nsmp1.1 MBlink
666Fretless Ebassmididiot
Fretless Ebass.nsmp0.5 MBlink
665Indepence Fbassmididiot
Indepence Fbass.nsmp0.6 MBlink
664Uptown Funk 2elektromin
Uptown Funk 2.nsmp2.6 MBlink
Voices.nsmp1.8 MBlink
Simplesine.nsmp0.0 MBlink
661Ice Landglabadille

Ice Land.nsmp11.5 MBlink
660Triton Strings Legatoglabadille

Triton Strings Legato.nsmp26.7 MBlink
659Slw Str Vsynthglabadille

Slw Str Vsynth.nsmp3.5 MBlink
658Uptown FunkArti99

Uptown Funk.nsmp1.9 MBlink
657Akicats Bagpipeakicats

Akicats Bagpipe.nsmp1.2 MBlink
656Uptown FunkStreef
Uptown Funk.nsmp1.7 MBlink
655Glass Harmonicaneolithic
Glass Harmonica.nsmp11.7 MBlink
Didgeridoo.nsmp0.4 MBlink
Miniorgel4Fuss.nsmp2.1 MBlink
652Mr.-G- ReversedkeysMr_-G-

Mr.-G- Reversedkeys.nsmp0.1 MBlink
651Living On A PrayerLeo Castro
Living On A Prayer.nsmp0.2 MBlink
650Funky LoopsLeo Castro
Funky Loops.nsmp3.0 MBlink
649Jazz Kitneolithic
Jazz Kit.nsmp4.1 MBlink
Analogt8.nsmp2.6 MBlink
647Scat 3okdk2015

Scat 3.nsmp1.3 MBlink
646Scat 2okdk2015

Scat 2.nsmp1.8 MBlink

Rockst1.nsmp3.5 MBlink
644Uptown Vocalwcmusician

Uptown Vocal.nsmp0.3 MBlink
643Locked Out 2elektromin
Locked Out 2.nsmp0.6 MBlink
642Sect Sus Dbl Fstgermain

Sect Sus Dbl F.nsmp4.3 MBlink
641Synthpad2 Ste Clv4stgermain

Synthpad2 Ste Clv4.nsmp1.6 MBlink
640Piano Bluthner Upright 1905Leo Castro

Piano Bluthner Upright 1905.nsmp2.8 MBlink
Bureachurch.nsmp0.8 MBlink
638Du Hast 2Kwi331
Du Hast 2.nsmp0.3 MBlink
637Ne4 Strings Piano Splitelektromin
Ne4 Strings Piano Split.nsmp2.5 MBlink
636Piano Bluthner Upright 1905Leo Castro
Piano Bluthner Upright 1905.nsmp2.8 MBlink
635Sansula Reversesamohtsirrah

Sansula Reverse.nsmp1.2 MBlink
Sansula.nsmp4.2 MBlink
633Sk10 0840800rutgerv
Sk10 0840800.nsmp4.2 MBlink
632Sk10 6008860rutgerv

Sk10 6008860.nsmp3.9 MBlink
631Sk10 8008080rutgerv

Sk10 8008080.nsmp3.8 MBlink
630Sk10 8880000rutgerv

Sk10 8880000.nsmp3.5 MBlink
629Sk10 0008800rutgerv

Sk10 0008800.nsmp3.2 MBlink
628Sk10 0008000rutgerv

Sk10 0008000.nsmp2.9 MBlink
627Sk10 0000088rutgerv

Sk10 0000088.nsmp2.8 MBlink
626Sk10 0000080rutgerv

Sk10 0000080.nsmp2.6 MBlink
625P5 Fatty Brass BrArti99
P5 Fatty Brass Br.nsmp1.5 MBlink
624P5 Crazy Singer BrArti99

P5 Crazy Singer Br.nsmp1.3 MBlink
623Eminent Upper 16 Medium PhArti99

Eminent Upper 16 Medium Ph.nsmp1.8 MBlink

Claps.nsmp0.0 MBlink
621Beds Are BurningLeo Castro

Beds Are Burning.nsmp2.3 MBlink
620A Bass Standard Grand KurzLeo Castro

A Bass Standard Grand Kurz.nsmp1.1 MBlink
619Sect Sus Fall S FLeo Castro

Sect Sus Fall S F.nsmp4.3 MBlink
618Doits And ShakesLeo Castro

Doits And Shakes.nsmp0.5 MBlink
617Doits And ShakesLeo Castro
Doits And Shakes.nsmp0.5 MBlink
616Roland Superior GrandLeo Castro
Roland Superior Grand.nsmp1.3 MBlink
615Endless Pluckedluispereyes

Endless Plucked.nsmp7.0 MBlink
614Hard Synthluispereyes

Hard Synth.nsmp6.8 MBlink
Ns2B3.nsmp8.0 MBlink

Dynopiano.nsmp8.6 MBlink
Dynopiano.nsmp8.6 MBlink
610Omni Trance LeadNanawel

Omni Trance Lead.nsmp14.9 MBlink
609Jd WirysyncbassHoylander
Jd Wirysyncbass.nsmp0.5 MBlink

Bagpipe1.nsmp1.5 MBlink

Vogue.nsmp0.8 MBlink
Duduk.nsmp1.0 MBlink
605Ne4 Piano Strings Layer 3elektromin
Ne4 Piano Strings Layer 3.nsmp2.5 MBlink
604Ne4 Piano Strings Layer 2elektromin
Ne4 Piano Strings Layer 2.nsmp2.9 MBlink
603Ne4 Rhodes Pad Layer 2elektromin
Ne4 Rhodes Pad Layer 2.nsmp2.1 MBlink
602Ne4 Rhodes Pad Layerelektromin
Ne4 Rhodes Pad Layer.nsmp2.1 MBlink
601Ne4 Rhodes Strings Layerelektromin
Ne4 Rhodes Strings Layer.nsmp2.6 MBlink
600Ne4 Piano Strings Layerelektromin
Ne4 Piano Strings Layer.nsmp2.7 MBlink
599Arp Odyssey ALeo Castro
Arp Odyssey A.nsmp3.5 MBlink
598Microx Sfzbrassstnose_

Microx Sfzbrassst.nsmp8.9 MBlink
597Microx Pipemixturenose_

Microx Pipemixture.nsmp5.9 MBlink
596Microx Legatostringsnose_

Microx Legatostrings.nsmp10.3 MBlink
595Microx Jazzorgan1 Lnose_

Microx Jazzorgan1 L.nsmp9.0 MBlink
594Microx Deepstringsnose_

Microx Deepstrings.nsmp8.5 MBlink
593Microx Camerastringsnose_
Microx Camerastrings.nsmp13.0 MBlink
592Microx Accordionsglnose_
Microx Accordionsgl.nsmp1.9 MBlink
Detuned.nsmp18.2 MBlink
590Get Lucky Vocoderjfherts
Get Lucky Vocoder.nsmp0.5 MBlink
589Alors On Dansejfherts

Alors On Danse.nsmp0.2 MBlink

Drumandfx.nsmp4.0 MBlink
587Nl2 Punchy Basselektromin
Nl2 Punchy Bass.nsmp0.4 MBlink
586P12 Analog Pad Mediumevdbnord
P12 Analog Pad Medium.nsmp6.5 MBlink
585P12 Analog Pad Smallevdbnord
P12 Analog Pad Small.nsmp3.2 MBlink
584Nl2 Fat Leadelektromin
Nl2 Fat Lead.nsmp1.5 MBlink
583Nl2 Flute Leadelektromin
Nl2 Flute Lead.nsmp0.6 MBlink
582Nl2 Brass Swellelektromin
Nl2 Brass Swell.nsmp1.5 MBlink
581P12 Analog Padevdbnord
P12 Analog Pad.nsmp11.9 MBlink
580Fmpi Pad WarmHoylander

Fmpi Pad Warm.nsmp2.2 MBlink
579Fmpi Pad BrightHoylander

Fmpi Pad Bright.nsmp2.2 MBlink
578Stab Nl4Hoylander

Stab Nl4.nsmp1.0 MBlink
577Dreamfm Nl4Hoylander
Dreamfm Nl4.nsmp1.0 MBlink
576Stack Nl4Hoylander
Stack Nl4.nsmp3.2 MBlink
575SyndrumLeo Castro

Syndrum.nsmp0.0 MBlink
574Juno Pad3Hoylander
Juno Pad3.nsmp0.9 MBlink
573Pumporgan AtkHoylander
Pumporgan Atk.nsmp1.7 MBlink
Pumporgan.nsmp1.7 MBlink
571Bigpad VsynthHoylander
Bigpad Vsynth.nsmp2.3 MBlink
570Choirpad VsynthHoylander
Choirpad Vsynth.nsmp2.8 MBlink
569Vsynth StkHoylander

Vsynth Stk.nsmp2.0 MBlink

Rvsynth.nsmp1.7 MBlink
567Gtkeys VsynthHoylander

Gtkeys Vsynth.nsmp2.5 MBlink
566Violin VsynthHoylander

Violin Vsynth.nsmp3.0 MBlink
565Slw Str VsynthHoylander

Slw Str Vsynth.nsmp3.5 MBlink
564Fluteii VsynthHoylander
Fluteii Vsynth.nsmp2.5 MBlink
563Flute VsynthHoylander
Flute Vsynth.nsmp2.8 MBlink
562Nl2 Igy Harmonicaelektromin
Nl2 Igy Harmonica.nsmp1.1 MBlink

Allkit2.nsmp3.3 MBlink
560Jim And StormLeo Castro
Jim And Storm.nsmp1.3 MBlink
559Roland Superior GrandLeo Castro
Roland Superior Grand.nsmp1.3 MBlink
558Tremolando Kurz Sp4Leo Castro
Tremolando Kurz Sp4.nsmp1.2 MBlink
557Standard Grand KurzweilLeo Castro
Standard Grand Kurzweil.nsmp1.4 MBlink
556Solo Tenor Sax Kurz Sp4Leo Castro

Solo Tenor Sax Kurz Sp4.nsmp1.0 MBlink
555Obx Jump Kurz Sp4Leo Castro

Obx Jump Kurz Sp4.nsmp1.4 MBlink
554Sitar Juno GLeo Castro

Sitar Juno G.nsmp1.9 MBlink
553Mute Gtr Kurz Sp4Leo Castro

Mute Gtr Kurz Sp4.nsmp0.4 MBlink
552Moog Growl Kurz Sp4Leo Castro

Moog Growl Kurz Sp4.nsmp0.6 MBlink
551Mono Trekkies Kurz Sp4Leo Castro

Mono Trekkies Kurz Sp4.nsmp2.0 MBlink
550La StringsLeo Castro

La Strings.nsmp1.8 MBlink
549Horn Sect Juno G 2Leo Castro

Horn Sect Juno G 2.nsmp1.0 MBlink
548Fm E PianoLeo Castro

Fm E Piano.nsmp1.4 MBlink
547Ending Scene Juno GLeo Castro

Ending Scene Juno G.nsmp1.5 MBlink
546Duke"S Rhds Kurz Sp4Leo Castro

Duke"S Rhds Kurz Sp4.nsmp1.0 MBlink
545Cp 80 Kurz Sp4Leo Castro

Cp 80 Kurz Sp4.nsmp0.8 MBlink
544Classic Wurly Kurz Sp4Leo Castro

Classic Wurly Kurz Sp4.nsmp0.7 MBlink
543Classic Dx Kurz Sp4Leo Castro

Classic Dx Kurz Sp4.nsmp1.0 MBlink
542Candombe UruguayoLeo Castro

Candombe Uruguayo.nsmp0.4 MBlink
541Mute Gtr Kurz Sp4Leo Castro

Mute Gtr Kurz Sp4.nsmp0.4 MBlink

Thewallstuka.nsmp1.3 MBlink
539R3 Fm-PianoScreamer
R3 Fm-Piano.nsmp4.0 MBlink
538Mr.-G- SupersineMr_-G-

Mr.-G- Supersine.nsmp0.1 MBlink
537Mr.-G- SupersquareMr_-G-

Mr.-G- Supersquare.nsmp0.2 MBlink
536Mr.-G- SupersawMr_-G-
Mr.-G- Supersaw.nsmp0.2 MBlink
535Eminent Full Medium PhFunk76
Eminent Full Medium Ph.nsmp3.1 MBlink

Bagpipe1.nsmp1.5 MBlink

Baba.nsmp0.4 MBlink
532Sitar Juno GLeo Castro

Sitar Juno G.nsmp1.9 MBlink
531Horns Sect Juno GLeo Castro

Horns Sect Juno G.nsmp1.6 MBlink
530Ending Scene Juno GLeo Castro

Ending Scene Juno G.nsmp1.5 MBlink
529Rather Be 2jimpiano
Rather Be 2.nsmp0.4 MBlink
528Rather Be 1jimpiano
Rather Be 1.nsmp0.0 MBlink
527Candombe UruguayoLeo Castro

Candombe Uruguayo.nsmp0.4 MBlink
526Noise Fxs BeatlesSpider

Noise Fxs Beatles.nsmp1.3 MBlink
525Mtd Drum Kit 1rikardmathisson

Mtd Drum Kit 1.nsmp3.4 MBlink
524RababoreillyDave the Knife
Rababoreilly.nsmp4.6 MBlink
Motifes7-Sweetflute.nsmp6.6 MBlink
Yamcp80.nsmp4.5 MBlink

Yahpianostring.nsmp1.8 MBlink
520Shout Long LoopLastStraw
Shout Long Loop.nsmp0.5 MBlink
519Bass Fretless Bs3Guillaume
Bass Fretless Bs3.nsmp0.2 MBlink
518Legato TrumpetNordPH
Legato Trumpet.nsmp4.5 MBlink
517Fairlight - Arr1 - EqedFunk76
Fairlight - Arr1 - Eqed.nsmp0.3 MBlink
516Trance Hookwcmusician
Trance Hook.nsmp9.6 MBlink
Pompeii.nsmp0.2 MBlink
Trance.nsmp5.4 MBlink
513Winter Choir SmSurfSynth
Winter Choir Sm.nsmp3.0 MBlink
Shout.nsmp0.9 MBlink
511If I Ever Feel BetterNikoshka

If I Ever Feel Better.nsmp1.1 MBlink
Techorg.nsmp0.1 MBlink
509Mama Ghost.Nsmpkeego19

Mama Ghost.Nsmp.nsmp3.5 MBlink
508Abacab Quadrakeego19
Abacab Quadra.nsmp8.7 MBlink
507Eii Shakuhachianalogika

Eii Shakuhachi.nsmp0.2 MBlink
506Eii Shakuhachianalogika

Eii Shakuhachi.nsmp0.2 MBlink
505Bright Reverse Piano V1AndreasBek

Bright Reverse Piano V1.nsmp2.8 MBlink
504Guitar Bowjimpiano

Guitar Bow.nsmp6.1 MBlink
503Arp Fuzz Guitar 2keego19

Arp Fuzz Guitar 2.nsmp15.8 MBlink
502Arp Telstarkeego19

Arp Telstar.nsmp4.5 MBlink
501Dx Padjimpiano

Dx Pad.nsmp0.6 MBlink
500Synthe Motifjimpiano

Synthe Motif.nsmp1.7 MBlink
499Retro Jamjimpiano

Retro Jam.nsmp1.3 MBlink
498Hand BellsNightSkyStudio

Hand Bells.nsmp8.8 MBlink
497Thats Allkeego19

Thats All.nsmp1.8 MBlink

President.nsmp0.2 MBlink
495Buzuki GlisandoKakdane

Buzuki Glisando.nsmp0.6 MBlink
494Glass BillyjoelMikeyC
Glass Billyjoel.nsmp0.2 MBlink

Pianopad.nsmp3.2 MBlink
492Guitar BowFunk76

Guitar Bow.nsmp6.1 MBlink
491Mega SweepSurfSynth

Mega Sweep.nsmp5.8 MBlink
490Myst StringsLemon

Myst Strings.nsmp3.2 MBlink
489Abacab Organkeego19

Abacab Organ.nsmp8.9 MBlink
488Powersynths Mighty Pad Brjp123

Powersynths Mighty Pad Br.nsmp3.8 MBlink
487In The Meantimejp123

In The Meantime.nsmp0.1 MBlink
486Mx49 Brass 1SPapamotif

Mx49 Brass 1S.nsmp9.2 MBlink
485Motif Gm AccordeonAndyPotter

Motif Gm Accordeon.nsmp0.8 MBlink
484P12 Leadpodmed
P12 Lead.nsmp0.1 MBlink
483P12 - Blue & Black Analogpodmed

P12 - Blue & Black Analog.nsmp0.2 MBlink
482Its A Prophetpodmed

Its A Prophet.nsmp0.1 MBlink

Pedalsteel.nsmp3.6 MBlink
480Emu Drumulator Sp12 Linn 1 Linn Drum Oberheim Dmxomvibraphone

Emu Drumulator Sp12 Linn 1 Linn Drum Oberheim Dmx.nsmp0.9 MBlink
479Bentley Ra Dr55 Vl1 Sequential Drum Tr727 Drum Machinesomvibraphone

Bentley Ra Dr55 Vl1 Sequential Drum Tr727 Drum Machines.nsmp0.8 MBlink
478Roland Tr606 808 909 Cr78 707 Drum Machinesomvibraphone

Roland Tr606 808 909 Cr78 707 Drum Machines.nsmp0.9 MBlink
477Drum Long LoopsStreef
Drum Long Loops.nsmp5.4 MBlink
476ShinystringsDave the Knife

Shinystrings.nsmp2.4 MBlink
475I Gotta FeelingFreak out

I Gotta Feeling.nsmp0.2 MBlink
474Get Lucky RobotByrney

Get Lucky Robot.nsmp2.1 MBlink
473Trumpet Solopp3f4577

Trumpet Solo.nsmp1.3 MBlink
472Trumpet Holdpp3f4577

Trumpet Hold.nsmp1.2 MBlink
471Trumpet Classpp3f4577

Trumpet Class.nsmp2.2 MBlink
470Warm Nexartoor

Warm Nex.nsmp2.0 MBlink
469Toto Brassartoor

Toto Brass.nsmp4.2 MBlink
468So Warm Nexartoor
So Warm Nex.nsmp1.6 MBlink
467Saw Nexartoor
Saw Nex.nsmp3.2 MBlink
466Fm Nexartoor
Fm Nex.nsmp2.7 MBlink
465Hugo Nexartoor
Hugo Nex.nsmp2.9 MBlink
464Glory Nexartoor
Glory Nex.nsmp3.4 MBlink
463Dark Nexartoor
Dark Nex.nsmp1.1 MBlink
462Ambi1 Nexartoor
Ambi1 Nex.nsmp3.1 MBlink
461Amber Nexartoor
Amber Nex.nsmp3.0 MBlink
459Get LuckyNanawel

Get Lucky.nsmp0.4 MBlink
458Ex5 Abrasshyperactive6

Ex5 Abrass.nsmp8.3 MBlink

Rolandnicepiano1.1.nsmp2.0 MBlink

Rolandnicepiano.nsmp2.0 MBlink
455Get Lucky NmArti99

Get Lucky Nm.nsmp0.8 MBlink
454Get LuckyTomtom1983

Get Lucky.nsmp0.5 MBlink

Yamahap200Ep2.nsmp5.2 MBlink
452Live And Let Diemiloreason83

Live And Let Die.nsmp1.7 MBlink
451Tr-Rack - St Power Pop HitTroy_79
Tr-Rack - St Power Pop Hit.nsmp0.7 MBlink
450Tr-Rack - St Major O.HitTroy_79
Tr-Rack - St Major O.Hit.nsmp1.1 MBlink
449Midied Granddanvb01

Midied Grand.nsmp2.3 MBlink

Brickinthewall.nsmp1.4 MBlink
447Sad StringsBurningkeys

Sad Strings.nsmp2.9 MBlink

Fullstrings3.nsmp2.3 MBlink

Fullstrings2.nsmp2.5 MBlink

Fullstrings1.nsmp3.5 MBlink
443Shakuhachi SledgeTomBoy

Shakuhachi Sledge.nsmp0.1 MBlink
442Glockenspiel BBurningkeys

Glockenspiel B.nsmp0.9 MBlink
441Glockenspiel DBurningkeys

Glockenspiel D.nsmp0.9 MBlink

Sineoutofphase.nsmp0.1 MBlink
439Glocks And Xylo9rifter

Glocks And Xylo.nsmp2.2 MBlink
438Gangnam Stylemistral_73

Gangnam Style.nsmp0.1 MBlink
437Final CountdownFunk76

Final Countdown.nsmp2.3 MBlink
436Cosmic Girlfemagon

Cosmic Girl.nsmp3.7 MBlink
435Piano Mello Glock9rifter

Piano Mello Glock.nsmp4.1 MBlink
434I Gotta FeelingArti99

I Gotta Feeling.nsmp0.2 MBlink
433Roland Alpha - HooverFunk76
Roland Alpha - Hoover.nsmp4.6 MBlink
432Jazz DoosOctopus

Jazz Doos.nsmp2.4 MBlink
431Jazz DoosOctopus

Jazz Doos.nsmp2.4 MBlink

Dracula.nsmp0.8 MBlink
428Dead Looppablomastodon
Dead Loop.nsmp0.5 MBlink
427Step One Droppablomastodon

Step One Drop.nsmp4.2 MBlink
Damn.nsmp5.7 MBlink
425Revd Pnostr FxLemon
Revd Pnostr Fx.nsmp2.8 MBlink
424Rev Pno Stgr1Lemon
Rev Pno Stgr1.nsmp4.4 MBlink
423Glory BoxDarren

Glory Box.nsmp0.7 MBlink
422Rhodestrgs SmSurfSynth

Rhodestrgs Sm.nsmp2.2 MBlink

Nylon.nsmp0.9 MBlink
420Kena Lighturania
Kena Light.nsmp3.5 MBlink
419Hammond PercJohannes

Hammond Perc.nsmp1.8 MBlink
418Call Me MaybeDarren
Call Me Maybe.nsmp0.2 MBlink
417Hammond 88843 FastJohannes

Hammond 88843 Fast.nsmp1.1 MBlink
416Hammond 88843 SlowJohannes
Hammond 88843 Slow.nsmp1.7 MBlink

Hspad.nsmp0.3 MBlink
414String Chamber Orchestraurania

String Chamber Orchestra.nsmp2.2 MBlink
413Rhodes Mk-80urania
Rhodes Mk-80.nsmp1.6 MBlink
412Tom Sawyer B+LGustavo

Tom Sawyer B+L.nsmp1.6 MBlink
411Ep Grndualbarismertpeker

Ep Grndual.nsmp0.9 MBlink
410Br Azen 16barismertpeker

Br Azen 16.nsmp1.6 MBlink
409I Want You BackDarren
demo on youtube

I Want You Back.nsmp0.0 MBlink
408Ub53 The Solo ! 2SurfSynth

Ub53 The Solo ! 2.nsmp4.6 MBlink

Organ.Piano.nsmp7.0 MBlink

Clavinettte.nsmp1.4 MBlink
405Bells And ClapsOctopus

Bells And Claps.nsmp2.0 MBlink

Voice.nsmp1.7 MBlink
403Dx7 E.Piano1 TineBoogie_Blaster

Dx7 E.Piano1 Tine.nsmp0.2 MBlink
402Dx7 Ii Double Tines TineBoogie_Blaster

Dx7 Ii Double Tines Tine.nsmp0.5 MBlink
401Dx7 Ii Fulltines TineBoogie_Blaster

Dx7 Ii Fulltines Tine.nsmp0.2 MBlink

Flute.nsmp4.8 MBlink
Saxophone.nsmp3.8 MBlink

Kena.nsmp16.4 MBlink
397R Rhodespp3f4577

R Rhodes.nsmp0.7 MBlink
396Studio Rhodespp3f4577

Studio Rhodes.nsmp0.8 MBlink

Synharmo.nsmp3.0 MBlink
394Santur BrassSurfSynth

Santur Brass.nsmp3.6 MBlink
393Ob Fm BrsSurfSynth

Ob Fm Brs.nsmp2.5 MBlink
392Motion VoxSurfSynth

Motion Vox.nsmp4.1 MBlink
391Mega SweepSurfSynth

Mega Sweep.nsmp5.8 MBlink
390Rhodes ChrSurfSynth

Rhodes Chr.nsmp6.0 MBlink

12String.nsmp0.6 MBlink
388Pop Kit 1Steph Lo

Pop Kit 1.nsmp2.7 MBlink
387Bright CelloSteph Lo
Bright Cello.nsmp1.0 MBlink
386Brightness (Light)Steph Lo

Brightness (Light).nsmp1.3 MBlink
385Chamber Str1-NoloopSteph Lo

Chamber Str1-Noloop.nsmp3.7 MBlink
384Juno Steel DrumsSteph Lo
Juno Steel Drums.nsmp0.6 MBlink
38380S Ep1Steph Lo
80S Ep1.nsmp1.6 MBlink
382Piano+Pad 1Steph Lo
Piano+Pad 1.nsmp3.8 MBlink

Soultrain.nsmp7.8 MBlink

Partyrock.nsmp1.3 MBlink
379D85Strings FullOle_Gjostol

D85Strings Full.nsmp3.0 MBlink
378D85Strings SingleOle_Gjostol

D85Strings Single.nsmp3.2 MBlink
377D85Solo Solo FunnyOle_Gjostol
D85Solo Solo Funny.nsmp0.7 MBlink
376D85Solo Double ReedOle_Gjostol
D85Solo Double Reed.nsmp0.9 MBlink
375D85Solo TrumuteOle_Gjostol
D85Solo Trumute.nsmp1.0 MBlink
374D85Solo Jazz GuitarOle_Gjostol
D85Solo Jazz Guitar.nsmp0.8 MBlink
373D85Solo Rock GuitarOle_Gjostol
D85Solo Rock Guitar.nsmp0.9 MBlink
372D85Solo ViolinOle_Gjostol

D85Solo Violin.nsmp0.8 MBlink
371D85Solo OboeOle_Gjostol
D85Solo Oboe.nsmp0.5 MBlink
370D85Solo SaxophoneOle_Gjostol
D85Solo Saxophone.nsmp0.4 MBlink
369D85Solo TrumpetOle_Gjostol
D85Solo Trumpet.nsmp0.6 MBlink
368D85Solo TromboneOle_Gjostol
D85Solo Trombone.nsmp0.4 MBlink
367D85Solo FluteOle_Gjostol
D85Solo Flute.nsmp0.4 MBlink
364Elp Welcome Back My FriendsJan Offenbeck

Elp Welcome Back My Friends.nsmp2.5 MBlink
363Juno-106 Synth1SurfSynth

Juno-106 Synth1.nsmp0.2 MBlink
362Juno-106 Synth2SurfSynth

Juno-106 Synth2.nsmp0.1 MBlink
361Tiracon 6V Synbass2SurfSynth

Tiracon 6V Synbass2.nsmp2.0 MBlink
360Tiracon 6V LeadSurfSynth

Tiracon 6V Lead.nsmp3.1 MBlink
359The Dark - Anoukkoolenpaul

The Dark - Anouk.nsmp0.1 MBlink
358Brunomars Locked Outkoolenpaul

Brunomars Locked Out.nsmp0.9 MBlink
357Dx7Iic Touch Perco BrSurfSynth

Dx7Iic Touch Perco Br.nsmp3.9 MBlink
356Ps Warmest Plucks BrSurfSynth

Ps Warmest Plucks Br.nsmp2.9 MBlink
355Softpianopad Ste PhSurfSynth

Softpianopad Ste Ph.nsmp3.6 MBlink
354Elgrand Cp80 Clv4SurfSynth

Elgrand Cp80 Clv4.nsmp1.5 MBlink

Contrapiano.nsmp1.8 MBlink
352Rhodes Mkii Lp12FunKey
Rhodes Mkii Lp12.nsmp0.2 MBlink
349Pf Samples V2Johannes
Pf Samples V2.nsmp10.5 MBlink

Voxconcrete.nsmp5.3 MBlink
347Nord Bright Reverse Piano V1Tinpig

Nord Bright Reverse Piano V1.nsmp2.8 MBlink
346Pianet Nalpi1972

Pianet N.nsmp5.7 MBlink
Sv1-Clavinet.nsmp1.4 MBlink
344Ground Loop ;)Mr_-G-

Ground Loop ;).nsmp0.0 MBlink

Mayswind.nsmp0.3 MBlink
Philicordia.nsmp2.0 MBlink
Rd1000.nsmp3.9 MBlink
340Arpgate J06 03Lemon
Arpgate J06 03.nsmp1.3 MBlink
339Arpgate J06 02Lemon
Arpgate J06 02.nsmp1.7 MBlink
338Pad 9 (higher oct.)aantetomaso
Pad 9 (higher oct.).nsmp8.0 MBlink
337Ob M6 Silk PadLemon

Ob M6 Silk Pad.nsmp2.5 MBlink
336Arpgate J06 01Lemon
Arpgate J06 01.nsmp3.7 MBlink

Jx8P-Soundtrack.nsmp0.6 MBlink
Polybrass.nsmp0.2 MBlink
333Juno106 80StackHoylander
Juno106 80Stack.nsmp2.2 MBlink
332Juno106 Pad2Hoylander
Juno106 Pad2.nsmp1.3 MBlink
331Juno106 Pad1Hoylander
Juno106 Pad1.nsmp1.4 MBlink
330Moog JohannesJohannes
Moog Johannes.nsmp1.1 MBlink
329Air Magic CarpetNanawel
Air Magic Carpet.nsmp5.6 MBlink
328Synclavier Bellsale_cool82

Synclavier Bells.nsmp0.8 MBlink
327Synclav Demo Wholemrgkeys

Synclav Demo Whole.nsmp1.9 MBlink
326Beat Itmrgkeys

Beat It.nsmp0.8 MBlink
325Take On MeFunk76
Take On Me.nsmp5.7 MBlink
324Synclavier Beatitcimiciolla

Synclavier Beatit.nsmp0.4 MBlink
323Michael Jackson - Beat ItTroy_79

Michael Jackson - Beat It.nsmp0.3 MBlink

Weeoohs.nsmp1.1 MBlink
321Jd800 DrumsZombieman

Jd800 Drums.nsmp1.0 MBlink
320Vti Funkld-3SmTroy_79
Vti Funkld-3Sm.nsmp1.8 MBlink
319Vti ForgivenmsTroy_79
Vti Forgivenms.nsmp6.0 MBlink
318Vti CharactrmsTroy_79
Vti Charactrms.nsmp4.5 MBlink
317Vti BrightarpbcTroy_79
Vti Brightarpbc.nsmp0.3 MBlink
316Vti AprilpadTroy_79
Vti Aprilpad.nsmp4.4 MBlink
315Vti AlamosTroy_79
Vti Alamos.nsmp0.2 MBlink
314Abba Gimme Gimme FluteFunk76
Abba Gimme Gimme Flute.nsmp4.0 MBlink
313Killer KalimbaFunk76
Killer Kalimba.nsmp0.3 MBlink
312Kalimba 4ThFunk76
Kalimba 4Th.nsmp0.7 MBlink

Eurohit.nsmp0.0 MBlink
310Other Liter Bando pp3f4577

Other Liter Bando .nsmp6.0 MBlink
309Other Bandopp3f4577

Other Bando.nsmp7.4 MBlink
308Sample Brass Raoraomcz
Sample Brass Rao.nsmp3.8 MBlink
307Motifxf Synthorchelpiulas
Motifxf Synthorch.nsmp2.4 MBlink

M1Orch.nsmp0.4 MBlink
305Call Me MaybeFunk76
Call Me Maybe.nsmp0.2 MBlink
304D50 Ok Coralecimaxe
D50 Ok Corale.nsmp2.8 MBlink
303Motifxf Moetelpiulas
Motifxf Moet.nsmp0.5 MBlink
302Motifxf Lightpadelpiulas
Motifxf Lightpad.nsmp1.0 MBlink
D85Lesliefast.nsmp1.7 MBlink
D85Choral.nsmp1.8 MBlink
299R3 PolyAlexNagel
R3 Poly.nsmp13.6 MBlink
298R3 Fm-PianoAlexNagel
R3 Fm-Piano.nsmp4.0 MBlink
297Steel DrumsTroy_79
Steel Drums.nsmp0.4 MBlink

Metronome.nsmp4.3 MBlink

Ns2B3.nsmp8.0 MBlink
294Bungalo Billchevere
Bungalo Bill.nsmp10.9 MBlink
293Srx-12 RhodesPatschi
Srx-12 Rhodes.nsmp1.4 MBlink

Pnostrgmulti.nsmp1.3 MBlink
291Dx7 Rhodesibljula
Dx7 Rhodes.nsmp1.2 MBlink
290Piano Pad 2ibljula
Piano Pad 2.nsmp2.0 MBlink
289Tekno Stack 1ibljula
Tekno Stack 1.nsmp2.7 MBlink
288Grandpiano Warmpad 1ibljula

Grandpiano Warmpad 1.nsmp2.0 MBlink
287Apache BeatJohannes
Apache Beat.nsmp0.2 MBlink
286White Noisebdodds

White Noise.nsmp0.1 MBlink
285Pink Noisebdodds

Pink Noise.nsmp0.2 MBlink

Allkit2.nsmp3.0 MBlink

Sawsystem100.nsmp0.2 MBlink
282Brass Section Pop 2 Ste Brpablomastodon

Brass Section Pop 2 Ste Br.nsmp4.8 MBlink
281Brass Section Pop 1 Ste Brpablomastodon

Brass Section Pop 1 Ste Br.nsmp5.3 MBlink
Strngkeypad.nsmp3.4 MBlink

Sledgehammer.nsmp0.4 MBlink
278L+R Bosendorferafrk61

L+R Bosendorfer.nsmp11.1 MBlink

Obx-Jump.nsmp7.3 MBlink

Bosendorfer.nsmp4.0 MBlink
275Pad12 - Fear Of Lightaantetomaso
Pad12 - Fear Of Light.nsmp3.8 MBlink

Drumkit3.nsmp2.2 MBlink
Shaku.nsmp0.3 MBlink

Durtyyouknow.nsmp3.8 MBlink
271Pad11 - Echoes From The Past aantetomaso
Pad11 - Echoes From The Past .nsmp4.5 MBlink
270Pad 4 - Synth Brassaantetomaso
Pad 4 - Synth Brass.nsmp5.8 MBlink
269Pad 3 - Glassy Padaantetomaso
Pad 3 - Glassy Pad.nsmp4.9 MBlink
268Pad 2 - Flying Highaantetomaso
Pad 2 - Flying High.nsmp5.6 MBlink
267Pad 1 - Obscure Sensation aantetomaso
Pad 1 - Obscure Sensation .nsmp5.5 MBlink

Alesispiano.nsmp18.5 MBlink
265Pad 5 - Synth Violinsaantetomaso
Pad 5 - Synth Violins.nsmp8.2 MBlink

Ns2B3.nsmp8.0 MBlink
263Dx7 Ii Double Tines TineJohannes

Dx7 Ii Double Tines Tine.nsmp0.5 MBlink
262Mc202 Pulsewmodchielio72
Mc202 Pulsewmod.nsmp3.3 MBlink
261Dx7Iic Fine Tines Ste Brtomzi

Dx7Iic Fine Tines Ste Br.nsmp4.3 MBlink
260Moog Bass Atcchielio72
Moog Bass Atc.nsmp1.7 MBlink
Synthbrasswide.nsmp2.7 MBlink
258King Of PainHanon_CTS
King Of Pain.nsmp1.3 MBlink

Gibsong101.nsmp3.1 MBlink

Chakasynth.nsmp0.2 MBlink
Chakasynth.nsmp0.3 MBlink

M1Organbass.nsmp0.5 MBlink
253Warm Airtomzi
Warm Air.nsmp4.6 MBlink
252Fullstrings1 Ste Srv4tomzi

Fullstrings1 Ste Srv4.nsmp4.2 MBlink
Bowguit3.nsmp1.2 MBlink
250Steelgit Dvv4DJKeys
Steelgit Dvv4.nsmp1.2 MBlink
249Soft Rhodespp3f4577

Soft Rhodes.nsmp8.9 MBlink
Banjo.nsmp4.2 MBlink
Fiddle.nsmp3.5 MBlink
246Juno 60 Pizzicato IiKoenJ

Juno 60 Pizzicato Ii.nsmp2.3 MBlink
Hey.nsmp0.0 MBlink
244Fab Orchestrafabiokey
Fab Orchestra.nsmp3.6 MBlink

Bouzouki.nsmp1.1 MBlink
242Tenor Sax Soft Sf2maxpiano
Tenor Sax Soft Sf2.nsmp1.4 MBlink
241Roland D70 Lite Bell1Hanon_CTS

Roland D70 Lite Bell1.nsmp0.6 MBlink
240Matrix 12 Pitched Voltagemaxpiano
Matrix 12 Pitched Voltage.nsmp0.1 MBlink
239Dx And D-50 SpaceyvoxHanon_CTS

Dx And D-50 Spaceyvox.nsmp4.0 MBlink
238D-50 SpaceyvoxHanon_CTS

D-50 Spaceyvox.nsmp3.5 MBlink
237Hanon-Spike Fab Brassfabiokey
Hanon-Spike Fab Brass.nsmp3.7 MBlink
236Wavestation Saxsectionmaxpiano
Wavestation Saxsection.nsmp0.3 MBlink
235Juno 60 Pizzicato IKoenJ

Juno 60 Pizzicato I.nsmp2.3 MBlink
234Dx7 MystrianHanon_CTS

Dx7 Mystrian.nsmp5.0 MBlink
233Dx7 Small SectionHanon_CTS

Dx7 Small Section.nsmp2.4 MBlink
232Dx7 StringsHanon_CTS

Dx7 Strings.nsmp2.3 MBlink
231Dx7 Synti BrassHanon_CTS

Dx7 Synti Brass.nsmp2.5 MBlink
230Dx7 FluteHanon_CTS

Dx7 Flute.nsmp1.8 MBlink
229Dx7 HarmonicaHanon_CTS

Dx7 Harmonica.nsmp1.4 MBlink
228Dx7 Dirty BassHanon_CTS

Dx7 Dirty Bass.nsmp0.8 MBlink
227Dx7 Bogi BassHanon_CTS

Dx7 Bogi Bass.nsmp0.7 MBlink
226Roland Xp 5Th SweepHanon_CTS
Roland Xp 5Th Sweep.nsmp3.7 MBlink
225Xp Series Jp8 HollowHanon_CTS

Xp Series Jp8 Hollow.nsmp3.2 MBlink
224Xp Jp8 HauntingHanon_CTS
Xp Jp8 Haunting.nsmp2.5 MBlink
223Roland Xp80 Deep StringsHanon_CTS
Roland Xp80 Deep Strings.nsmp2.7 MBlink
222Full Orchestra Artartoor

Full Orchestra Art.nsmp2.0 MBlink
221Full Stacc Artartoor

Full Stacc Art.nsmp0.5 MBlink
220Mr WhisperwoodHanon_CTS

Mr Whisperwood.nsmp1.6 MBlink
219Mr SpincrystalHanon_CTS

Mr Spincrystal.nsmp2.4 MBlink
218Mr Multi PerkHanon_CTS

Mr Multi Perk.nsmp0.9 MBlink
217Mr EvolutionHanon_CTS

Mr Evolution.nsmp5.2 MBlink
216Mr String+WindHanon_CTS

Mr String+Wind.nsmp2.7 MBlink
215Mr TryptichonHanon_CTS

Mr Tryptichon.nsmp8.4 MBlink
214Mr Dense MistHanon_CTS

Mr Dense Mist.nsmp4.4 MBlink
213Mr Steel DrumHanon_CTS

Mr Steel Drum.nsmp0.3 MBlink
212Roland Jc StratHanon_CTS

Roland Jc Strat.nsmp1.8 MBlink
211Yam TexboogieHanon_CTS

Yam Texboogie.nsmp1.6 MBlink
210Korg StrategyHanon_CTS

Korg Strategy.nsmp1.6 MBlink
209Nl3 Warm Padibljula
Nl3 Warm Pad.nsmp0.8 MBlink
208Ep Attitude-1juholaatu
Ep Attitude-1.nsmp3.1 MBlink
207Ep Attitude-2juholaatu
Ep Attitude-2.nsmp3.5 MBlink
206Ep Attitude-3juholaatu
Ep Attitude-3.nsmp3.7 MBlink
205Ep Attitude-4juholaatu
Ep Attitude-4.nsmp2.1 MBlink
204Ep Attitude-5juholaatu
Ep Attitude-5.nsmp4.3 MBlink
203Ep Attitude-6juholaatu
Ep Attitude-6.nsmp6.3 MBlink
202Orch Strings Artartoor
Orch Strings Art.nsmp2.6 MBlink
Lead4Scream.nsmp0.2 MBlink
200Violin Pizz Artartoor
Violin Pizz Art.nsmp0.2 MBlink
199Violin Stac Artartoor
Violin Stac Art.nsmp0.4 MBlink
198Violin Arco Artartoor
Violin Arco Art.nsmp2.1 MBlink
197Synthpad2 Ste Clv4Klangwerk

Synthpad2 Ste Clv4.nsmp1.6 MBlink
196Dx7Iic Crystal BrKlangwerk

Dx7Iic Crystal Br.nsmp5.2 MBlink
195Domra Artartoor
Domra Art.nsmp2.4 MBlink
194Balalayka Artartoor
Balalayka Art.nsmp2.7 MBlink
193Glossy E-Piano Artartoor
Glossy E-Piano Art.nsmp2.2 MBlink
192Dx Clav Artartoor
Dx Clav Art.nsmp1.6 MBlink
191Phili Fulldoctorgeorge
Phili Full.nsmp0.6 MBlink
190Trombone Realpp3f4577

Trombone Real.nsmp0.6 MBlink
189Sax Alto Expp3f4577

Sax Alto Ex.nsmp1.8 MBlink
Humannoises.nsmp2.4 MBlink
187Ch Fem&Maleartoor
Ch Fem&Male.nsmp2.0 MBlink
186Ch Greg Artartoor
Ch Greg Art.nsmp1.6 MBlink
185Ch Gosp Oo Artartoor
Ch Gosp Oo Art.nsmp2.1 MBlink
184Ch Boysgirls Artartoor
Ch Boysgirls Art.nsmp1.7 MBlink
Sansula.nsmp1.1 MBlink
182Rhodes Keyclickartoor
Rhodes Keyclick.nsmp0.3 MBlink
181Ambient Str Artartoor
Ambient Str Art.nsmp1.6 MBlink
Synthorg.nsmp3.3 MBlink
179Piano 2Dieguet
Piano 2.nsmp1.0 MBlink
178Cthdro No LoopDieguet
Cthdro No Loop.nsmp2.2 MBlink
177Cthdrl UnloopedDieguet
Cthdrl Unlooped.nsmp2.8 MBlink
176Synth PianoDieguet
Synth Piano.nsmp1.8 MBlink
175Pianette UnloopedDieguet
Pianette Unlooped.nsmp1.1 MBlink
174Pan MalletDieguet
Pan Mallet.nsmp2.8 MBlink
Nimbus.nsmp2.0 MBlink
Morgan.nsmp4.4 MBlink
171Digital 4Dieguet
Digital 4.nsmp3.9 MBlink
170Trum Bar Artartoor
Trum Bar Art.nsmp2.3 MBlink
169Sess Perf Artartoor
Sess Perf Art.nsmp1.6 MBlink
168Philicorda 2Vibskipgilles
Philicorda 2Vib.nsmp2.3 MBlink
167Philicorda 2skipgilles
Philicorda 2.nsmp1.6 MBlink
166Philicorda Vibskipgilles
Philicorda Vib.nsmp2.5 MBlink
Philicorda.nsmp1.8 MBlink
164Sess Susacc Artartoor
Sess Susacc Art.nsmp5.8 MBlink
163Sess Spic Stac Artartoor
Sess Spic Stac Art.nsmp0.9 MBlink
162Sess Fall Cres Artartoor
Sess Fall Cres Art.nsmp2.4 MBlink
161Harp Blues Artartoor
Harp Blues Art.nsmp1.9 MBlink
160Bells And Clapswalkerdata
Bells And Claps.nsmp2.0 MBlink
Bellclap.nsmp0.0 MBlink
158Snd Fxwalkerdata
Snd Fx.nsmp8.0 MBlink
157Piano Strings Layer Lrlipelord

Piano Strings Layer Lr.nsmp1.2 MBlink
156Rock Drums 1walkerdata
Rock Drums 1.nsmp2.5 MBlink
155Hip Hop Drum Kitwalkerdata
Hip Hop Drum Kit.nsmp2.1 MBlink
154Pop Drum Kitwalkerdata
Pop Drum Kit.nsmp2.3 MBlink
153Jump Leadale_cool82

Jump Lead.nsmp2.6 MBlink
152D70 StringvoxHanon_CTS
D70 Stringvox.nsmp2.7 MBlink
151D70 Cool BellsHanon_CTS
D70 Cool Bells.nsmp3.7 MBlink
150D70 AsialonHanon_CTS
D70 Asialon.nsmp2.2 MBlink
149D50 Staccato HeavenHanon_CTS
D50 Staccato Heaven.nsmp2.8 MBlink
148D50 Baroque StringsHanon_CTS
D50 Baroque Strings.nsmp2.3 MBlink
147Yamaha Xenon Padmetalfingers
Yamaha Xenon Pad.nsmp8.4 MBlink
146Yam Mot Hybrid Brassremida

Yam Mot Hybrid Brass.nsmp4.0 MBlink

Flutepipe.nsmp2.5 MBlink

Bomb.nsmp0.9 MBlink
143Harmonica Truepp3f4577

Harmonica True.nsmp1.0 MBlink
142Korg Harmonicapp3f4577

Korg Harmonica.nsmp1.2 MBlink
141Harmonica 2pp3f4577

Harmonica 2.nsmp1.9 MBlink
140Pipe Chanterpp3f4577

Pipe Chanter.nsmp1.0 MBlink
139Bandstand Glockpp3f4577

Bandstand Glock.nsmp0.7 MBlink
Sitar-Jg.nsmp0.1 MBlink
137M1 Universejym62
M1 Universe.nsmp4.0 MBlink
136Trp Straight Shakepp3f4577

Trp Straight Shake.nsmp3.6 MBlink
135Trp Open Legatopp3f4577

Trp Open Legato.nsmp7.7 MBlink
134P5 Spit Brass Brjym62
P5 Spit Brass Br.nsmp1.6 MBlink
133Harmonica Dvv4jym62
Harmonica Dvv4.nsmp1.0 MBlink
132Trp Mute Fallpp3f4577

Trp Mute Fall.nsmp1.9 MBlink
131Trp Open Punchpp3f4577

Trp Open Punch.nsmp1.5 MBlink
130Trp Straight Swellpp3f4577

Trp Straight Swell.nsmp2.1 MBlink
129Trp Mute Uppp3f4577

Trp Mute Up.nsmp1.7 MBlink
128Grand Pipe (Corrected)pp3f4577

Grand Pipe (Corrected).nsmp2.1 MBlink
127Church Pipe Org 1 K250Hanon_CTS

Church Pipe Org 1 K250.nsmp3.4 MBlink
126Tradi YmrHanon_CTS

Tradi Ymr.nsmp3.9 MBlink
125Sunday YmrHanon_CTS

Sunday Ymr.nsmp4.2 MBlink
124Pipe Organ EmrHanon_CTS

Pipe Organ Emr.nsmp3.8 MBlink
123Pipe Organ Full Km3Hanon_CTS

Pipe Organ Full Km3.nsmp4.4 MBlink
122Medium Chappel Km3Hanon_CTS

Medium Chappel Km3.nsmp4.2 MBlink
121French Big Pipe Km3Hanon_CTS

French Big Pipe Km3.nsmp4.0 MBlink
120Church Positive Km3Hanon_CTS

Church Positive Km3.nsmp3.9 MBlink

Lowpercuorgan.nsmp3.4 MBlink
11860"S Organpp3f4577

60"S Organ.nsmp3.3 MBlink

Rborgan.nsmp2.5 MBlink

Pipeorganmod.nsmp2.8 MBlink

Midpipeorgan.nsmp4.7 MBlink
114Grand Pipepp3f4577

Grand Pipe.nsmp4.0 MBlink
113Fmpiano PhKlangwerk

Fmpiano Ph.nsmp1.0 MBlink
112Rain Down On MeNordFan

Rain Down On Me.nsmp0.9 MBlink
111Good GodNordFan

Good God.nsmp0.1 MBlink

Lechic.nsmp0.1 MBlink
109Dxpiano Ste PhKlangwerk

Dxpiano Ste Ph.nsmp2.3 MBlink
Superstition.nsmp7.2 MBlink

Leftright.nsmp0.1 MBlink
106Full BrassHanon_CTS

Full Brass.nsmp1.6 MBlink
105Tongue TrumpetHanon_CTS

Tongue Trumpet.nsmp1.3 MBlink

Tb+Tp.nsmp1.8 MBlink
103Bright TrumpetHanon_CTS

Bright Trumpet.nsmp1.9 MBlink
102Soprano SaxHanon_CTS

Soprano Sax.nsmp1.1 MBlink
101Tenor SaxHanon_CTS

Tenor Sax.nsmp0.8 MBlink
100Alto SaxHanon_CTS

Alto Sax.nsmp1.3 MBlink
99Bari SaxHanon_CTS

Bari Sax.nsmp1.3 MBlink
Chinagong.nsmp0.2 MBlink
97Esq-1 LaughsDieguet
Esq-1 Laughs.nsmp0.5 MBlink
96Esq-1 Moog 3Dieguet
Esq-1 Moog 3.nsmp2.7 MBlink
95Esq-1 Mini MDieguet
Esq-1 Mini M.nsmp3.0 MBlink
94M1 Mute TrumpetDieguet
M1 Mute Trumpet.nsmp4.7 MBlink
93M1 UniverseDieguet
M1 Universe.nsmp4.0 MBlink
92Esq-1 SlostrDieguet
Esq-1 Slostr.nsmp6.6 MBlink
91K4 MoonchildDieguet
K4 Moonchild.nsmp5.1 MBlink
90M1 Tubular BellsDieguet
M1 Tubular Bells.nsmp1.3 MBlink
Dtx500.nsmp2.6 MBlink
Piano3.nsmp4.9 MBlink
87Hanon P5 Pad 1Hanon_CTS
Hanon P5 Pad 1.nsmp1.6 MBlink
86Time Intro(Farfisa+Rhodes)qwert
Time Intro(Farfisa+Rhodes).nsmp3.0 MBlink
Bass.nsmp1.8 MBlink
Stringpad.nsmp6.9 MBlink
83Sample Octave Tron LeYvesEchoes
Sample Octave Tron Le.nsmp9.5 MBlink
82Jj Nasty Hit2Hanon_CTS
Jj Nasty Hit2.nsmp0.3 MBlink
Doo.nsmp3.8 MBlink

Sparkle.nsmp3.3 MBlink
Fiesta.nsmp4.2 MBlink
78Seperate WaysHanon_CTS

Seperate Ways.nsmp2.0 MBlink
77Seperate Ways IntroHanon_CTS
Seperate Ways Intro.nsmp1.7 MBlink
M1Piano.nsmp0.6 MBlink
Hardpianoloudstrings.nsmp6.9 MBlink
74Pizzicato Orchstr Ste Khv4Klangwerk

Pizzicato Orchstr Ste Khv4.nsmp1.0 MBlink
73Choir Female Ste BrKlangwerk

Choir Female Ste Br.nsmp4.0 MBlink
72Dx7Iic Crystal BrKlangwerk

Dx7Iic Crystal Br.nsmp5.2 MBlink
71Nl3 Analogfm Ste Ph V2Klangwerk

Nl3 Analogfm Ste Ph V2.nsmp1.9 MBlink
70Nl2X Hard Sync Lead Ph V2Klangwerk

Nl2X Hard Sync Lead Ph V2.nsmp1.8 MBlink
69G2X Klangpad Ste Ph V2Klangwerk

G2X Klangpad Ste Ph V2.nsmp1.8 MBlink
68Choir Female Ste BrKlangwerk

Choir Female Ste Br.nsmp4.0 MBlink
67Hornsaw Ste PhKlangwerk

Hornsaw Ste Ph.nsmp5.1 MBlink
66Nl2X Toto Soft Brass Ph V2Klangwerk

Nl2X Toto Soft Brass Ph V2.nsmp0.9 MBlink
65Nl3 Syntax 1 Ste Ph V2Klangwerk

Nl3 Syntax 1 Ste Ph V2.nsmp2.1 MBlink
64Nl2X Toto Soft Brass Ph V2Klangwerk

Nl2X Toto Soft Brass Ph V2.nsmp0.9 MBlink
63Hornsaw Ste PhKlangwerk

Hornsaw Ste Ph.nsmp5.1 MBlink
62Nl2X Toto Soft Brass Ph V2Klangwerk

Nl2X Toto Soft Brass Ph V2.nsmp0.9 MBlink
61P200 Piano1 Stereoperfectsam

P200 Piano1 Stereo.nsmp7.5 MBlink
60D50 Stereo PolysynthHanon_CTS
D50 Stereo Polysynth.nsmp9.4 MBlink
59Organ Mki Mellotron V4ybakos

Organ Mki Mellotron V4.nsmp1.5 MBlink
58Ep String LayerHanon_CTS
Ep String Layer.nsmp5.9 MBlink
57Piano Strings LayerHanon_CTS
Piano Strings Layer.nsmp7.2 MBlink
56E Piano DxDieguet
E Piano Dx.nsmp3.6 MBlink
55Yam Mot Hybrid BrassHanon_CTS
Yam Mot Hybrid Brass.nsmp4.0 MBlink
54Juno 6 StringsKoenJ

Juno 6 Strings.nsmp5.3 MBlink
53Mellotron Str N FltHanon_CTS
Mellotron Str N Flt.nsmp3.1 MBlink
52D50 Breathy ChifferHanon_CTS
D50 Breathy Chiffer.nsmp2.1 MBlink
51D50 Living CalliopeHanon_CTS
D50 Living Calliope.nsmp2.9 MBlink
Wormlead.nsmp0.7 MBlink
Fantasia.nsmp3.2 MBlink
48Horn SectionHanon_CTS
Horn Section.nsmp2.8 MBlink
Sountrack.nsmp2.5 MBlink
46Digital Native DanceHanon_CTS
Digital Native Dance.nsmp8.5 MBlink
45Cathedral OrganHanon_CTS
Cathedral Organ.nsmp2.6 MBlink
Sawacidbass.nsmp0.7 MBlink
43D50 PizzagogoHanon_CTS
D50 Pizzagogo.nsmp0.4 MBlink
42K250 ChoirHanon_CTS
K250 Choir.nsmp1.7 MBlink
41K250 Bowed Strings SlowHanon_CTS
K250 Bowed Strings Slow.nsmp2.9 MBlink
40Mariachi BrassHanon_CTS
Mariachi Brass.nsmp2.3 MBlink
39Uk Nothing To Lose 2Hanon_CTS
Uk Nothing To Lose 2.nsmp4.8 MBlink
Rhodesmkii1980.nsmp6.0 MBlink
37Session BrassHanon_CTS
Session Brass.nsmp1.7 MBlink
36Sfz BrassHanon_CTS
Sfz Brass.nsmp2.1 MBlink
35D70 Leadsynth1Hanon_CTS
D70 Leadsynth1.nsmp1.6 MBlink
34D70 GhostiesHanon_CTS
D70 Ghosties.nsmp2.8 MBlink
33D70 MondopolyHanon_CTS
D70 Mondopoly.nsmp2.7 MBlink
32Papertube 2 Ste PhNordPH

Papertube 2 Ste Ph.nsmp0.6 MBlink
31Papertube 1 Ste PhNordPH
Papertube 1 Ste Ph.nsmp0.7 MBlink
30Hohner Pianet N Hard PhNordPH
Hohner Pianet N Hard Ph.nsmp4.0 MBlink
29Hohner Pianet N Medium PhNordPH
Hohner Pianet N Medium Ph.nsmp3.6 MBlink
28Hohner Pianet N Soft PhNordPH
Hohner Pianet N Soft Ph.nsmp3.0 MBlink
27P5 Spit Brass BrKlangwerk

P5 Spit Brass Br.nsmp1.6 MBlink
26Ne3 JumpKlangwerk

Ne3 Jump.nsmp0.4 MBlink
Mitm.nsmp1.2 MBlink
24Ne3 JumpHanon_CTS
Ne3 Jump.nsmp0.4 MBlink
23Free Ride WindHanon_CTS
Free Ride Wind.nsmp0.8 MBlink
22Bad Vs BellHanon_CTS
Bad Vs Bell.nsmp0.7 MBlink
21Bolivianpanpipe Psv4Klangwerk

Bolivianpanpipe Psv4.nsmp1.0 MBlink
20Dreamwhistle Combi Psv4Klangwerk

Dreamwhistle Combi Psv4.nsmp1.0 MBlink
19Choir Female Ste BrKlangwerk

Choir Female Ste Br.nsmp4.0 MBlink
18Ne3 Rhodes Fng-Bs C# +6DbAndrey

Ne3 Rhodes Fng-Bs C# +6Db.nsmp7.3 MBlink
17Nord Rhodes Bass Split G#3 Vel80whitenoise

Nord Rhodes Bass Split G#3 Vel80.nsmp4.9 MBlink
16Nord Grand Piano Bass Split G#3 Vel80whitenoise

Nord Grand Piano Bass Split G#3 Vel80.nsmp10.2 MBlink
15Grand Piano Bass Split A3whitenoise

Grand Piano Bass Split A3.nsmp7.1 MBlink
14Nl2X Toto Soft Brass Ph V2Klangwerk

Nl2X Toto Soft Brass Ph V2.nsmp0.9 MBlink
13Toy Piano Ste Dvv4Klangwerk

Toy Piano Ste Dvv4.nsmp1.1 MBlink
12Fullorchestra Ste Srv4Klangwerk

Fullorchestra Ste Srv4.nsmp3.7 MBlink
11Toy Piano Ste Dvv4Klangwerk

Toy Piano Ste Dvv4.nsmp1.1 MBlink
10Fullorchestra Ste Srv4Klangwerk

Fullorchestra Ste Srv4.nsmp3.7 MBlink
9Fullorchestra Ste Srv4Klangwerk

Fullorchestra Ste Srv4.nsmp3.7 MBlink
8Orchtrumpets Ste Khv4Klangwerk

Orchtrumpets Ste Khv4.nsmp2.8 MBlink
7Horntrio+Baryton Split Ste Clv4Klangwerk

Horntrio+Baryton Split Ste Clv4.nsmp4.2 MBlink
6Clavinova Musettepp3f4577

Clavinova Musette.nsmp1.2 MBlink
5Hohner Accordionpp3f4577

Hohner Accordion.nsmp1.2 MBlink

Bandoneon.nsmp18.6 MBlink

Accordion.nsmp11.2 MBlink
2Wurly Kinurapenfield

Wurly Kinura.nsmp7.8 MBlink
1Minimoog Splitpenfield

Minimoog Split.nsmp7.1 MBlink