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This Nord User FAQ contains answers or references of frequently asked questions of members of this forum.
Nord also has very extensive official FAQs for each instrument here: Nord FAQ Be sure to check those out!

General NORD FAQ
Nord Sample Editor FAQ


General NORD FAQ

Which instruments can load samples from the Nord Sample Library?

  • Only the Nord Wave, Nord Electro 3, Nord Electro 4, Nore Electro 5, Nord Stage 2 and 2 EX, and the Nord Piano 2 can load Nord- and user created samples in the .nsmp format.

How do I load new Piano or Sample sounds into my Nord Keyboard?

How can I create my own samples and load them into my Nord Keyboard

How to choose an amp/speaker for my Nord Keyboard?

Where to find spare parts for my Nord Keyboard?

Can I control other parameters such as Resonance etc. via MORPHING?

Do I need to get the Nord Triple Pedal or is there another way of having Sostenuto, Una Corda, Half-Pedaling, and/or Pedal Noise?

 One or several keys of my Nord keyboard are not working, have a too loud level/velocity, or only work when using the organ?



Where can I find patches or programs for my Nord Stage Classic or EX?

  • Here you find a collection of user created patches and programs: nord_stage_program_collection.php. NORD has not released individual programs other than the presets which you found on the Nord Website

Where can I find samples, patches or programs for my Nord Stage 2?

How can I transfer my programs for the Nord Stage Classic or EX to my new Nord Stage 2?

Is it possible to transfer my programs from the NS2/NS2EX to the new Nord Stage 3?

  • Unfortunately, there is no way of converting your programs, and never will be. Basically, all the "number" generations (1,2,3) of the Nord Stage share the same file format, and no conversion is possible!

How can I use my Nord Stage with MIDI and my Computer?

  • Nord Stage Classic/EX: You need a MIDI/USB Interface since the USB port does not transmit MIDI. For the possible configurations and settings, have a look a the the Nord Stage and MIDI Tutorial!
  • Nord Stage 2: The NS2 supports MIDI over USB so you don't nee another cable or interface. Just set the MIDI channels to USB x where x is the desired MIDI channel.
  • An intuituve introduction of how to setup your Nord Stage to be controlled via MIDI can also be found here:  nord-stage-forum-f3/using-a-midi-keyboard-to-control-the-nord-stage-t3203.html#p19200
  • Nord Stage 2: A tutorial (work in progress) on how to setup different MIDI configurations is available here: Nord Stage 2 Midi Tutorial  

I want to play a pure sample sound without any effects, envelopes or filtering going on?

  1. press SHIFT + "(PROGRAM BANK D)/SYNTH INIT" (just above the display)
  2. press SHIFT + "(HOLD ON)/SOUND INIT" (upper left corner of the synth section)
  3. load the sample in the "OSC" section of the synth


When I use my Nord Electro with headphones, I can only hear the sound from one side. What's going on?

  • The Nord's output setting has to be set to Stereo for both sides of the headphones to work. Use System parameter 2 and make sure the display reads "2.St"

I have a Nord Electro 3 or 4, and I want to use two different sounds in a split or layer configuration. Is this possible?

On my Nord Electro, can I use my expression pedal on a Clav sound for a wah effect, and can I use my sustain pedal to control Rotary speed?

  • If you have a controller pedal connected to your NE3's Expression Pedal socket, it acts as an expression pedal on organ sounds and (if enabled) on samples.
  • On piano/electric piano/Clav sounds, it is disabled by default (it can however be enabled) unless either Ring Mod or P Wah are activated.
  • In Ring Mod mode, the pedal adjusts the mix of dry and effected signal; in P Wah mode, the pedal behaves just like a real wah.
  • If you have a sustain pedal or footswitch connected to the Sustain Pedal socket, it can be set to either sustain organ as well as piano sounds, or to act as an extra Rotary speed switch when in Organ mode.


What pedal do I need to be able to have Pedal Noise and half-pedaling?

  • The Nord Triple Pedal is the only pedal that fully works with the Nord Piano (see also the General Nord FAQ on Pedals).



Nord Sample Editor FAQ

Where can I get some first information of how to create my own samples?



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