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Stage 88EX notes losing "hardest" velocity reaction.

Postby jazzystu » 02 Apr 2018, 19:28


I have a low milage EX88 and it's got a bit dusty (I know, I know) and rarely gets played. I've noticed that a few of the notes have lost the hardest velocity (loudness) responses.

It's unlikely to be a mechanical wear thing, because it hasn't had that much use, it's more likely a dirt thing.

Have any of you "had a keyboard to bits" to clean it? Any pointers would be good. I'd rather not have to update it to a Stage 3 yet.

Cheers, Stu
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Stage 88EX notes losing "hardest" velocity reaction.


Re: Stage 88EX notes losing "hardest" velocity reaction.

Postby Coker » 03 Apr 2018, 14:01

Stu, I’ve taken my Stage 2 76 apart twice now, to clean contacts. It wasn’t hard. I found a video on YouTube and there have been a couple postings on this forum about Stage 2, which I’d guess isn’t terribly different from a Stage. Google ‘em!

One tip I would add that I discovered for myself was how to get the bumps on the rubber membrane, which includes the contacts, back into the holes on the PC board they are attached to. This won’t make sense until you open it up, but use a toothpick to push the bumps back into the holes.

Good luck, take a few pictures along the way, and don’t be afraid to mark holes with a Sharpie to remember which holes the screws go into (not all holes are used).
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