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Postby Ecaroh » 04 Feb 2013, 09:50


I am very close to order triple pedal for my NS2. In fact I had it with NP88, which I sold away a month ago. Problem (besides the prize ;) ) is that I don't need those other two pedals. I'd just like to have only sustain with dynamics (half pedalling) and pedal noises. So just checking here, is there any other (1-part) pedal which would work dynamically with NS2? I am quite sure that this is negative.

Anyway we would really welcome a new 1-part pedal from Clavia which would have this, wouldn't we?
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Re: Pedal

Postby hg123 » 04 Feb 2013, 15:52

I use a Roland DP-10 and it does neither. Yamaha FC3 does pedal noise but I switched to Roland because the Yammie pedal is squeaky and slides around. Don't remember about half-pedaling on the Yamaha. For actual stage use, it is hard to beat the Roland because it stays where you put it. Though, doubt the 3-pedal monster will move either.

My ideal pedal board would be two expression pedals for swell and volume, sustain with half-pedal, and a Leslie on/off footswitch.
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Re: Pedal

Postby tomzi » 04 Feb 2013, 16:35

JacksonP wrote:Hi,

Anyway we would really welcome a new 1-part pedal from Clavia which would have this, wouldn't we?

Yes :thumbup:
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Re: Pedal

Postby Gustavo » 04 Feb 2013, 17:36

I've also wondered about this. I use an M-Audio SP2 Sustain Pedal.

EDIT: doing a small research turned this thread up: ... _discovery

Now in it it states that you must set the Pedal Polarity to Triple so that it may even do pedal noise/half dampening, so I decided to try it out with mine. If you switch its internal polarity to setting 1 (open) it works. Pedal noise and half pedaling, even though the latter is kind of hard to control.

Now,clavia states that only their triple pedal works. That may be because there are so many models around that it would be extremely hard to calculate the correct curve for half pedaling and Pedal noise since one pedal may use a logarithmic curve, other linear, etc. That may be the reason that you can't get an ordinary sustain to act correctly

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