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Newbie needs Sax help

Postby kstenz » 02 Jan 2018, 16:34

I am trying to wrap my head around my new NS3 and am trying to get a good solo sax sound. I have molded a tenor sax sample to get some grit but need a little help. I want the notes to only play one at a time (as a one note synth sound) Just don't know where to go to do this in the synth section. Also if anyone has a dynamite sax sample or program to pass on I sure would appreciate it!! Thank you
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Newbie needs Sax help


Re: Newbie needs Sax help

Postby analogika » 02 Jan 2018, 17:01

The technical term for an instrument that plays only one note at a time is “monophonic” (vs. “polyphonic”).

There is a “mono” button at the top left of the synth section on the Stage 3.

“Legato” mode means that the synth is monophonic, but when you press the next key without releasing the previous one, the sound will glide over to the new note without restarting the whole sound. This is probably the mode you’ll want for a convincing sax.
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