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Any Colour You Like - Pink Floyd Synth&Organ

Postby Arsenio » 19 Apr 2018, 22:02

I kept listening to the original song and this sound back and forth for an hour and a half but it was worth it! Kept tweaking constantly and I think it might be 90% there. The delay feedback might sound a bit too much but that's to compensate for losing a lot when heard in the mix with the rest of the instruments. It might also sound a just a bit brighter - for the same reason. The only thing I couldn't match to the original was the stereo image the original synth has(which can be achieved using the a-pan but I would have to use the second synth engine for the delay only and I wouldn't match the sound exactly)Have fun and keep contributing to this forum so that we can grow OUR stage 3 library!

Left of the split is the organ starting with a Dm on 2nd inversion and then changing to a G.

Any Colour ULike.ns3f
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Any color you like stage 3.mp3
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Any Colour You Like - Pink Floyd Synth&Organ


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