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Nordstage midi icm ketron SD40

Postby hspeulman » 17 Jun 2022, 16:10

Dear All.

In addition to the Nordstage 2, I use an external sound module from Ketron, the SD40. I want to operate it through the Nordstage keyboard. I use it 2 empty; in a band with mainly the sounds of the Ketron, and I duo formation especially the accompaniment options, in combination with the sounds of the Nord. Does anyone know what settings I have to do on the Nord stage. And possibly also in the midi settings of the keton? (I'm afraid not many Nord stage users have a keton either). But any info is welcome.
Thanks in advance.
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Nordstage midi icm ketron SD40


Re: Nordstage midi icm ketron SD40

Postby Berretje » 18 Jun 2022, 00:40

Hi Henk,

Please have a look at the external section (and also the chapter in the manual for the NS2). This should accomplish the part of playing the Ketron from your NS2.
Everything is explained very thoroughly.

There is also a document available on this forum: Forum header > Downloads > MIDI Tutorial

Good luck!
Gr Bart

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