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Why do people think the Nord Grand is not portable?!

Postby luts1976 » 10 Feb 2020, 00:11

I must question the notion that the Nord Grand is too big or weighty to be considered for gigging.

I've seen the comment a bit and I consider it wrong. Let's look at the facts...

I currently own a Kawai MP7.

I consider it to be a portable keyboard. Yes, it is on the heavier side but with a rolling bag it's quite portable.

It is marketed as a portable stage piano and it is.

Kawai MP7: weight: 22.5kg. L 136.5cm D 34cm H 17.5cm

Nord Grand: weight: 20.9kg. L 128.6cm D 38.7cm H 16.8cm

Nord Piano 4:weight: 18.5kg. L 128.7cm D 34cm H 12.1cm

As you can see here, the Kawai MP 7 weighs 1.6kg more than the Nord Grand.

Compared to the Nord Grand the Kawai MP7 is 7.9cm longer, 4.7cm thinner, and 7mm higher.

When comparing the Nord Grand to the Nord Piano 4, it is 2.4kg heavier, same length, 4.7cm deeper and 4.7cm higher.

Considering the fact that the Nord Grand has a far superior action, those small differences are a great achievement.

If people consider the Nord Piano 4 to be quite portable, remember that the Nord Piano is ONLY 2.4kg heavier, 4.7cm deeper and 4.7cm higher.

2.4 kg is the same weight as 2.4 litres of water. So in essence, you are adding a weight the equivalent of a 2 litre coke bottle plus a 500ml coke to your rolling gig bag.

That is not alot extra. Hardly an amount extra to go from portable to too big and heavy for gigs!!?

Once you have put the Nord piano 4 or Nord Grand into a wheeled gig bag, the overall difference in portability is hardly a factor.

So, the notion that Nord Piano 4 is portable and the Nord Grand isn't doesn't hold water at all.

Infact, its clear that Nord has worked very hard to maintain the portability of the Nord Grand.

I have written this out, not only for others to consider, but to show to myself that the Nord Grand is a good option and is still portable.

Any comments on this ?
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Why do people think the Nord Grand is not portable?!


Re: Why do people think the Nord Grand is not portable?!

Postby dhbp-nord » 10 Feb 2020, 00:24

Portable is quite subjective to your own situation.. A Yamaha C7 is portable if you have a road crew. A Nord Grand may not be portable if you have any kind of mobility issues (or back issues like me), or have no vehicle, or have a 4th floor loft with no elevator etc etc. All depends on the usage case.

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Re: Why do people think the Nord Grand is not portable?!

Postby Spider » 10 Feb 2020, 01:08

The unusual form factor of the Grand means you can carry it almost exclusively in the custom Nord bag.
Which is HUGE, adds about 10 kilos to the weight, and is pretty awkward to carry without shoulder straps or anything.

If you have even a single flight of stairs, you're in trouble.
Not to mention back problems, having a small car, playing small clubs with tiny crowded stages etc.

So no, the Grand is by no means the biggest or heaviest stage piano around. But for easy portability, I'd definitely look at something else.
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Re: Why do people think the Nord Grand is not portable?!

Postby baekgaard » 10 Feb 2020, 01:19

Well, compared to some of my previous boards that weighted in at 34 kg and 25 kg, both the NP/NS 88 and the NG are nicely portable - but not totally equal.

Depending on your strength and how often and how far you carry, the difference may be a factor to some - even if not the straw that breaks the camel's back :-)

I routinely drag a Nord 88 key in it's rolling bag while carrying a Nord 73 key in the other hand. It works fine and saves me a trip and is still lighter than my previous 35 kg plus 11 kg flightcase. But today I turned my lower torso too quickly while doing this, and that was noticeable in the back all day... So weight and physical condition matters.

In any case, it's good to have choice. The NG keyboard is worth the extra weight to me, even if weight generally is important to me.

You may also think about monitor amplification in these cases. Going from RD700NX and an old RCF300 to Nord and IEM saved me 25 kg :-)
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Re: Why do people think the Nord Grand is not portable?!

Postby maurizio » 19 Feb 2020, 17:07

As said before, everything is relative.
I live at the 6th floor of a19th century Parisian building without elevators and stiff stairs.
I go to rehearsal and gigs using the Parisian metro, where most of the stations have no elevators or escalators, just stairs.
And i am just 60 years old.

I own a NE5HP, that i bring on my shoulder using a Fusion Bag, and it is just right; i couln't manage more weight (and it is 11 kilos plus 2 or 3 for the bag).

I tried the Nord Grand, and i found the action and the connection to the sound absolutely fabulous compared to the NE5HP; but there is absolutely no way i could manage my musical
life with it; same thing for other interesting keyboards like the Crumar Seven or Viscount 70's.

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Re: Why do people think the Nord Grand is not portable?!

Postby tkmmusician » 24 Mar 2020, 12:52

Maurizio, I hope you're spending lots of time at your Nord during the confinement! I also live in Paris (well, until recently; now in Vitry-sur-Seine). I bought the Grand in January.

I am 62 years old, though (knock on wood) no back issues, but I have other physical challenges. And I used to live on the 6eme sans ascenseur.

The Nord Grand IS portable. it basically requires buying the rolling Nord bag, which makes life bearable. The piano itself is surprisingly light given its additional bulk on top (because of the Kawai action). I was choosing between the Nord Grand and the Kawai MP11 SE. I chose the Nord because, among other things, it was quite a bit lighter than the Kawai.

I recently took the Nord Grand, a large amplified speaker, a suitcase, various boxes, a gig bag full of cables, a music stand, a keyboard stand, and a bench in the back of my quite small car (Peugeot 207). It all fit. Yes, it did. It was not that hard to load an unload. Trick: lie the Nord case on its side and put it in diagonally. Fits perfectly. And needless to say, the Nord case protected the Grand beautifully and it made the three-hour drive to Bourgogne and back without a scratch.

It's a bit unusually large for a road keyboard, but to have access to that action and those sounds makes it worthwhile.

Without question: it's bulkier, but not by a whole lot (maybe 40-50% taller than a keyboard in a traditional gig bag). The weight difference, honestly, is not an issue.

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