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Mono Headphones - No Right Output

Postby gogartsopil » 10 Mar 2019, 01:34


I am very,very new to keyboards and have just got my hands on a secondhand Piano 2 so I can learn to play the piano in my flat.
I have no ancillary equipment and I have been researching what I should buy; monitors or speakers or amp or headphones

I have plugged in my ipod headphones to a 1/4" jack adapter into the headphones output and I only get sound in the left earbud, no output on right side at all
I have then plugged the headphone in to the left out and right out; same issue.
My headphones are fully working with my ipod.
I have tried another set of headphones; same issue.

I have toggled the mono switch; no effect.
I have updated the firmware to the latest release.

I really hope I haven't made a mistake in my purchase, the unit is immaculate :(
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Mono Headphones - No Right Output


Re: Mono Headphones - No Right Output

Postby Mr_-G- » 10 Mar 2019, 10:53

Hi. Welcome. It is probably the adaptor. Have you tried a different adaptor? There are many low quality ones.
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Re: Mono Headphones - No Right Output

Postby SteveNordP3 » 10 Mar 2019, 16:12

Adapters can notoriously be hit or miss.

First - just to be sure - you have a TRS/stereo adapter yes? If not, you need something like this:
https://www.amazon.com/UGREEN-6-35mm-Fe ... D1BTTF5NTT

And whatever you get, unfortunately, it’s like 50/50 to work...sad to say.

Good luck!
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