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Re: PIano 3 - Any talk of a 76 Key HA or HP?

Postby anotherscott » 27 Dec 2017, 22:59

Nordmutt2 wrote: is there any 73 or 76 keybed that is the same feel as the Piano 3?.

Not exactly, but the Kurzweil Forte7 is close (Fatar TP40L).

Nordmutt2 wrote: I had a Korg SV-1 for a few years. Loved it, but I liked the overall package of a Nord Better.
Also, I felt that Korg abandoned such a great keyboard. They could have continued to release updates and new sounds.

You could check out the Korg Grandstage.

You can also use the Forte7/SV1/Grandstage to drive the piano sound in a stacked Nord Stage 3-73.
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Re: PIano 3 - Any talk of a 76 Key HA or HP?



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