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Question About split on Nord A1

Postby Marcolino01 » 05 Sep 2020, 11:28

Hi everybody. I've got a Nord electro 6 and as a Synth a King korg. But I ve some issues in split mode. So I'd like to change synth and buy NORD A1. I use synth only on stage with my band (jazz funk), I need to split the keyboard in 2 part: left with pad and right with lead and I need to assign the volume pedal only on pad. Is it possible with Nord A1? With King Korg no.

Furthermore, I need to assign different effects to the 2 sounds. Is it possible? With King Korg no: you have to assign the same effects...

Are there nice funky leads sounds of the '70s?

Thank you for reading


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Question About split on Nord A1


Re: Question About split on Nord A1

Postby skipgilles » 09 Sep 2020, 12:42

Your first question: In the standard way of using the volume pedal, It is not possible to have the volume pedal only effect one layer. However, you can make the pedal control the morph (the parameter that is normally controlled by the wheel). This is a global setting. You can now assign the morph to the volume of one of the layer and then you have precisely what you need.

Your second question: yes, the different layers behave as if you have 4 complete independent synths.

Your third question: Yes, I have made some and there are certainly some around, but to be honest, I find the A1 a bit too modern: I find it hard to get back into the past much further than the late eighties.
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