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Re: Nord lead 5

Postby Mr. Marko » 24 Aug 2017, 01:25

Poly Aftertouch Modular Lead 5...NL3 LED Rings with 2 CV Pedals / 3 Wheels / Superwave Non Alias Oscs / Modular Editor Software for BT Tablet.
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Re: Nord lead 5


Re: Nord lead 5

Postby Quai34 » 24 Aug 2017, 03:00

+1 on the 5 Octave and Desktop module....The fact that the Prophet 12 (My last purchase...) is a 5 octave was big for me compared to the OB6 and Prophet 6...I already have a 4 octave keyboard from Nord with my NL2X, I'm pretty sure if I bought another Nord Synth, if it's not a 5 Octave, it will be a module desktop...
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Re: Nord lead 5

Postby andrealentullo » 06 Sep 2017, 08:52

I wrote also to nord my thoughts.
nord lead 5 for me is a nord lead 4 with:
1- a very good 49 keybed with aftertouch (maybe like the virus one... it would be the best). I think is absurd to have a great quality synth with a toy keybed (for me maybe only nord lead 3 had a decent keybed... not good but decent and playable)
2- a little display (maybe only like nord stage 2 for example)
3- reverb+delay,
4- organize mode like nord electro 5 or some dedicated buttons to favorite sounds for live use would be appreciated, though not essential
5- improvement of easy to use FM synthesis would be appreciated... I don't know how (maybe like nord wave)...

... maybe ... dreaming is not forbidden... ;-)
6- NL3 LED Rings
7- simple modulation sequencer (like my korg ms2000) and modulation matrix (like my ultranova)

but I think the points 1 to 5 would be enough
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Re: Nord lead 5

Postby varignet » 06 Sep 2017, 20:34

dear nord gods please a 61 keys same as the ne5d with aftertouch
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Re: Nord lead 5

Postby alcools » 06 Sep 2017, 20:47

The main add for me would be the samples, like on the Nord wave, and it could be enought !
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Re: Nord lead 5

Postby Muied Lumens » 07 Sep 2017, 01:03

I am considering the Digitakt for samples. It has a decent MIDI sequencer too, which looks like it could pair up quite well with my NL4.

I am also starting to realise why they call the NL4 a "performance synth"! :D

I am bit slow to catch on, I know, but it is very fun to program on the fly, with multi-focus and impulse morphs, etc. Takes a while to learn.
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Re: Nord lead 5

Postby Happy » 14 Nov 2017, 07:47

It would be very surprising on NAMM 2018 there won't be a Lead 5 with a display like on the Electro and Stages. All of the other products have been upgraded in the past years with that. Hope there will be a rack version as well . Also wish for a document of the program/patch Sysex dumps like on the 2X. And if samples can be loaded then through the standard MIDI sample API. Then, please let it use an 90V-240V internal international power supply as well. Simple wishes, hard to get - so far. and please get rid of the plastic toy keyboard and put something playable in place, like the (fatar) keybeds on the DSI's like on the REV2, that keybed is fantastic. So that's why a rack version is an absolute need if the same key-bed is re-used. BTW it looks like the Leads are getting in shorter supply on some retailer's sites, that seems to happen when Nord is changing models.
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Re: Nord lead 5

Postby Duplobaustein » 03 Dec 2017, 03:25

Yes, it’s the TP7 in the Leads. DSI uses either Tp8 or 9 which are far better imho.
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Re: Nord lead 5

Postby e8ndave » 09 Dec 2017, 21:07

I think you have seen the beginnings of it on the Stage 2. A1 engine with ability to do more things like the Wave did. I would see something of a hybrid coming out and I would be ok with that :)
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Re: Nord lead 5

Postby weremole » 31 Jan 2018, 17:38

ihearanewworld wrote:***** Ability to choose MIDI and output setting per performance. This is the only multitimbral synth I've ever had where this is set globally.

:wtf: I can do this on my NL2x but it's not possible on the NL4? I've always thought of replacing the 2x for a NL4r but this conflicts with my midi setup. Or am I understanding this wrong?
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