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Nord A1R - Not receiving MIDI CC's

Postby Shelvin_ » 21 Feb 2021, 05:26

So I've read the midi section of the manual now many times over and I've configured the Midi menu of the A1R very carefully according to the manual.
Example: I will pick one of the MIDI CC's from the manual e.g. 74 (filter frequency) and have an Ableton Midi out channel (with midi parameter values from 0-127 changing over a bar) going to either of the configured slots (1,2,3,4) or global (16), (I've also tried channel 10).
The result is nothing changes on the control parameter on the A1R and neither does the midi light flash.
I've tried doing this for both performances / programmes with no success.

I've setup exactly as follows in the Midi menu of my A1R:
A.1, B.2, C.3, D.4, G.16, t.10, 1.On, 2.5r, 3.5r, 4.5r (have also tried setting 2,3,4 to just 'r' as well).

Can anyone spot any issues with the above configuration? Or see any flaws in my approach??

*I've also tried this guys video here (using these MaxLive devices / but the midi out to the A1R still does nothing). Note: Midi notes sent from my midi controller are received perfecctly fine by the A1R.
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Nord A1R - Not receiving MIDI CC's


Re: Nord A1R - Not receiving MIDI CC's

Postby orcoaffamato » 21 Feb 2021, 10:55

I tried Nord Tools 4 Live and it works with my A1R.

I took a screenshot of the Ableton Live MIDI track, so you can check if it's like yours.

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