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NL3 - 128 free sounds

Postby MrBBojahr » 09 May 2021, 10:36

Hello all,

I would like to share with you 128 free sounds for the Nord Lead 3.

In the set you will find many classic FM sounds like electric pianos and basses, but also many typical analog sounds. The Nord Lead 3 covers both areas and also this exciting combination of both elements.

The sounds are available as SYX and MIDI files. The MIDI file can be imported into almost any sequencer and played there, the SYX file opens with the Nord Sound Manager.

The sounds require the Nord Lead 3 OS v1.20.

Free Download:

Have fun with the sounds!
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NL3 - 128 free sounds


Re: NL3 - 128 free sounds

Postby Spider » 11 May 2021, 12:17

Wow, a whole bank completely free? That's a great contribution, thank you!
I will load them and try them out as soon as possible, thanks again!

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Re: NL3 - 128 free sounds

Postby cambe » 20 Nov 2023, 14:21

I have recently bought a NL3 (completing the whole Nord Lead and Wave range :) ) and came across your sounds.

They are just beautiful, I am amazed by how useful and great sounding they are.

If they were shipped with the NL3, people would have bought it more!

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