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Juno Sound for the Nord Lead A1

Postby pseiko » 07 Nov 2019, 21:53

Hey there!

I'm looking for Juno Sounds, can anybody help me?

Thank you!
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Juno Sound for the Nord Lead A1


Re: Juno Sound for the Nord Lead A1

Postby neolithic » 17 Jan 2020, 01:04

Surprised no-one answered yet

I don't have a A1 but I do have a Lead 2x and a Juno 106 among others, so I can give a few ideas mainly.

Let's just get this out of the way first: you are never going to make an A1 sound just like a Juno. End of. So the question is, how close an approximation can you make, and will you be happy? That's subjective of course ;-)

With that caveat in mind, the approach you need to take is to consider what characteristics the Juno has, and don't stray too far outside of those.
- Consider there are two oscs, one saw, one square. You can have either, or both, but don't try anything else like 2 saws. Or, god forbid FM!
- The subosc, which you can optionally add in varying degrees.
- a lot of characteristic Juno sounds are done using PWM (control the pulse width of a square wave with a slow LFO). Be subtle.
- Vintage gear generally has slower envelopes than modern VA, so dial back the attack a little.
- Juno shares it's envelope with both the VCA and VCF, so consider that too. Don't use a filter envelope that is wildly different from your amp envelope.
- Juno has chorus, and some natural analog slop. Not sure how this is best simulated on the A1, but Unison and detune will help here.

Just general things, but maybe a steer in the right direction. Should be possible to make some Juno patches which are quite similar, but the Juno filter characteristics are very hard to copy even in synths that try specifically to do so.

You could buy a Deepmind for not much $ and get a lot closer, or pick up a 106 for around £1000 (but you'll spend another big chunk keeping it serviceable over the next decade).

There's my 2c. I only come here once or twice a year these days, so i'll probably miss the flame war from all those guys who've never even played a Juno :lol:
And now for something completely different...
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