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Split bass/piano + 2 separate sustain pedals

Postby anorak22 » 21 Jan 2018, 22:12

On my NE5 73 I would like to split left hand bass / right hand piano. I would like to have 2 separate sustain pedals - one for the piano, the other for the bass. My 2 pedals are connected to the Sustain and Rotary Pedal switches.
On the Nord Piano 3, this is feasible with the triple pedal; the middle pedal can get configured to work as separate "hold" pedal for the synth section.
On the NE5, there is no similar function in the menu. The only way to get this working is via an external MIDI keyboard + sustain pedal connected, controlling the NE5 "UPPER" part.
I am looking for a way to do this with the NE5 itself, without external keyboard.
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Split bass/piano + 2 separate sustain pedals


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