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Setting Memory Protect off! on NE5

Postby GoldenVegas » 11 Jan 2017, 18:00

Hey everybody

Can someone pleeease tell step by step how to turn off this damn memory protect?!? I've googled and I've read the manual carfully, and I seriously can find the answer.

Please don't refer me to some section of the manual ("if you look and page XX under XX you'll see..."), because I'va already read the whole thing, and I still can't figure out. I sincerely hope any of you can help me out. :crazy:
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Setting Memory Protect off! on NE5


Re: Setting Memory Protect off! on NE5

Postby maxpiano » 11 Jan 2017, 18:53

I don't "refer" but I copy/paste from page 16 of NE5 manual, which explains menus: (Memory Protect is item #1 of the System menu)

1 - MEMORY PROTECT is set to On by default when the NE5 leaves the factory to prevent any accidental overwriting of original Programs. set to Off when you want to store Programs of your own.

How to get into the menu, select items and change values is explained at top of the same page:

Global system and Midi settings, as well as global settings for the Piano, B3 and rotary sections are accessed respectively through the SYSTEM, MIDI and SOUND menu buttons.
Menu items are scrolled by using the MENU dial, and values changed by turning the same dial while pressing SHIFT.
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Re: Setting Memory Protect off! on NE5

Postby MvanD » 12 Jan 2017, 10:03

There are three steps.
1. Hold Shift and press Program A/System button to enter system menu
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2. Hold Shift and turn Prog/Menu to turn memory protect off
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3. Press Program A/System button to leave system menu
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