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Re: Nord Electro 5 To Yamaha Dxr10 To Mixer setup

Postby Mr_-G- » 10 Jan 2017, 01:21

Best thing is that you try it.
I recently bought a pair of Alto TS210 (happy with them so far). When changing the gain of the inputs, it changes also the gain of the XLR link output. :-( So while I can send the XLR signal to the mixing desk, to be able to change the volume of the speakers without altering the XLR signal I will need a pair of DI boxes. Not sure this comment helps you or whether the DXRs are the same.
In my case I am planning to send a TS cable to a di box, the XLR output from the di box to the mixing desk and the link output from the di box into the speaker so I can control the speaker volume.
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Re: Nord Electro 5 To Yamaha Dxr10 To Mixer setup


Re: Nord Electro 5 To Yamaha Dxr10 To Mixer setup

Postby Deetee » 15 Apr 2017, 13:17

spradders wrote:Sorry to hijack this thread a little.... BUT ... does this mean I can use my dxr10 similar to a DI box? E.g. I plug L/R output from Nord into the L/R (jack) input on the DXR (to use as a stage monitor); then use it in Mono mode and take the XLR Link out straight to my FOH mixer? Hence giving me a mono balanced signal to the desk.
Is it Mic level signal from the Link output? Is it independent of (not changed by) the volume controls on the DXR?
Is that correct? I can't make sense of the Link diagram on the back of the DXR :-)

Did you manage to get answers on these? I was looking into getting a DXR and running two mono signals into it in the hope that I can lose my mixer and DI box (as well as upgrading my monitor) so have the exact same questions as you. Did you try running a test running the DXR to FOH? :)

EDIT: just seen Mrd G's response but would be good to know if the same applies to the DXR
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