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MIDI local control: Nord Electro 5 as a master key+synth

Postby seleryba » 26 Feb 2021, 14:48

Hi Folks! That's my first post here so nice to meet you all.

Recently I started to use my Nord Electro 5 as a master keyboard but with it's sound engine as well.

Let me explain: It's connected directly via MIDI IN and MIDI OUT to the MPC One which is the heart of my setup. The lower part is set up for MIDI channel 2, upper for MIDI channel 3. On the MPC I have separate tracks for both 2 and 3 channels. Then hit the RECORD button on the MPC to live loop my jam, I'm playing the part... but I can hear both the upper and lower part playing as a layer on my Nord.

So after that I need to go to the options and turn off the MIDI local control there. Cool, now it works OK: I can play only the MIDI channel which is set on the MPC (2 or 3). But the sh*t happens when I need to change the instrument or every single sound parameter on the Nord - since I have disabled the local control, I can't even change the octave or parameters of the effects. So after I record the MIDI sequence, every time I need to go to the options, and enable the local control again.

Do you know if there's any option to improve that setup? I just want to have similar thing to what the 'local control' option do, but with all privileges to change all the params of the synth itself. :(
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MIDI local control: Nord Electro 5 as a master key+synth


Re: MIDI local control: Nord Electro 5 as a master key+synth

Postby Tasten-Bert » 27 Feb 2021, 00:18

Hello seleryba,

welcome to this wonderful forum.

I have an electro 5 myself. The separation of MIDI channels which you did seems okay as long as it’s the same at both devices. How did you set up the cabling from the nord to the mpc - normal MIDI 5 pin cables or USB? I‘m asking because I‘m not sure whether there is a MIDI Through function in the mpc if it is linked via USB. This may cause the doubling.

As far as Local On or Off in the nord is concerned, this is kind of uncomfortable because it always sets to On when you switch on the keyboard again.

And the recording: If you intend to record the nord‘s audio then you need cables from its left and right out to the mpc‘s input. Normal Jack cables needed here.

Glad to help you sort this out. Cheers from Germany
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