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Half Moon switch strange behavior

Postby 400nvd » 16 Dec 2017, 19:49

I used my halfmoon switch (Nord original make) for 2 years. Suddenly, maybe after disconnecting and connecting again, it behaves strange.
When I switch to fast the rotor is fast and the fast led is on. When I switch to stop, the stop led is on and when I go to slow, the slow is going on but the stop remains also on and no slow leslie.

I disconnected the halfmoon switch and just used the leslie buttons during a gig.

Today I reconnected to try to find out what’s wrong.
I reselected the half moon setting in system and now it behaves as follows:
Switch to slow then leslie and led slow. Switch to stop then leslie stop and leds stop and fast on. Switch to fast then leds stop and fast on and leslie fast.
Anybody have same experience, what could be the solution?

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Half Moon switch strange behavior


Re: Half Moon switch strange behavior

Postby vcfvca » 17 Dec 2017, 01:47

I made my own Half Moon switch and it works in exactly the same way. When I first wired the switch I thought I had got the wiring wrong because it worked in exactly the way you describe. It was only when I listened to the Nord that I realised the Leslie sim was working correctly. It is a bit confusing and it would be better if just the Stop LED was lit when the half moon is set the centre/stop position. Anyone else got a half moon switch on an Electro 5 that can confirm this?

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