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Buttons are Clicking Twice

Postby Daniel Lumertz » 08 May 2018, 22:09

I have one NORD Electro 3 (5years old) and sometimes when I press one button what happens is like I pressed it twice, like pressing the on button of the effects it turn on/ turns off/ turns on , in one click!
I dont have updated the software it has been a while, but it never happen I really think its hardware problem, it could be dust?
I have fixed some dead keys on it and all of them was because of dust, it could be the same problem, should I open it to clean?

Daniel Lumertz
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Buttons are Clicking Twice


Re: Buttons are Clicking Twice

Postby pterm » 09 May 2018, 00:35

If you see this behaviour only on one button, its most likely the button failed mechanically and needs replacing. If the button motion feels different compared to other buttons, this is almost certainly the problem. The button manufacturer is Marquardt, Part number is 6450.000x where the "x" is a number giving the color.

If you see this on several buttons (most likely 8 buttons), it probably indicates a diode failure. If you identify all the misbehaving buttons, a Nord repair shop will be able to quickly identify the failed component.

I think it unlikely that dust is the problem.
Good luck. I hope you get it fixed quickly.
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